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In a world of ‘take’, it is time to find your greatest pleasure in giving.  Do not do it to make a point, to garner favor or keep score.  Do it because it is who you are and what you were designed to do.  For each moment you give another, the rewards come back ten-fold….not because you expect to receive, but because you are working toward having a joyous heart free of expectation.  Thank The Universe and those around you for being a part of your experience….The Universe thanks you for your open heart. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings


Urgent Message For Lightworkers from Council of Twelve

To all,

I saw this video the other day, feel it’s important to share with others, and was moved to share it here today. Talks about where we are now and what we can do to help others and ourselves.



Video by: DNA Awakening,

Author: – By – Morag,

Article Source: – awakening5dhealing

Your Ego & Your Higher Self ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are awakening at a pace that is comfortable for your consciousness. It is also a pace that is comfortable for your ego. You often hear people talking about the death of the ego, or you hear about their attempts at suppressing their ego. But you are experiencing your ascension from the perspective of your ego. It is the only way for you to move from knowing yourselves as your egos to knowing yourselves as your higher selves.

It is not to be diminished in some way, this perspective of the ego. You are simply expanding it to include more, more aspects of who you are from other lifetimes and parallel universes. You are reassembling the fragments of the ego so that your ego can comfortably become your higher self, which of course, has always been there within you, just waiting for you to come to it and to don its perspective.

You don’t need to see this as a competition between the ego and the higher self, and you don’t need to see it as an either/or proposition. You are awakening to the knowing that you can merge your egoic perspective into that of your higher self’s perspective. You can become your higher self without defeating or killing any other part of yourself.

In fact, all parts of yourself are necessary in order to be the whole you that you are as your higher self. So this journey needs to be comfortable for that egoic perspective. You don’t want to take on too much all at once. You don’t want to shatter your old way of doing things all at once. You want to bring yourself, all parts of yourself, along slowly, gingerly, with tenderness and care.

This is the way you are going to ascend. You are going to upload your ego into your higher self, and when you do, you are going to know the higher self’s perspective, and you are going to be fifth dimensional beings. So we ask you to please make the journey as pleasant as you possibly can on this very important, very significant aspect of who you are.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Golden Godwriting | Heavenletters


God said:

When you are a Godwriter, and you sense a Godwriting message on its way to you beyond your ken – as insurmountable as it appears to you, here’s what can be happening:

It’s like I give you a large beautifully planed block of wood to carve to set out in the world for human eyes to begin to see as from My Eyes. Clearly, this is beyond your ability. You are way out of your league. You do not even see a tool to carve with. How on Earth are you going to accomplish this feat? You would love to serve My Will. You would gladly bend to My Will.

You may feel that I have made a mistake. Perhaps you wonder if I may be mistaking you for Christopher Columbus, who has a good idea of how to sail to the New World, while you do not even know how to steer a ship at all or how to read a map.

Now I will tell you, you will accomplish this very well with Me at your elbow.

So very faintly on the surface of the wood to be sculpted, I have passed My hand over. I did not leave an impression, yet I leave you a very quiet sense of where you are to carve. It is as if you see the raw beginnings. You lightly pass your hand over where My hand passed, and you begin to see now so many words, so many you don’t know where to begin.

Or We can put it another way: Let’s say that I give you a densely-filled paragraph to edit. You are not personally an editor nor a grammarian. You are unable to accomplish this on your own.

So here you are: You are aware that this is a beautiful piece of wood to carve. The task could only have been given to you by God.

Or here is this beautiful paragraph that you can’t quite make out. You trustingly look at the paragraph. You begin to feel Me so faintly guide your hand as if you were carving to delineate the amassed paragraph. You carve out some of the words, and you let others remain until the paragraph seems to reveal itself. You do not add anything. You simply plane out the traces that could be removed. Thereby, you leave a beautiful sculpted readable Golden Godwriting behind, an excavation that you carved from Earth, yet I carved from Heaven.

What Are You Doing Alive on Earth? | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, I ask you frankly, must life on Earth exist all about what you want on this day? I mean, think about it. Do you give the impression that your life may be one disappointment after another, one question another about how come? How come you didn’t get the job? How come you got passed over for a raise? How come today is cold and windy? How come, on some days, everything seems hard, and nothing seems to go easily, let alone right?

Is this sometimes so for you what I am saying? Sometimes life seems to be made up, that of hurdles, and sometimes life seems uphill and you are betwixt and beside yourself no matter how hard it is for you to say that life, your very life, seems to like to trip you up, as if life goes around catching you out, saying “Aha!” to you again and again when your whole-hearted desire is to progress.

You ask: “God, do I really ask too much?”

With all My love for you, I ask you: “Must you complain so much?”

How come you tend to bad-mouth your life so much? Why would you do that? How come you’re so hard to please? How come some days, nothing is good enough for you? Or, life is not good enough and it lets you down.

No one is asking you to be a Pollyanna. I’m not. I ask you to cross over to the sunny side of the street and get past seeing a losing streak.

How come you’re still not an up and rising star? If not a rich man, cannot you at least be a worry-free man?

Maybe you don’t want to have to keep up with all the record-keeping. Maybe you don’t want people you know coming to you for a hand-out. Maybe you don’t want the responsibility. Even as you may wish to be a rich man, maybe it just isn’t at the top of your list. You may desire an end to all kinds of difficulties. Do you really have to even explain to yourself? When all is said and done, you don’t. You just don’t, and that’s it.

Of course you think a lot about what you’re doing and about all that you’re not doing and what basically you are alive on Earth for. Many possibilities seem to hang over you. What are you really doing here? Sometimes it may feel to you that, if life on Earth were a dance, you are sitting it out like a wallflower.

You do know you’re not a good-for-nothing. You know that much. That’s something, isn’t it? You’re good to your mother! You’ve done a good deed here and there – even to strangers. When you come down to it, you could start counting good things about yourself that go beyond toil and trouble.

Now start to see yourself in a new perspective. There may be matters you may have forgotten about or just didn’t think worth mentioning.

I’ll tell what is not worth mentioning. Your angst. Begin to look through your collections of thoughts and dig deeper. Rummage through the day today and come up with a collection of well-turned-out events. Even start thinking of yourself as being given opportunity right and left, or that you are even blessed inside and out! Be superb!

Pat Me, God, on the back, and give Me a good report card. Give Me a few C’s, if you must. A C isn’t bad. It’s okay. Strew some A’s and B’s while you’re at it.

Say to yourself cheerfully after a hard day: “Good try, Man!”

Say to Me: “Thank God!” Say: “Thank God! I mean it!!”

Say to Me: “In fact, God, You’ve helped me out of a jam a time or two in my day!”

Arcturian Group Message April 22, 2018 | Marilyn Raffaele @


                                       APRIL 22, 2018
Dear readers, welcome to the new age–the one songs have been written about, the one that has been long predicted, and the one being created right now through your evolved states of consciousness and increasing ability to see through the chaos and troubles of a world quickly moving beyond the  ignorance and un-enlightened awareness that has governed her for so long.
You are doing a fine job in spite of appearances.  Increasingly intense energies of Light continue to expose  actions either previously unknown to the general public or that were promoted and defined through misinformation intended to make them seem ordinary and in the best interests of the majority.
Be not afraid dear ones, even though there is much going on at this time that can easily fool you into fear and a desire to maintain the status quo.  Fear and ms-information are the primary tools of those who wish to keep you in ignorance  because as the  majority awakens and begins to reclaim their innate power, it  automatically dissolves false power and the stranglehold it has maintained over others for eons.
Trust your intuition always, and do not automatically accept as truth everything seen and heard through commercial news outlets. Things are  happening that you do not hear about.  What you are reading and being told is often misinformation or only half of the story intended to keep the general public stirred up for the purpose of  perpetuating an old belief system, one that feeds from the energies of struggle, anger, retaliation, hopelessness, and fear .
Learn to live simply, staying in the now moment and  being true to the prompting’s of your heart.   Allow yourselves to be guided from a place of love regardless of what may present itself as you go about your day, for love is the only power and the only reality regardless of any outer appearances.
Guides, angels, masters, and teachers are available to everyone at all times.  Some of you may feel that your guide has abandoned you or believe that you do not have a guide because you do not hear specific directions when you ask.  Everyone has  personal guides throughout their earthly lifetime.  Guides change as new levels of awareness evolve, but you are never without a guide.
Because you have free will,  guides  are not permitted to tell you what to do because this is your journey, not theirs.  Their job is to support and guide you through the decisions that you choose to make. They can and  do often whisper suggestions, but the bottom line always remains yours.
There are many who  believe “grandma, or aunt Agnes” is their guide and for spiritual beginners this is can be somewhat true because the person may best respond to what is familiar.  However, a real guide is always “waiting in the wings” to step in as needed or when the individual  is more spiritually ready.
Individuals are only able to hear guide suggestions and intuition when they are quiet enough to hear the still, silent voice within.  Technological distractions are serving to block inner communication for many.   It is not only  important, but imperative that anyone seeking guidance from within,  learn to detach themselves from 24/7 technology .  Anyone choosing to evolve and live spiritually, will have a very difficult time if they are plugged into and checking  phones and computers every five minutes.
Some will say, ” I need it for my work” which may be true for those who believe that success is entirely dependant upon personal effort because according to the three dimensional belief system, it is a “dog eat dog” world.  However, you who read these messages are beyond this level and have become aware of the bigger picture.   For you, a continuing reliance on three dimensional concepts will no longer serve you because you are no longer in alignment with that energy.
Let go of the temptation to stay constantly plugged in to news and information that quickly becomes obsolete.  Technology is an important and powerful tool especially as it serves to awaken those of the status quo with video  exposing situations the world over that heretofore were being ignored or covered up.  However never lose sight of the fact that Technology is a tool to serve you, not for you to serve it.
Children must be taught that technology is a tool for learning and for fun, but must never become a distraction from living real life.   Many children as well as adults, are losing their ability to play, love, evolve, and interact with others on a mature personal level because their obsession with technology leaves no room for real life experiences and allows them to live “fake” lives.
You have evolved  beyond living in slavery to material distractions in order to feel fulfilled.  This is not to say you cannot enjoy quality television, films, books, games, or take advantage of the latest technology but it must be remembered that the moment any of these things become “needs” necessary in order for you to feel complete and happy,  you are in the old belief of separation.
The three dimensional world continues to seek your loyalty, interest, and purchases, through promotional  efforts that inform you of latest trends guaranteed to solve everything troubling you.  As the evolved states of consciousness you now are, you must accept the fact that it is time to come out and be separate, reclaim your innate power, and refuse to accept at face value everything so called experts, government, and religions tell you is true.
It is a new time, a time in which your inner self/SELF can become  your best news source, technology, and font of information.  Having  free will, every individual is permitted to live as they choose for as long as they choose, but you reading these messages are spiritually mature enough to accept that it is one’s state of consciousness that determines their outer experiences.  In reality there are no victims, only those suffering the effects of believing themselves separate from Source, others, and their good .
You  are creators, and must ask yourselves what you are choosing to create–for yourself and for the world. It is serious and often difficult work to be awake in a third dimensional world at this time, but know that you knew this before incarnating and chose to be here.
Being awake does not mean that you cannot enjoy the ride while on earth, for the energy of joy is the closest to Divine energy.  What we do say is that if you find that yourself still dependent on three dimensional rules and  information, entertainments, news, literature, music, etc. for your sense of completeness,  it is time to examine why you chose to be here at this time and if you really believe and want to live what you have come to know as truth.
Dear ones, the time for game playing is quickly drawing to a close.  Soon you who are aware of Divine Truth will no longer be permitted to live happily with one foot in the old energy and one foot in the new,  making truth into pleasant dinner conversation that is too inconvenient to actually live.
You have reached the place in your personal evolutionary journey where you must decide which world you choose to live in.  No more questioning, pretending, rites and rituals, or allowing the false beliefs of the third dimension to govern your life in an effort to attain what is already fully present within you.
Present times are powerful and often not gentle even for the enlightened, but you are ready to move with and into whatever comes.   It was never meant for mankind to stay forever locked in ignorance.  It is graduation time for those who choose.  What will you choose?
You are ready, never doubt this.
We are the Arcturian Group
Via Marilyn Raffael at

Seeing Truth | The Creator


As you begin to understand more of your world and what is happening to it, there comes yet another awareness; people you know may present themselves as something they are not.  Earlier, it was mentioned that transparency will be one of the keys to your growth and learning.  While you are making a concentrated and conscious effort to be transparent, others will not.  This does not mean that you must automatically distrust all you encounter.  It does mean that with your growth, you have gained a heightened awareness, an early warning system, guiding you to those who are of like mind and pointing you away from those who are not.  The Universe has and always will direct you in a way that works in your highest and best, for the highest and best.  Listen, watch and pay close attention to what your heart is saying.  It will never lead you astray. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Your Light Bodies ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have transitioned yourselves so much already that you are not even the same beings that you were just a few years ago. You have come so far and evolved so much, and you are ready now, as a result of that evolution, to be allowed access to the light bodies that are within you, that are occupying the same space as your physical ones.

Here is what you can do with your light bodies. You can shapeshift. You can transform yourselves into whatever form you want to be. You can levitate. You can fly. You can bilocate, and you can teleport. So of course, you can cure yourselves of anything at all.

You would so easily find yourself healing that you would never fear harm to your light body. One of the ways in which you access this light body is by no longer thinking of your physical body as who you really are. When you stop identifying yourselves by your physical body, when you stop seeing it as who you are, you become less attached.

And when you are less attached to your physical bodies, you can access a truer representation of who you are. That is what your light bodies are. They are more accurate representations of the eternal and infinite consciousness that you really are. They are more expressive, and of course they hold more light.

So you will feel better about being physical, because you will still be physical when you fully access your light body. But here is the thing – you won’t think of yourselves as physical beings. You will think of yourselves as consciousness that can take form, and that is very liberating. You can release yourselves from the cycle of birth and death and reincarnation, and you can just be who you really are.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

You Sit at the King’s Table | Heavenletters


God said:

Certainly, you see the difference between being downright unhappy and not being happy, yes, do you see it?

I suppose there is also something equivalent to being HAPPY or just being happy enough or fairly happy or with a modicum of happiness on any one day. Cannot any amount of happiness fulfill you on any one day? Do you have to be a peak winner every day of the week?

It’s okay to laugh where you are called to. There is no requirement to laugh all day. You can laugh or not according to your realization of any particular day.

You don’t always have to go around exclaiming for joy about a day, or you may if you choose. Any day can be an extraordinarily happy day, or a day can be called plain happy, or even comme ci or comme ça.

What do you ask of life any day in the week? Can every day’s quotient of happiness be measured to fit you? What gain in doing so can there be? Can there not be a range of happiness? In any case, you have as much right to happiness as anyone.

There can be a state of happiness called HAPPY or HAPPY or happy. Cannot the actual quotient of a day satisfy? Must each day’s share of happiness be staggering? If you think so, what makes you think so? What is the advantage to extraordinary? Cannot ordinary walking-along happiness do well?

One day you reach a peak of 100% happiness. Can a share beneath that also be acceptable or even well-met? Do you have to go to a ball every evening? Must you have to win a bonanza five or more days a week in order to feel you are in God’s graces? Can your lucking out one day a week or month also carry merit?

Sayings are not happy, like hot and cold – this is a relative judgment. There is a wide range. Does a specific estimate of happiness have to be toted up? Does your happiness have to be rated the way a top movie does, or cannot it not still be great?

I ask you not to require a dazzling white Christmas. Christmas can just be Christmas as it is on any day of the week. Thank God for all bounty that comes your way. Be happy with what your day brings. You don’t have to be attached to a particular day as to how it appears or doesn’t appear. Any day can be its own happiness as it comes. You have the remains of your day. This day is as much yours as the most popular day in the year.

Be happy. Be happy with cloud or Sun. Be happy to live today. Be happy without sequins. Be happy even when the Sun doesn’t shine. What you receive or do not receive isn’t the determiner of your value. If you live under God’s Light today, big or small. Cannot good enough be good enough? Where is it said that you have to have a bushel of happiness on one day or another bushel on another inn order to smile?

Look, you do sit at the King’s Table. You have all the benefits of the King’s Cuisine. You don’t require to be fed tidbits from the King’s fingers at will. The King is feeding you from one day to another. Long live the King, and long live you, full-knowing that the King loves your presence. All is well, all is splendid, or all is well enough for this one glorious day under the Sun.

Time To Play | The Creator


Lately, it has been all work, work, work.  Today, The Universe is asking you to engage in play!  Take some time and go outside, blow bubbles, swing, draw, paint or dance!  When you become too wrapped up in the ‘heavy lifting’ of this ongoing shift, it can be challenging to remember how to play but, I know you can do it. (Smiling) This does not mean you are ignoring or putting off the inevitable; it means that you are taking time to balance things out!  So, get out there and enjoy being human for a moment or two.  The rest will be there when you get back. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings