You Are the Leaders of the Future ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

In the breaking free from societal norms, you put yourselves on a different frequency, a different wavelength, than the majority of the people on planet Earth. This difference means that you all are creating a new standard, a new normal. You’re not here to change the current systems or to change society. You are here to create something new and in so doing you often feel like the weird ones, the outcasts.

You feel that you do not fit in or that you cannot hold a typical conversation with a person who fits in nicely with the way society wants that person to be. When you believe in extra-terrestrials, channeling, dimensions, parallel universes, angels, faeries, and all sorts of other things, you are creating the experience of not only being separate, but also not being included.

This can be a lonely path that you have all chosen for yourselves, but it is the path that you are on now and you cannot help but to believe in what you believe. You cannot make yourselves fit in to a society that does not acknowledge the things that you talk about as though they were commonplace. Wanting to fit in is a normal and natural desire. Wanting other people to get you, and to validate you, and to be able to relate to you is an innate tendency that you are born with.

Staying on your path in spite of the fact that you don’t fit in and that other people don’t get you will have its rewards. You, the weird ones and the outcasts, will be the leaders in the future. You will be the ones who can explain what is happening to everyone else. You will have an opportunity to provide guidance and support to those who are struggling with adjusting to the new normal, the normal that you accepted a long time ago.

Bridging your reality to the reality of the majority of civilization is a task that you signed up for, but don’t expect them to come to you. You will be the ones who extend out your hands to help, and to serve, and to bring everyone into the fold of the fifth dimension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Recurring Themes | Heavenletters


God said:

What is on your mind this morning? What peeve do you have? What internal conversation are you having with someone who is not here in the room with you that you can’t seem to let go of??

You burst forth with what you wish you had said the last time you met. You may rant on and on in your mind like this:

“The way I see it, you are an incidental uneventful person in my life, yet you think you know all the answers. Because you make a pronouncement that you know me and have pointed out what you see, you think that you are straightening me out.

“You aren’t close. You are not connected to me and what I think and feel. You have no idea who and what I am. You give pop-up answers that are meaningless to me. You skim right over me. You toss me away as if what I think and feel has no value whatsoever to the Universe, as if I am in error. Hey, you, this is my Life, not yours, so don’t pick over my Life as if you have a claim over it.

“How do you presume that your summation has any connection to me at all?

“I withdraw from you. You no longer count with me either, Mr. Know It All. You think that you know everything, and that I know nothing.

“I am aware that what annoys me to this degree is that I didn’t say what was mine to say when the time was right. At that time, I wouldn’t have told you off. I simply would have spoken up.

“I’m tired of your thinking you know more than me and everyone else in the world. What you say means nothing to me now. Nothing.

“By my not speaking up, I let you get under my skin, and now it won’t go away.”

Beloveds, how vividly you want to remove this feeling that gnaws at you. How many times a day all over the world do My Children echo this theme? This doesn’t feel good to you at all.

For some unknown reason, at the moment, you haven’t been able to express yourself. Are you cowed by others? What do you think would happen if you simply said what you feel before what you feel looms so large?

Dear Ones, by and large in Life, people are not seen as they are. People are seen from different-colored sunglasses. Others with whom you stifle your response may see Life through dots. They see only a pin-hole of what is to be seen. They don’t see the valleys or the mountains. They are trying to be true to themselves and have no idea of how to be true to you. They mean to be helpful to you and came across as pompous.

We might say that this person has a form of dyslexia. He doesn’t know how to read people. He doesn’t even know that this is something that would be helpful to him if he did learn how to read from other points of view than his own.

Alas, he cannot see. And you can’t quite speak up. He is fast on the draw, and you are slow.

Allow this person to be as he happens to be, and honor yourself enough to be as you happen to be. He is short-sighted. You have a habit of not speaking up.

Of course, you know you know and want to nip resentment in the bud.

No one but you is responsible for your thoughts. And only you can let go of it. You know this, so be done with it. Recluse yourself from harboring resentment.


Connecting with Other Beings ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

In your desire to connect with other beings, such as ourselves, you are awakening within you memories. You are giving yourselves the opportunity to connect with more than just beings from other planets, star systems, and dimensions. You are giving yourselves an opportunity to connect with who you have been and who you will be.

You are multidimensional beings who have traveled all across this universe to give your oversoul a myriad of different experiences. Therefore, when you want to connect with us, you really want to connect with you. You want to know yourselves as multifaceted, interesting, and wise beings who have seen parts of this universe that you have not seen in this particular lifetime.

And so, you awaken within you the energies that you held in the forefront of your consciousness when you incarnated in different parts of this galaxy. You awaken aspects of yourself that didn’t incarnate but rather chose to be non-physical. Those non-physical lifetimes are the ones you don’t really think about because they are so challenging for you to relate to. But they are all affecting you and all calling you. They are all within you, parts of you that you are rediscovering.

As you reintegrate all of these aspects of yourself you know how much joy can be had by simply exploring who you are and who you have been, and certainly who you will be. Now, as you look at connection from that standpoint, you recognize that it’s not difficult to make connections with other beings. No matter how far off they may be or seem to you, these other beings exist within you as well as out there, somewhere.

And as you activate their energies within you, you harmonize with them. You harmonize with the external versions of them, and when you harmonize you do connect. You allow for that connection to build and for more energy to move in between yourselves and these other beings. The more that you practice connecting, the easier it becomes. Eventually, it will be as easy as picking up the phone and calling someone that you know.

You will find that there is nothing more satisfying than feeling yourselves as the other beings and the other beings as you. In so doing, you break down the barriers that seem to exist. You release the fears that you have of the unknown, of the unfamiliar, and you open your hearts to so much more of who you are. So keep all of this in mind the next time you reach out to connect with beings like us.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

All the Children of God’s Heart | Heavenletters


God said:

Never do I run out of topics to talk about with all the Children of My Heart. Virtually, all the topics We share here are for everyone. In one way or another, the topics, as given, make you nod your head Yes or make you shake your head No. One way or another, you are investing in what I say. Even when you debate vigorously with Me, you are investing in what I say. You respond to what I say. You react to what I say. What I say holds great importance to you. Even when you disagree, or –- most especially when you disagree — you are investing heavily in what I say. You don’t have to love what I say in order to be invested in it.

If you are adamant that I change My point of view, you are likely to be supremely invested in what I say. Otherwise, dear ones, why would what I say matter so much to you? Unless what I say matters to you inexorably, why would you argue? The more you rebel against Me, the more attached to My thinking you are. Otherwise, you would let My opinion – or anyone’s opinion – be like water and let it roll off your back.

Whether you care for My point of view or not, or anyone’s point of view or not, it seems pretty clear that others’ opinions matter to you a lot, or why on Earth would what I think or say or what anyone thinks or says rankle you so much?

You can’t really think that I or anyone must agree with you, do you? What happened to Freedom, Beloveds?

It’s also possible that you are someone who just likes to joust with anyone who happens to sit across the table from you. It doesn’t matter who! You will take on anyone just for the sport of it!

Everything must merit something. Yet what feather is there in your cap that arguing could carry the importance it does? Especially, why would you argue with God Who loves you deeply, Who thinks more about you and cares more about you than you begin to care about yourself?

I hold you High. You are the Love of My Life. My Love for you is Greater than you grasp. You may project your own dismay upon Me, and call it Mine. Hardly true, Beloveds. Not true at all.

So let’s start over. Let’s start over at a new diner with a new cup of coffee or tea or herb tea or a milkshake, if you prefer, and start up all over again with a friendship based on open acknowledgement of the Love and Familiarity that are Supreme.

After all, Beloveds, We have known each other longer than We have known anyone else. We knew each other from the Beginning of Time, actually before that, actually long before there was anyone else and the uncanny idea of separateness to be acquainted with.

We grew up together. Never was there a time when We didn’t know each other with less than a song in Our hearts. We have known each other in person and in Infinity. No way are We strangers. We didn’t just make Our Acquaintance this time around. We come from the old country, as it were.

We speak the same language. We know how to sing the same songs and to dance the same dances. We know Oneness like the back of our hands. We embrace, and we further the world. We play Life like virtuosos. Each time We play a duet on the piano, it is like for the first time. It is so customary, and it is so breathtaking.


The Gentle Nudgings ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

If you listen to the gentle nudgings that you get within yourself, you will find yourself moving in a direction that will satisfy and even excite you. You have a wonderful group of helpers working with you, and they are ready and willing to assist in guiding you towards what they know and you know is not only for your highest good, but they will guide you towards what will ultimately be the most enjoyable experiences.

You are taking a lot of information in all day, every day. Most of the information that you are taking in is coming from someone or something outside of you, and it is seeking to influence you to behave in certain ways. Those influencers have their own agenda and care more about their highest good than yours. It is true that your helpers, your guides, have an agenda, but they are also beings of service, and they are beings of service first and foremost.

Sensing these gentle nudgings means that you have to shut off the outside influences for a while and go within. Many of you would like for your guides to be louder and easier for you to perceive. They will get that way the more you tune yourself to them, the more you acknowledge and thank them, and the more you listen to them.

They will still be offering the same energy, the same information, doing it in exactly the same way. What will change will be your ability to perceive it. That always follows from a willingness on your part to surrender. When you surrender the need to know everything becomes easier, and you open yourselves up to many more possibilities than you could possibly comprehend or even dream up with your minds.

Let go of the need to know how you are going to get to the life that you want to be living, and let go of your timeframes for getting to that life. The nudgings are going to get less and less gentle as you move forward because the energies are getting stronger, more intense and are moving at a faster pace.

So aligning yourself with your desires means aligning yourself with these higher frequency energies as well. It means letting yourselves get swept up in all the excitement and letting yourselves receive a little guidance from the beings who love you so unconditionally. They are your guides, your helpers, your angels, and they are on call round the clock.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

God Tells Three Stories | Heavenletters


God said:

I ask you: How are you today?

You answer: “Fine, thank You.”

If you think a moment, you realize this is your true answer. Listing your complaints is only skin deep. If you really and truly knew you were standing right before Me, it would surprise Me if you would give Me a list of all your recent irritations. I know you wouldn’t. For one thing, you might be so dumbfounded at My appearing and My question that you might be struck dumb. Perhaps, at the moment, you would not be able to think of one thing you need or even most desired a moment ago. It’s possible that My appearing right before you is all you could think of if you could think at all.

Let me tell you an old story from long ago times. It may be a true story of an old very poor man who was so good and worthy that I, God, visited him on Earth and asked him what I could give to him as a reward for all his goodness and the understanding and merit he held those in who had less than he. With all, he shared his crust of bread.

This old man didn’t race in with a whole list. He thought a few moments and then asked for only one thing:

“God, do You mind? Could I have a little butter with my bread?”

What a simple story of humility pure and simple without trying to be humble.

Do not think it is forbidden for you to ask Me for everything you want. If you ask Me from the Truth of Your Heart — if you want to ask Me for everything that you could possibly desire — I would not give you a lecture to discourage you from asking for all your heart desires, not at all, just as you allow your child to share all his desires with you. A red truck. All the candy he wants. To grow bigger fast.

At the same time as I picture you before Me, asking Me for a whole cake, a new car, wisdom, true love and everything else, I imagine that your voice gets fainter and fainter the longer your list. Isn’t this a bummer?

These are two versions:

1. Be simple. There really isn’t a whole lot you need to be happy.

2. Ask for all your heart’s desires. You discover that there really isn’t a whole lot you need to be happy.

What you need is relative as this whole world you live in on Earth is relative.

I do not ask you to refrain from asking. It would seem that in the privacy of your heart, asking for everything works fine, yet at the moment as you appear in front Me, you find that your Life takes on a different cast, and much of your list simply no longer applies. Why would that be?

Who is the richer man, the man who asks for butter on his bread or the man who asks for all he might ever want?

And where does needing indeed exist?

And what is the pull of stories in the world? Stories also seem to be a basic need. Even when you are surrounded by stories, you want more. I don’t imagine that anyone believes that there is anyone in Life with too many stories or too many metaphors in this moment called Life in the World.

What is the world made up of but stories?

I love the expression: “Therein hangs the tale.” Not sure what these words mean, yet I love it. You don’t have to understand everything in order to love it. Love first, and you can understand later.

Or, who says that you must have understanding?

I knew an old woman on Earth who once wisely said: “I don’t have to understand. I only have to accept.”


Ascension Symptoms ∞Archangel Gabriel


“As you open yourselves to more high-frequency energies, you will feel certain vibrations within you that are unfamiliar and even unsettling at times. When you buy something new at the store and you take it home to wear it, sometimes there is an adjustment period. Sometimes there is a breaking in period with your new garment or pair of shoes.

But you recognize that what you have purchased and brought home is something that you want. And so you endure a little discomfort and a little awkwardness because you know that once you have settled in with what you have purchased and brought home, you will find a great deal of comfort and you will experience harmony and satisfaction.

That is what is occurring at this time, energetically. As you take on higher frequencies, you are going to experience some growing pains. You are going to notice what is incompatible with those energies, and therefore, experience a purging process as well. None of this has to be unpleasant, and the more aware you are of what is happening, the better.

If you realize that what you are experiencing is as a result of higher frequency energies being integrated into your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies, then you can allow the process to occur without becoming startled. So we recommend that you see everything in your life that is occurring, and everything in your bodies that is occurring, as a part of this process of evolution.

Know that the evolutionary process is one that is well worth it and that the outcome will be beyond satisfactory. So as you live your lives and observe all that is taking place around you and within you, breathe in more air, drink more water, and rest more. Give yourselves more opportunities to relax and enjoy the process. Acclimation to higher-frequency energy can be absolute bliss when it is allowed.

So that is what we are suggesting that all of you do. And we will enjoy watching you sparkle and shine brighter than ever before in your physical bodies.

We are Gabriel. We are senders of Love.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Could Life Be a Crocodile? | Heavenletters


God said:

From where you sit, you don’t know how Life can explain itself and its varied appearances and reappearances. It seems to you that Life walks on stage any way it wants. It’s difficult to see that Life takes responsibility for its actions, reactions, or inactions, yet, all the while, it is Life that holds all the cards.

Life seems to trudge along or leap along regardless of what you think of it. You see contradiction and a lack of merit in how Life plays its cards. You have not always seen Life bend over backwards to be helpful to you.

The Mechanics of Life are a mystery. The whys and wherefores seem to be obscured if not outright uncalled for, as you see it.

You may lie back, yet Life always furrows ahead. Life has so much vitality and drive. You have never found Life napping.

You may have wondered on occasion whether Life is a crocodile who smiles at you just before he snaps you up. Are you just to be a tasty tidbit for a sly crocodile? How on Earth can Life hop, skip, and jump around as if without a care in the world and leave you in a quandary?

Who on Earth could dream up what Life gives? Life can do whatever it feels like. There can be no explanation for Life, yet you may wish that Life would explain itself to you if not give you a full apology forthwith. It cannot be right that Life treats you as it has on one occasion or another.

No matter, this is all play. I, God, am speaking to you, yet you doubt.

Life seems to play a game of poker and runs off having won the pot, as if this is a good joke on you. Life seems to scrimmage right along without as much as a by-your-leave. Sometimes, you feel crushed by a massive shoe with cleats.

It’s hard for you to be deadpan about Life as it appears. Either you laugh, or you cry, or you pound the table, or you fall in a little pile. You can protest all you want, yet Life just keeps doing its thing.

You would love Life to come up All Roses, yet you hear a chorus of crickets who insist otherwise. You were inveigled or entrapped. You are sure you were not always given a fair chance.

And, yet, you hear a faint echo that resounds that you, yourself, are the one who eggs Life on to orchestrate what Life looks like and how it proceeds in an unseemly manner.

“Surprise!” Life says.

Yet it’s no surprise to you that, once again, Life has taken advantage of you and shown you no mercy.

Beloveds, it’s not so easy for you to be true to yourself when you don’t really know who you are.

If you were clearer about who you are and why you are alive in the world, if you could see yourself as I do see you, your Life would cast a different light.

All right then, you may not see how different Life on Earth can be so long as death continues operating. So far as you can see, you will be left holding the bag. So far as you can see, you see no way to shrug off death and say it’s permissble. You are tired of weeping.

Listen to My reply, dear ones:

Ah, when you see the Light you are, Life may well configure itself differently. How will you lead Life then? What do you change within you that Life, this vagabond, might change its mind and alter the Course of this, your Life?

Of all possibilities, order what you desire. This is how you increase the odds in your favor. Go for it.


How to Begin | Heavenletters


God said:

In Life, sometimes you are on the horns of a dilemma. Sometimes you have to be blunt, and sometimes you have to simply be quiet. What a talent it be would be to always know which is which.

Never do I wish to tell you to be away from your Truth. Never do I wish to tell you to be rude either. There can be Truth, and there can be Courtesy, and sometimes, alas, there doesn’t seem to be an between either.

I do not urge you to be mealy-mouthed or insipid, nor do I tell you to tear someone down and flatten them, nor do I urge you to be duplicitous. Beloveds, in this world, sometimes the kind thing to do is to make yourself clear. This is the dilemma.

Sometimes you have to come out and say something that you don’t really want to say. It may be your responsibility to say if not your desire. Try as you may, there are times when it is right action to say what has to be said, and then there are instances where it is right action to be silent. Or, a lot may depend upon the two personalities and the specific situations. You may have to rely on your intuition rather than intellect.

Maybe you have to get away from the idea that it is unkind to speak up. Honesty can, indeed, be the best policy. Sometimes you have to keep your hands off and let Life take care of itself. I don’t mean just for your own benefit, dear ones, but for the benefit of all. Yes, sometimes in Life it is for you to keep your hands off. What a blessing to know when.

There are times when making something right is your business, and times when it is not. There are two sides – or more. You may want to avoid the straight talk yet you find yourself in a position where being benign doesn’t get the point across.

Dear Ones, your Life and Work are not always about what you always want. Sometimes you do have to pull yourself up by your boot straps. You do no one a favor by being namby-pamby. Kind is not always kind.

You do not have to keep your image of yourself as the “nice cop.” You don’t have to tiptoe around so that no one knows what you are trying to say. You can state your point of view without a big to-do – or maybe you can’t. In any case, the issue is not about how you feel. You are not here on Earth to kid yourself. On the other hand…

Sometimes being blunt is your real kindness. The issue is not about your feeling better or not feeling better. Restraining another does not have to mean you are false to yourself. What you may see as hardheartedness may be common sense. You take your chances.

Beloveds, when something in the world is your responsibility, you cannot play blind. If you are a teacher, you cannot give students A’s when they are not excelling, You may be a peacemaker, yet a peacemaker doesn’t play the role of a pretender. A peacemaker is looking for a common understanding. There is something to be said about coming out of the rain. We’re not talking about anyone’s having the last word.

Do you have to be 100% right? Not on your life. Yet, as much as you would like to be kindness personified, you don’t always have the privilege of a walk in the garden.

Because someone else sees differently from you doesn’t mean that you are opponents. You can both care, and you both can desire harmony.

In order to set the stage for peace, start with a simple inquiry. This is how to begin.


Arcturian Group Message May 21, 2017 | Marilyn Raffaele @


  MAY 21, 2017

Dear ones, with love and understanding we seek to assist you in your journey out of the miasma of dense illusion and into reality.   Life has become  a time of tremendous struggle and confusion in a world accustomed to living according to the rules and beliefs of third dimensional consciousness.
You have been taught incorrectly through  lifetimes and thus still carry cellular memory from many experiences serving to validate duality and separation.  Life lived within the third  dimensional belief system was necessary in order to awaken out of it, much as a small child  falls many times before learning to walk.  These experiences have now served their purpose, you have learned to walk and are now ready to run.
The Divine Self of every individual  continually seeks to be recognized and known.  This is why so many continually seek their good in the outer because they do not yet know that everything they seek is already present within.  Evolution is the journey out of illusion and into a living breathing consciousness of Reality.  Once this state of consciousness has been attained, the burdens and struggles within the illusion as well as all the seeking and yearning, ceases.
In order to understand that the attainment of material concepts of good  (power, objects, money, beauty,etc.) do not and never can bring about real fulfillment,  individuals must  first experience  the seeking, then attaining, and finally the disappointment that comes with the realization that their life may now be more comfortable by human standards,  but the yearning is still there, and will remain until found where it is, within.
Earth school is a difficult but powerful evolutionary path and  it was the free will choice of every person residing on earth to be here at this time, whether or not they are aware of it.
Life is meant to be enjoyed.  The belief that suffering and pain make you more spiritual is false.  Pain and suffering (self inflicted or otherwise) are not a part of Divine Nature and therefore not a part of your true nature.
The concept that pain and suffering makes you spiritual are facets of the duality and separation belief system.  These teachings represent the belief that the spiritual is separate from the physical and therefore the physical must be dominated or eliminated in some way in order for  a person to become “holy”.   You are already “holy”– everything physical is simply a material concept of the spiritual.
A spiritually evolved individual is still able enjoy the finer things of life “In the world, but not of it”.  If you enjoy  fine china, fine art, nice clothes, and a beautiful home there is nothing wrong or un-spiritual about having them.  Free will allows personal choice.  But when material concepts of good become needs and necessities instead of choices,  an individual is in old energy.
You have reached the place of choosing exactly what it is you want.  Do you really want to evolve into truth or do you want to continue playing the games of illusion based in beliefs of duality and separation while pretending to be a truth student?
An attained consciousness of truth does not happen simply by being interested in truth, going to  workshops, or reading metaphysical books.  These things represent the beginning stages of the spiritual journey, but there comes a point at which truth learned must come alive through  intuition listened to,  recognizing the Divine nature of all, and  seeking within instead of without.
The higher resonance of an evolved state of consciousness automatically and without personal struggle, will clear and override lower resonating energies still carried by a person.   This is why so many serious truth students are finding themselves in difficult physical, emotional, and mental situations right now, causing  them to question and  believe that somehow they have failed.
No dear ones, when these things happen it means that have attained the understanding and readiness necessary to clear and release whatever beliefs the issue represents.  It is a graduation.
One’s belief system can be easily identified by observing  automatic responses and thoughts.  The secret to moving beyond concepts that have become habits, is to first recognize them but never claim them to be personally yours because they are impersonal universal beliefs that you have at some point accepted as truth.   When you find yourself slipping into  unloving responses, do not resist and condemn yourself, but simply recognize them as old programming and replace them with truth.
It is the intent and goal of every soul to evolve and experience who and what they are, although most do not remember this once they are on earth living in third dimensional energy. They call evolution a journey because that is exactly what it is.  In the earlier stages of awakening, it is a process of stepping and falling, stepping and falling often by way of experiences that are unpleasant or even downright awful to human thinking.
The intention to know God/Reality/Truth only takes place after many lifetimes and many experiences lived in third dimensional  consciousness which then serves to bring a person into their readiness for more–“Is this all there is?”.
It must be understood that once an intention to awaken has been made (consciously or unconsciously)  life experiences become no longer random, but instead are drawn by one’s Higher Self for purposes of learning and awakening.   Doors previously closed to the third dimensional consciousness now begin to open, making available  guidance and help from the higher dimensions.

At a certain  point, the experiences necessary to awakening become less intense and difficult because the seeker is now open to higher ways of understanding the world and has learned to recognize appearances for what they are.  He has learned to trust his intuition and has attained a level of spiritual awareness that makes unpleasant “wake up calls”  no longer necessary.  As powerful creators,  you can state the intention;  “I choose that my life lessons be easy and gentle.”, however  never feel you have somehow failed if some are not.
Most of you are already evolving  from within rather than from without.  You have done the heavy lifting but remain timid about being who you have become, afraid to come out and be separate, choosing instead to pretend some stance or belief.  The  inability to claim and integrate one’s power is the result of entertaining the ever broadcasting three dimensional message of; “You will never be good enough.” which causes personal fear and doubt for even for those very awake.
Everything and everyone is Divine Consciousness in expression, for in One there simply is no other.  Thus claiming one’s power simply means living out from the security and confidence of a consciousness that recognizes and accepts its own Divine nature.   Those empowered by truth never express themselves through  boastful or holier than thou attitudes, but simply live life from a conscious realization and acceptance of self as SELF in balance–their masculine speaking, leading, and doing;  their feminine intuitive, loving, and creative.
Claiming one’s innate power never means you can no longer enjoy the company of old friends or engage in activities you have always loved for everything is spiritual in its purest form.  However, many of you are finding  that you no longer resonate with many of the the things you once enjoyed.
Many of you are finding yourselves being guided to speak out on some topic or activity whereas before you would of remained silent.  When this happens, always allow your words to flow on an  energy of unconditional love rather than stiffly judging, refusing to do something, or be with certain people out of a misguided sense of superiority.
Moving on from some group or activity must always  be accompanied by respect for those who may still need the experiences of the particular group or activity.  Self righteousness easily creeps into the thinking of those who believe themselves to be more spiritually aware than others.  Those new to truth are especially susceptible to self righteousness and must realize that everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be.
Some souls  require more third dimensional experiences in order to awaken while others do not,  and thus comparisons or attempts to bring another to one’s own state of awareness is a three dimensional idea reflecting separation.  These dear ones may as of yet be no where near ready to hear truth and this must be honored.
It is important not to “cast your pearls” but keep them lovingly protected within your heart.  You can cast seeds of truth by occasionally throwing  a sentence or idea into some general conversation which may cause a receptive individual to open and think about what you have said.
Unconditional love  allows everyone to evolve at their own pace even when the higher solution to their issues and problems is glaringly apparent.  Never forget  that every person has a Higher Self, Guides, and a pre-birth contract even if they themselves are totally unaware of it.  This truth is often overlooked by parents and close friends who desperately seek to help, but may instead be simply getting in the way of the other’s lesson.
The world as it has always been known is quickly changing as higher dimensional  frequencies of Light  pour in.  Everyone on earth is experiencing  these new energies physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually resulting in the need for a trust in truth and understanding that everything is proceeding according to plan.  It is a trust that flows from the realization that the chaos of world appearances is formed of old and false energies that have no law to support or to hold them in place.
As you grow in the awareness of who and what you are, fears and intense involvements in third dimensional issues lessens (unless you are guided to be involved).  Your Light is dissolving the false creations of duality and separation–you are Lightworkers.
You are here at this most powerful time because you choose to be here.  Believe it and  BE.
We are the Arcturian Group