What You Seek More Than Answers | Heavenletters

God said:

There is the persistent idea in the world that you have to understand. Trying to understand, you spin your wheels. You take up unnecessary time with questioning. Seek further knowledge of what interests you. There may be a reason. At the same time, you don’t have to understand the workings of a motor in order to drive a car.

Where did you get the idea that you have to understand everything? Trying to make sense of everything makes no sense at all. Then striving to understand becomes a stumbling block.

Is it not true that you would like to understand everything? Big or little, it doesn’t matter, you crave to understand. “Why do I have this freckle on my nose? Why did my girlfriend leave me? How could she? Why didn’t the sun come out today? How did life come to be? And what am I doing here? What is it all about?”

Sometimes you ask so many questions, and you leave yourself up in the air.

You don’t really need so many questions. Nor do you need the answers.

What if you did get all the answers, what then? What difference would it really make? There is virtue in taking the card that is dealt you and holding your hand out for the next one. You don’t need to wait for a long-delaying answer.

Children give a short answer to Why. They say it is Because. Because it is. It isn’t exactly sensible to be offset or upset by what is. Why are you unmarried? Because you are. Why did you marry? Because you did.

Why do you ask why?

Life is not a wrestler that can simply be pinned down.

Life flows. That is your answer. Life flows.

You are really seeking Me more than answers. You are seeking love, and I have it, and I give it to you. What is love worth? A lot. Everything. And what is an answer worth? Not much at all. Nothing really. Oh, so this is why. An answer brings you to a quick stop. Does the answer apply to the next question? Probably not. And you start questioning all over again. Sometimes I think you are in a state of perpetual questioning. Enough of questions. Get down to life. Theories are a dime a dozen. Life is now. It is not necessary to ponder over life so much. Life is a flowing river. Why does the river flow? Because it flows.

And you also ask: “Does the river have an end?”

You may think it does, yet the answer is no. There is no end, just as there is no end to you. You are My Forever Creation.

Then you ask, “Why am I forever?”

The answers: “Because I made you so. Because you are not temporary. Because you are part and parcel of Me. Because this is how it is.”

“But why, but why?” you ask again and again, and the non-ending cycle of questions begins again.

There is one answer that applies, and that is love. Because of love, you are. Because of love you are eternal. Because love is eternal. Because there is God, because you are Mine, because I would have it no other way, you are irreplaceable. You are One with Me.

Rather than question, accept. Accept and move on. Accept and step out of the quicksand of questions that swallow you up and spit you out again.

Forget questions for a while. Forget answers for a while. Forge ahead in life, and keep going. You don’t have to have questions, and you don’t have to have answers. Make the life you have into what you want. That will keep you busy.

Awakening ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are appreciating the way in which so many of you have accepted us into your lives and into your hearts. We are able to detect whenever someone new has begun receiving us, and we are happy to say that the numbers keep increasing. We are just one of many collectives and beings that are coming through humans in this way, and that means there are so many humans who are opening up to receive higher dimensional, higher vibrational transmissions.

We are also pleased to see how many of you who are awake are sharing your stories, your beliefs, your truth, even when you know that your audience is not really quite there yet to receive it. We encourage all of you to be authentic and to know that the awakening of the human collective consciousness is happening one person at a time. That’s all any of us can do to help humanity become what you are becoming. We are consistent in our offerings. Be consistent in sharing what it is that you are offering, whether it’s your poetry, your artwork, your music, your blog, your insights on what’s going on with humanity.

We are all connected. We are connected to you, just as much as we are connected to the fourth dimensional Arcturian beings, and we can see how the ripple effect is taking place throughout the galaxy. We are excited to see where you will go next with your bigger and better numbers of awakened souls, and we also want you to know that one of the best ways to be fifth dimensional is to collaborate, to co-create, to come together in your groups, no matter how small and hold that higher intention for humanity.

You can do so much for your fellow humans with your intention, with your prayer, with your meditation, and your sending out of your love and your healing transmissions. You there on the ground level are helping people awaken with just as much effectiveness as we are in the higher realms, and we love working through you. We love collaborating with those who want to help others awaken. We love orchestrating those meetings, inspiring those words, and giving the activations necessary for another human to open up their heart and their consciousness to this process.

It is a process of becoming of who you are as Source Energy Beings, and there is nothing that could possibly be more important than that. That’s the real disclosure that humanity needs. Humanity needs to accept that you are already Source Energy Beings and that you are playing at being separate and being less than so that you can have the experience of awakening that truth of who you really are over and over again. We are happy to be a part of that journey with you, and we invite you to be a part of that journey for as many others there on Earth as you possibly can.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Suzy Ward – Channeling Matthew Ward – July 18, 2019

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Accelerating vibrations are hastening the pace of bringing to light the wounds of your world so they can be healed. What heals is light, the same energy as love and the most powerful force in the universe, and souls far distant and on Earth are providing it.

This began about 80 years ago, when highly advanced civilizations beamed massive amounts of light to save the life of Gaia’s planetary body. More light was provided by the many thousands of evolved souls who left their homelands to incarnate on Earth and help her peoples respond positively to light’s high vibrations.

All individuals who did so were healed of wounds caused by harsh experiences chosen in soul contracts to complete third density lifetimes or difficult non-chosen experiencing. By radiating the light they had absorbed, these persons uplifted others, who also responded positively and started radiating light; and, as this critical light-healing process kept expanding, Earth gained more strength and the healing of her deep wounds progressed.

Light has been provided by other sources, too. The animal and plant kingdoms, Nature people, the elementals and minerals are contributors to the health and wholeness of your world. As a civilization’s consciousness grows, the consciousness of all other life forms and forces in that world grows commensurately, but on Earth that has differed in this way: The cetaceans, trees, advanced souls that chose to experience a lifetime as an animal, and the multitude of Nature people have long had universal knowledge that only now is unfolding within most of the human population.

Yet, never has it been a question of, “Can Earth’s peoples manifest a peaceful world where all share in its abundance and live in harmony with Nature?” Always it has been “How quickly can they manifest….?” When the ten-year delay in the society’s advancement in conscious and spiritual awareness ended, minds and hearts began to open around the world. The peoples realized that fear, warring, deception, poverty, unjustness, greed and corruption had long been the way of life in their world. Refusing to accept those conditions any longer, many set out to change them; and in growing numbers, individuals are undertaking this monumental venture with enthusiasm, determination and optimism. Resolving new or longstanding conflicts and righting all wrongs will zigzag for a time, but light-filled intentions are undergirded by vibratory rates that will continue to increase along Earth’s ascension course. Beneficial changes that once were on Earth’s far horizon are approaching her near horizon.

“What is in Earth’s energy field of potential? How do the souls at Matthew’s station see what is there? What is the field’s relationship with the collective consciousness and what happens here on Earth?” It is indeed important for us to explain this—the collective consciousness and the energy field of potential are the generators of what happens on Earth.

The thoughts and feelings of all life forms on the planet comprise the collective consciousness, and the power of this ever-changing energy mass “steers” all activity in the energy field of potential. We give the consciousness and the field those designations to describe their functions; however, the energy of these integral aspects of the universal law of attraction, which is in constant motion, is the same and they operate in tandem.

The field is limitless numbers of neutral energy streamers, each with an attachment—each thought and feeling of every person and the emotions of every animal—and the attachment is the streamers’ direction finder-connector, so to say. We see the streamers as threads connecting activity in the field with like-activity on the planet. The threads shimmer and gleam when there is joy, happy excitement, affection, encouragement or any other uplifting sensation on both ends. They are ragged and dim when connecting low-vibratory sensations such as discouragement, vengefulness, anguish, anger or prejudice.

Many thoughts and feelings enter the field with the addition of intention, and every intention creates a situation that has the possibility of development potential. If more of the same kinds of thoughts and feelings about that situation enter the field, their energy activates the development process. When those thoughts and feelings grow in sufficient numbers and strength, their combined energy moves the situation from a possibility to a probability.

If the quantity and strength of those particular thoughts and feelings keep increasing, the additional energy produced moves the situation’s probability status toward certainty, and motion in the field is smooth and steady. When nearly all thoughts and feelings about the situation are unified, the momentum of their energy becomes unstoppable and enables the manifestation of the outcome intended by the people involved.

If a large number of streamers with attachments of thoughts and feelings about a different outcome suddenly enter the field, their collective energy interrupts the process that had been propelling the situation toward certainty. The tumultuous activity that ensues makes the field look like a gigantic fireworks display as the energy of the first intended outcome attempts to regain its former strength and the energy of the opposing intention tries to become dominant.

Depending upon the importance of the situation at issue, the intensity of the differing thoughts and feelings about it, and an increase or decrease in numbers of each “side’s” streamers, the seesaw motion can continue for days, months or years before one of the energy masses becomes powerful enough to generate sustained activity until the outcome is manifested by the people who achieved their intended result.

Now then, putting the activity in the field into the context of what is happening on Earth, the dark ones are futilely struggling to keep their world domination intention alive and the awakened peoples are acting upon their light-filled intention to end that long era of control. And so it is, dear family, that you are seeing the downfall of the Illuminati that is being actualized by unseen sources.

One more note about the collective consciousness and Earth’s energy field of potential. They are the microcosmic perspective of the reality that the only thing in existence is cosmic consciousness—everything else is countless perceptions of what exists. Further, whatever happens anywhere affects everything else everywhere else. That is one reason highly evolved civilizations have been helping Earth’s peoples in so many ways to advance spiritually and consciously. The other reason is, they love these members of our universal family just as do we and all of you who went there to be lightworkers and way-showers.

“Please ask Matthew to comment on all the severe weather in the USA. I’m feeling this is due to lots of people’s inabilities to release their angers, frustrations and fears in a constructive way. Maybe in other places in which human emotions are in turmoil there’s been bad weather also.” The vibrations of emotions that are inherent in all intentions and deeds don’t just affect conditions in your world positively or negatively, they manifest those conditions. And, while it is true that the strong emotions the reader mentioned emit the low vibrations that contribute heftily to all forms of turmoil on the planet, weather control technology bears the brunt of the blame for severe weather everywhere.

The Illuminati still have enough power to suppress your technology that was developed for beneficial purposes and to misuse it to create destructive weather. Wild storms, tornados, flooding, and record high and low temperatures cause a great deal of humankind’s low-vibratory emotions, and dark hearts and minds require that kind of energy for their very existence.

To prevent negativity from amassing and becoming the dark ones’ refueling station, Earth releases it via earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. She chooses areas where loss of life and property damage are reduced to the greatest possible extent, and the technology of crews in your skies assists in leveling out effects of the releases. The crews also are reducing the toxins in chemtrails and industrial pollutants as well as the harmful emissions of 5G and other technologies.

Let us speak about California’s two earthquakes, which were not Mother Nature’s doing. That seismic activity was caused by the explosive destruction of the Illuminati’s vast underground base of laboratories and well-stocked lavish living quarters, a huge step in eliminating that secret society’s global network. Another step toward that end is the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein, an Illuminati ringleader in sex trafficking whose clients include numerous well-known individuals. Although both events happened in the United States, their impact is worldwide.

Your light has been paving the way to ending darkness on Earth, dear sisters and brothers, and every day that passes brings closer the grandly transformed world you volunteered to help the peoples bring to fruition.All light beings in this universe honor and support you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books
Email: suzy@matthewbooks.com

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 19 July 2019

When one views the unrest in the world, it is apparent that much seems to arise from the difference of opinion as to how life should or should not be lived. The problem seems to be one of intolerance to another person’s views or beliefs that all through history has led to confrontations, and even wars. From our point of view we see groups of people playing out their beliefs, but some are more extreme and wish to impose themselves upon others believing that theirs is more important and of the truth. Dear Ones, why can you not allow others to follow their own beliefs knowing that in the long run only the truth will remain. Historically forcing people to follow one set of beliefs has never worked and inevitably led to wars without achieving a peaceful co-existence. It is time to let go of the ego that stops you from finding peaceful solutions to your differences, because you could live quite happily together with the intent of creating a peaceful scenario. It will come in time as the vibrations are lifting and all thoughts and actions of war are slowly being rejected. In the latter stages the last Age was a series of non-stop bloody wars causing millions and millions of lives to be lost, and even more affected by the outcome. One day you will look back and wonder how such barbaric things could take place, and why you could not have lived in peaceful co-existence. The inequalities of life have much to answer for but without leaders who could broker peace in all nations when you were led by those who supported the Anti-Christ.

Many souls that lost their lives or who were badly affected by the experience of wars are now reincarnating, and they bring with them a strong desire for creating the conditions that will lead to permanent world peace. They understand that the New Age has left war and warlike actions behind, and as time passes even the thoughts of war will be replaced by thoughts of peaceful coexistence. Humanity has by its actions shown a genuine desire to create a pathway to a world where all nations strive for peace and dismantle or remove all things that are opposed to it. Can you imagine the goodwill that it would create and the happiness and joy it would bring to the people, who could finally live free from fear and deprivation. Already the seeds of change exist and peace-loving souls are ready to guide you to the “promised land”.

Thought is powerful, much more than you probably realise and if sufficient people concentrated on peaceful thoughts and actions, there is nothing that you could not achieve. Be certain that the warmongers are now in a minority and the largest nations are bound to get together to draft permanent peace. Imagine how beneficial it would be to the world’s population and how it would raise morale, and hope for a better level of existence. On another level the diminishing lower energies would result in a general upliftment of the vibrations to the benefit of all people. Think peace and discard all thoughts of war, and help to hasten the time that is approaching when mighty changes are about to occur for the benefit of all people.

Technologies are advancing at an astonishing rate and when they are used for the benefit of all people, the standard of life will change for the better, and the necessities of life will be available to all. It comes about because of major changes in the way that things become more automated. You are already seeing some advances but there are many more already in use secretly that are being denied to you. Such situations will gradually cease to be a problem as warlike operations will no longer become necessary. Naturally every planet needs overall protection even in peaceful times but they will not be bound by secrecy

Meantime the changes will go on until it all settles down, and you have a world with leaders that openly cooperate with each other for peace. World Government will work well in such circumstances as it is clearly to everyone’s advantage. Think beyond the old ways as you are not bound by them now and project positive thoughts that are your vision of a new Earth, because it is coming. By moving beyond the marker you have earned the right to now to move ahead into much better times and enjoy peace and a bountiful life. The old mixture of the positive and negative is no longer applicable and has run its course never to return. This will become more apparent as time passes but be patient as it has only just appeared on the horizon.

Your ability to comprehend and fully understand the messages is becoming much stronger. You have the power to influence what happens in the future, and it is down to Humanity to lay down the path you need to tread to fulfil your expectations for a peaceful and loving existence. It was always planned that way but was simply a potential that relied upon your ability to overcome the challenges presented to you. Freewill is yours and although the plan is for your evolution it still remains in your hands.

Many of you have expressed a wish to join the Forces of Light that monitor all activities within your Universe. They are like Cosmic Wardens that can relocate at any time through the power of thought and deal with any problems that arise. However their work is to deal with trouble before it becomes serious and they have the authority to override efforts to change their activities or ignore their instructions. Cosmic Law overrides other considerations and it makes their authority absolute. There are always greater Beings that maintain Law and Order in the Universe and those who serve the Light need have no concern about their own position that always has their support.

Your Earth has been in isolation for a very long time, to prevent the lower energies from affecting others who have moved beyond your level. Conversely it is also to maintain your chosen path to Ascension and stop other entities from interfering in any way that would alter the outcome. Your evolution has been closely monitored for eons of time, so as to ensure that you progressed in a natural way resulting from your own actions and thoughts. It is for example to your credit that you passed the marker in 2012, and why you are now in a far better situation that has given you a greater freedom of choice, and more help to guide you on your way. We hesitate to say that you cannot fail, yet the pathway has been laid out before you, if you would but take it.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

In The Midst Of A Storm | The Creator

It may feel challenging to be who you are in a time when you are being asked to choose sides.  You will see things from an infinite perspective that those around you may not notice…yet.  Standing in your truth and integrity could very well be one of the most gut-wrenching things you will ever do but, this is exactly what The Universe is asking of you.  If you choose to exist in pure truth, pure intent and pure love, your existence will become a peaceful moment in the midst of a storm.  The world is seeking balance, dear one, and you are a part of that process.  Do not give up! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Let Love Be Enough | Heavenletters

God said:

In human terms, there is right, and there is wrong. No two people think just alike. No two people agree on everything. Where is it said that they must? Yet there is difficulty in allowing another point of view or another opinion. What is this need for agreement really about? What is at stake?

So what if someone belongs to one religion or political party or another? What if someone sees one way and you another. What is so all-important?

Oh, yes, offer great consideration, yet agreement is a different story. Even when you don’t agree, be considerate and understanding. You can be kind and offer friendship. Who said that ideal agreement is the only way to go? There are many little wars fought over little things.

What is so hard about people living together and families and nations getting along? How is it that people who love each other find themselves angry, down-and-out angry when once they gave happiness to each other? What is the crux of this? Something is off, would you agree?

Why would one of My children feel beside himself because of another child of Mine. How is it that two people who love each other come to think: “I can’t stand it any longer. I have to have some peace and quiet.” What does another person ultimately have to do with your peace and quiet?

What has happened to comradeship and feeling unbounded? It does seem that sometimes My children are bound to be angrier than they or anyone wants to be. It certainly seems like you can’t help it. You have come to the end of your rope. And anger comes to the fore, and human beings are not what they want to be.

Surely, anger is not a strength. Does anyone really think so? And, I have to ask, when you are not in the fireworks of anger, would you ever want to justify it? Someone leaves the dirty dishes, can’t wash a dish, can’t hang up his or her clothes, and you are furious. Is it worth it? Or someone might always be nagging you to wash a dish and hang up your clothes? Is either one of you really a villain?

Anger is not healthy. What causes anger, and what is the good of expressing it? You may think anger can be righteous and virtuous – you may think all your anger is right and necessary, yet where do you get off outraged? Anger is not virtuous. Pretending sweetness is not admirable either. It is maddening. Perhaps it is better to reveal anger rather than hide it. Either way, you do no one a favor.

Are you the commander of the world that you can believe you can make anyone do what you want or be what you want?

It is good to pick up after oneself, yet is it the test of a person? The people who pick up after themselves may be maddening in some other way. The maddening aspect lies within you. The question is not: What do you do with someone else? The question is: What do you do with yourself?

You may consider yourself peace-loving, and, yet anger, regardless of the cause, is not peace-loving.

Some people justify their anger by saying it’s righteous anger. I understand the intent. Be careful about being self-righteous. Anger at a murderer doesn’t behoove you or the murderer.

So My question really is: Where is love? Even covered up with anger, love is there. Underneath hate, love is there. Beloveds, what are you doing? When you are angry, where is your love for yourself?

What the World Needs ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have been struggling for quite some time in relationship to one another. We have seen how this has played out in your society to the point where people identify more with something about themselves that’s very temporary, rather than identifying with the truth of who they are as infinite and eternal beings of love and light. Now, it is easy to see why a person would identify themselves in a very limited way, because that person was born into a society that wants to put people in neat and tidy little boxes. This is the mental approach to relating to one another.

So the mind likes to be able to predict what you’re going to get, something that allows you as an egoic being to feel safer. That’s why these boxes are so comfortable. Because if you’re looking at a person and having expectations based on their race, gender, sexuality, nationality, political affiliation, and any of the other of the very temporary ways in which you know yourselves, then the ego can feel more secure because of the conclusions that the mind has come to about the individual, based on those very superficial aspects of self.

And so, what lies underneath all of this is fear, and until people recognize that there is a very negative emotion that needs to be dealt with, talked about, felt, expressed, and processed, you’re not going to get very far. You’re not going to make the progress you want to make in relating to one another by simply finger-pointing, by calling someone out on their behavior. Instead, as a society, you all need to look for what lies underneath the behavior, or the hate speech. You need to understand that people are coming from a place of vulnerability when they’re puffing out their chests, making signs, and chanting things. They don’t want you to know how scared they are.

And, of course, by vilifying an entire group of people, by creating a common enemy, there is a lot to be gained by those in power or by those seeking to have power. The best thing that you could ever do for the rest of humanity to help bring you to the next level of your consciousness evolution would be to talk about your feelings. Be honest. Tell the person sitting next to you or across from you what it is you’re feeling. If you own it and you’re willing to discuss it and where it comes from, then you can unite under the knowing that all humans are feeling beings. It’s what makes you human, and you can unite under that knowing that you all feel the same emotions.

This is what will break down the barriers, the walls that are placed in those boxes to keep people separate. What the world needs more than anything are the sensitive ones in the population being willing to express that sensitivity, to be vulnerable, and to share what it is you’re feeling in the moment.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Once The Dust Has Settled… | The Creator

And here it goes again! The topsy-turvy, almost out of control free-fall into more deep releasing. It can be very challenging to deal when everything you are standing on seems to move under your feet. Old foundations are crumbling fast and that means you may have to rebuild more quickly than is comfortable. These are the times when The Universe reminds you to take a deep breath and know that everything will be all right. If you were not provided with these moments, where would you be?

Remember that stepping outside or, in some cases, being forced out of your comfort zone may feel a little crazy-making and that is OK. As the activity swirls around you, do the best you can to find your center and ride it out. Once the dust has settled, you will find a changed world, one that embraces and loves you for exactly who you are! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

On Earth as in Heaven | Heavenletters

God said:

It takes no courage to be God. It takes courage to be Human. In Human life, opposites exist. But in Heaven, there are no opposites. There is only love and joy. There is nothing to be in Heaven but love and all that goes with it. Untruth does not exist in Heaven.

Therefore, there is no need for courage in Heaven. There is no fear. There is no fear of singing the wrong note or missing a beat or the boat or falling. There is no up and there is no down, so there is no way to fall and no need for what you call courage.

There is an evenness to Heaven, but it is an evenness that is very high. There is no middle road. Heaven is not a compromise. It is beingness at the heights, and yet there is no ceiling. There is no floor. There are no walls. There is pure being. Heaven is a chorus of angels. No note could be sweeter.

If Heaven is a vibration, then earth is too. If one can vibrate lower, one can vibrate higher. Even on earth, you can vibrate higher. Earth vibrates to your tune. Earth is not to pull you down. You are to pull it up.

Life on earth moves with your eyes. When you look up, the world is up. When you look askance, the world is askance. When you look down, the world is down.

The word “down” has come to mean “depressed”. The cure is to look up. The cure is to see further into the graciousness of life on earth. Graciousness from Heaven has misted onto earth. Look to the Source of life on earth more than the disparate pieces of life on earth.

Looking at life on earth is picking it apart. Looking at Heaven is putting it together. And you are here to put the earth together.

You are searching for wholeness. You really are not searching for the pieces of the puzzle. The pieces are scattered. The pieces without the wholeness they come from lack meaning. You do not need to put the pieces together. You need to keep the picture of the wholeness in mind. The trouble is, when you look at just the pieces, you wonder what they are doing there, and you cannot find their meaning. They make no sense. But when you know they are part of a vast picture, you can relax a little.

There is a place for you on earth. You are there. You belong there. You fit in. You have a purpose. You are not an extra piece. You are integral to the whole design.

Trust is not blind. Trust is far-seeing. Trust sees wholeness. Trust knows. Trust does not have to grope. It needs no bolstering. Trust knows there is a golden link to Heaven. It does not imagine. It does not conjure. It does not talk itself into it. It knows that link to Heaven is stronger than any metal on earth. It is stronger than earth itself.

The link between Heaven and earth does not have to be forged. It already exists. You shimmied down a pole from Heaven. The pole was never pulled away. You can think of it as a telephone pole from earth to Heaven or as a golden chain or as a ray of light that extends from Heaven to earth, and, therefore, also from earth to Heaven. Without Heaven, there would be no earth, and you are fully connected to Heaven.

You came from on high. Lift your wings. Take flight with Me. You will see a different earth. When you alight on earth again, your feet will touch a new earth, all because you flew with Me.

A New Energetic Transmission ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are bringing through an energetic transmission in this moment that is designed to get you to feel more grounded in your physical bodies. We want to emphasize to you the importance of being grounded at this time because of how many electronic devices and electromagnetic frequencies you have around you at all times. You have, as a society, moved further and further away from living in harmony with Mother Earth and Mother Nature, and we have noticed that the number of individuals who take grounding seriously is very small, especially considering how significant it is.

It is similar to when we, and others like us, tell you that it is so important for you to stay hydrated, and in the moment you agree with us, but then you don’t do anything to change your hydration level. This grounding business is very serious, and it’s why we are offering you this energetic transmission right now. It is designed to anchor you into your physical bodies to such an extent that none of the aforementioned distractions will be able to pull you up and out.

Having an out-of-body experience or astrally projecting is one thing, but just walking around without being fully aligned to your physical body is problematic. You need to be grounded in order to feel what you’re feeling, and you need to be grounded in order to be the conduits of high-frequency energy that you were designed to be so that you can help the rest of humanity to evolve and ascend.

It is not a difficult thing to do, but it does require an awareness. And since it wasn’t drilled into your consciousness as a child, like the importance of brushing your teeth was, beings like ourselves need to assist you in realizing the importance of being grounded. Make sure you are putting your attention on the soles of your feet throughout the day. Create notes, alarms, reminders, or whatever you can think of to get you to remember how important it is to be in that lower part of your body.

You also just need to put away the electronic devices, shut off the Wi-Fi and get outside, where you can connect to that high frequency vibration that the Earth and sun are giving off freely. Take some deep breaths, walk barefoot, roll around on the ground, and open yourselves up to receive.

This is what your missions are about right now. They are not about doing as much as they are about being, becoming, and receiving, and when you are grounded, you have the opportunity to do all three.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton