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  NOVEMBER 17, 2019

Dear ones, welcome to our message.  Many of you find yourselves confused, depressed, and even entertaining  the sense of wanting to give up and go home.  Yes,  give up, but let it be a giving up of fighting, resisting, and fearing three dimensional  illusions.  Old, false, and obsolete creations are sustained through the energy of belief in their reality.
We are not saying to stick your head in the sand or pretend all is well while shouting; “God is all”  in the presence of some disaster, for this would be pretending a state of consciousness not yet attained.  In the absolute everything is perfect, but most have not yet attained that level of awareness.
We are saying that the time has come to seriously accept that a spiritual reality  underlies all outer appearances because nothing else exists.  You cannot make something out of nothing.   Everything  in the physical world, the good and as well as the bad, is a mind interpretation of the spiritual reality underlying it.
The mind is an avenue of awareness that draws its interpretations from the state of consciousness of the individual or collective.  As mankind evolves, the outer scene automatically also evolves.  Everyone is a creator regardless of their attained level of spiritual awareness because the core essence of everyone is Divine Consciousness.
Good humanhood is no more real than bad humanhood.  So don’t overly rejoice or regret in outer appearances for both are illusory concepts of a bigger reality.  Know that good appearances have no  good in and of themselves but represent a deeper reality.  Seek the reality that is expressing as the good. The bouquet of roses is not good in and of itself, but represents life, beauty, perfection, caring, love.
Appearances that reflect duality and separation have no law to support or maintain them other than the energy they are fed through belief.  It is time to stop feeding them with energies of fear, resistance, attachment, denial etc.  You have been preparing though lifetimes and are now ready to do whatever needs to be done personally or globally from the higher levels of awareness you have attained.
Some of you have been discovering new ideas for art or science. The  higher frequencies of Light now flowing to earth are allowing many individuals to re-access knowledge and abilities they were forced to shelve long ago when the energy of earth became too dense to support them.  Healers especially, are starting to remember ideas and techniques  involving color, sound, oils, crystals, and more that they themselves once used in ancient temples of beauty and healing.
We wish to speak of allowing.  Most of you have read books and listened to channels teaching you to  love everything  which is a very high resonating truth.  However, trying to do this has resulted in confusion and consternation for many who simply cannot understand how to love the negative experiences that they themselves and others have had or are presently undergoing.
The three dimensional collective holds very narrow ideas of what constitutes love.  You have all been programmed through many lifetimes to think of love as an emotion  involving some person or persons, places, things etc.  This limiting definition of love still  resonates in the consciousness of even the most spiritually evolved making it impossible to love everything that arises and creating a dilemma for the serious student of truth.
Change the phrase “love whatever arises” to “allow whatever arises”.  When you allow whatever arises from your highest level of spiritual awareness, you are loving whatever arises.  To see, understand, and accept something from a level of knowing the truth that underlies the appearance is love because you are in alignment with reality–oneness
God has and  never can express  ITself as pain and suffering or lack and limitation for these things are not embodied in Divine Consciousness.  Attempts to love something strictly from a human sense of love is very limiting because it ignores the deeper reality.
Unwanted experiences usually appear when you are ready to shift to a new and higher spiritual level because they expose some old belief you are still in alignment with and wouldn’t address otherwise.  Allowing removes the burden of struggling to love something you do not like.
Allowing is accepting whatever arises from your highest level of spiritual awareness.  You will find that the issues  plaguing you, others, or the world, begin to assume a less toxic role in your life.  Many of these experiences are facets of the ascension process  necessary for the spiritual evolution of mankind in general who at some point will begin to ask themselves if there is a better way of living.
You will continue to see and  interact with negative events, but when you “allow” from a higher perspective, you aren’t aligning with them as you do when attempting to love in the human sense, some negative person, place, event, or thing.
You are moving to new levels of Being, learning to rest in your Divine Selfhood rather than allowing the thoughts, worries, and concepts of the third dimension to take dominion. This is trust.  Not a blind trust in some person, power, or unknown God in the sky, but a trust that flows from a conscious realization of your oneness with Source.
You cannot really allow until you can really trust, and you cannot really trust until you can at least somewhat accept the truth about what you are trusting–that the Self sustained, Self maintained Godhead is fully  present and able to function through you when acknowledged and integrated as your  consciousness. To put one’s trust in anything less is to trust concepts with feet of clay.
Evolution is every individual’s journey of learning  the reality of who and what they are.  It is accepting that God is expressing ITself in and as every living thing because it is the one and only life.  It is realizing that; ” I no longer need to keep seeking, searching, begging, praying, and offering up sacrifices for what has always been fully present within.”
Let “I Am that I Am” become your mantra, your heart song, and response to all you witness in these turbulent times of shifting energies.
Be what you are, now.  No more procrastination,  It is  time and you are prepared and ready.
We are the Arcturian Group  
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Moving Mountains | The Creator

Your beauty and strength are not determined by your physical self, what you can gain or what influence you have on your Earth plane.

Your beauty comes from your connection to The Universe, your kindness and compassion, how you relate to others, being able to practice forgiveness (to yourself and those around you) and how much growth/learning you allow yourself to experience.  Always remember, you are a child of The Universe and a gift to your world.  You can move mountains! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Now, Beloveds, Now | Heavenletters

God said:

When you see through My eyes, you will see beauty beyond that which you have ever seen or imagined. You would be dazzled, beloveds. At the same time, you would wonder why you didn’t see all this beauty before. You will not understand how you could have passed by what was shining right before you. You will shake your head at the thought of what you could have seen yet did not. You will call yourself a knucklehead. You will shake your head long after you have run out of names to call yourself.

The point is that once you were blind, and now you can see. No matter what, this is cause for rejoicing and not for regret.

Beloveds, you will see beauty left and right. You will see beauty where you did not see beauty before. In darkness, beloveds, you will see beauty as never before. Now is the beauty, and now the beauty is yours.

Someone might say you were purified so you could see. I would say that you simply stepped onto a higher step. That doesn’t take purification. It just takes moving your legs up one more step. It takes no more purification than it takes you to walk. What you have to do to reach a higher step is simply to walk up one more step.

Nothing has to hold you back. Certainly don’t keep telling yourself that you have to wait. Look, I am telling you that you already have all the ingredients necessary. When you want a kite to fly, all you have to do is to let it go.

Beloveds, I am telling you that I am right outside your window. I am also telling you that I am right in your house. I am at your fingertips. I am within you. Where I AM, how then can beauty be not? Inasmuch as I am everywhere, then where is beauty not?

What makes you say you do not see Me and all the beauty of Creation because you are not yet ready? What makes you say that as an excuse? It has to be an excuse because I say you are ready! I say there is no limitation, and yet you surround yourself with limitation.

Beloveds, what makes you so ready to see fear and dread and ugliness? Why, you can spot fear a mile a way. And, yet, beauty that is right before you, sometimes you cannot see.

In a way, the situation you are in is the opposite of the emperor who wore no clothes. You are the emperor in a land of vast beauty, and you do not see it. It seems to you that no one sees it, not really.

You know that you have sometimes put down a glass of water or juice or milk, and you don’t remember where you left it. You may look around the whole kitchen, and still not see it. But later, from perhaps a different angle, you see your glass on the counter where you had left it and had not seen it. Somehow your eyes glazed over your glass, and it had not penetrated to you what you were seeing. Indeed, it is the mind that your eyes see with.

You didn’t see a glass, and, perhaps you did not see even the beauty of your mother’s face until years later when she had left Earth.

Beauty unseen is simply beauty not yet seen. It is there yet unseen. What is unseen can be seen.

Maybe instead of your seeing close up, you have to see from further away. Maybe in order to see the Vastness, you have to see from Vastness. Or maybe you just have to step up a step without further dallying.

What I say you can do, you can do. And I say, “Now.” I say, “Now, beloveds.”

Full E.T. Disclosure Is Coming ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to investigate the possibility that you will be given certain key pieces of information about the existence of extra-terrestrials and which government leaders have known about their existence and kept it from you. We have seen the various timelines in which this type of evidence comes to light that would be unquestionable and from a very credible source, and what we can see is that most of humanity would not find themselves in a state of shock or rage.

Most people would not begin building bunkers for themselves and their families. Most humans who are unaware of the cover-ups would be disappointed and want to point fingers at this, that, or the other political leader, but the existence of extra-terrestrials being made known to all of humanity would not have the effect of widespread panic.

This is what we are seeing right now. We are seeing a readiness within the majority of the population. The vast majority of the population is ready for the big reveal, for the disclosure event. But we see it playing out in such a way that the evidence is presented by a person, or a group, or a media outlet that has no political ties whatsoever.

If you have your full disclosure event presented to you by a government leader, the likelihood of that leader using disclosure to his or her advantage is extremely high. We are not talking about just photographic evidence or video. We are talking about much more than that being presented to the entire human population, and we see this is as a positive choice that humanity is going to make.

We see your higher selves debating about when the opportune time is for this disclosure event. We see that the people who would be freaking out the most are the ones delaying the entire process, and that’s to be expected. You cannot expect every human to be all right with the existence of extra-terrestrials when it goes against something they have held very dear to themselves, like a religion. There is also fear that is generated because of past life experiences that people have had with extra-terrestrials and the traumas they still hold from those experiences.

This is something that we continue to study and analyze, and every time that we bring it up to you, there is of course the truth that you are that much closer. You are closer now than you ever have been to everyone knowing without a doubt that e.t.s existence and that they have been in contact with humans for millions of years. This is the timing that you all wanted for this to occur in, regardless of what your ego and your mind is telling you. So if you are wondering why it didn’t happen thirty or forty years ago, it is because of the agreement you all had as a human collective consciousness.

Remember that everything will always happen in accordance with the greatest and highest good of all, and that includes full disclosure of extra-terrestrial life and the involvement of those e.t.s with your governments, your military officials, and a lot of the technology that you have on your planet right now. The time is coming, and those of you receiving this transmission will not be surprised, but you are the ones who can make it easier on those who will be.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Opening Your Heart… | The Creator

Dearest one, as you learn and grow the difference between yourself and others will begin to fade, opening your heart to who a person is rather than seeing what is present in the physical world.  It will be, however, completely up to you whether you choose to accept this gift.  If you find yourself reluctant to accept, The Universe is always there to help and guide you along. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

New Life Dawning | Heavenletters

God said:

Just as there is no end to life, there is no end to you. There is only the present, and this means that you are in process. Something that happens on Earth may leave you feeling bereft, as if your life is at an end, all over, the meaning of your life all over, and yet you are not at the end of your life. Life does not stay the same, yet life doesn’t vanquish you.

Because something in life is against your will does not mean that you have failed. Because you go bankrupt, doesn’t mean you have failed. It means you have moved on. And if it is your heart that has gone bankrupt, you have not failed. You have just turned down a different road.

Sense of failure is a hardship that you add to your life on Earth. You cannot fail. That something important to you in your life goes kaput, does not mean you have failed. Beloveds, you are never kicked out of the Kingdom of Heaven. It may seem so to you because the world doesn’t hand you what you want, or it takes away what it has given. You are an illusionist. You make something of life that isn’t there. You read more into it than there is. It is only life.

I do not make light of your feelings at any given moment. I do not say that whatever you are going through is nothing at all. When you go through a desert, I recognize that you are thirsty. When you go through a jungle, I recognize the humidity that encompasses you. This is what I am trying to say. A desert is. A jungle is. You are not the desert. You are not the jungle. They are not you. I say that you make too much of deserts and jungles. You make too much of them because you are attached.

You have greater to rely on than your circumstances. If someone lets you down, if someone is unkind, that is his problem, not yours.

“Whoa,” you say to Me, “Whoa! I’m the one who is hurting.”

I am saying that you have to get on a different train of thought. I am saying, if someone has stolen your diamond, what the theft means to you is what the theft means to you. You are you with or without your diamond. If someone steals your heart and then abandons you, no one has broken your heart. You have broken your own heart.

I am saying that you are your own responsibility. What you see as tragedy comes down to another junction in your life. If the sweetness of love is over, you are at a turning-point. And, so, now you turn in another direction. Of necessity, you must lift yourself higher. You gain, even if imposed by force, a new way for your thoughts to travel.

No matter what has happened or not happened, you have drawn conclusions about it. You made something of it. You told yourself a story, and you wrote the ending as despair.

Now write a beginning where you are no longer captive of your thoughts. New thinking, and you are anew. Free yourself. If a situation in your life is done with, be done with it. Rise from the ashes, beloved. You are your own Sovereign Being. Your life, as it unrolls, is not the extent of you. Look up. Stand up. You do not need to wait for the count of ten and so proclaim yourself as done with. Be your own Rising Star, and rise in the East as a new dawn ever brighter than the one before, ever new, life ever dawning on you.

How to Make Your Life Interesting ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very interested in your evolution of consciousness, because we see you as an aspect of ourselves. When you go through life, looking at every other that you encounter as another aspect of yourself, it is much easier to stay interested in life. When you go through life in a very ego-oriented way, and you think that there is a very solid and stable line between you and everyone else you encounter, that’s when you can get lonely, bored, uninspired, and uninterested in life. But when you experience someone else’s success as your success, and someone else’s failure as your failure, then you know you are connected, and then you can maintain that interest in life.

You are a part of a living organism known as the human collective consciousness. You contribute to that consciousness, and you benefit from what others contribute to it. So every experience then can be made available to you if you take the time to tune in to that which is a very large aspect of who you really are.

You have a choice, always, in this life. If you are not involved with another person romantically, and you would like to be, and you see two people who are obviously romantically involved with each other walking down the street, you have a choice. It may not seem like you have a choice in that moment, but you do. You want to start making the choice to see the happiness of others as your own before you take your lonely-feeling self outside to a place where you’re going to see a lot of couples, kissing and cuddling. You want to tune yourself to this truth that everyone else and what they are living is also yours to glean from it what you will.

Even your fictional stories, whether they be in book, movie, play, television, or puppet show form, it doesn’t matter. They can also be a way for you to connect to a character that seems very real. As you suspend your knowing that these are lines, and actors, and actresses, and characters, and that there’s music and a set design, and lots involved in getting you to feel something, then you can enjoy a feeling connection to that story. That story is your story. That writer, or creator, of whatever it is you’re witnessing for entertainment got that story from the collective consciousness, which you are a part of. And all of your past life selves have contributed, and in some ways are still contributing to the human collective consciousness.

So you can become more interesting as a person by delving into history books, or you can do so by watching that happy couple sharing an ice cream cone and imagining that you are feeling what they are feeling. You don’t have to make the choice of separation and jealousy, envy and resentment. You can be the bigger person and experience it all, making you more interesting and life more interesting at the same time. That is how we, without physical bodies, without a home to lay down in a bed inside, stay interested. We do it because we know that we are living everything that you are, and to us that’s exciting.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Suzy Ward – Channeling Matthew Ward – November 15, 2019

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin with a matter of interest to a number of other readers, too: “If there is indeed to be a golden age, how can that be with the misused wealth and power that still is holding millions in a rigidity or bondage that seems so complicated? What are we as awakening ones to do toward any freedom within our lifetime; say— the next 20 years??”

Dear ones, you have been helping to manifest progress every step of the way. All you need to do is continue BEing who you are—the personification of love and light—and radiating your essence!

We know it is difficult for you to see the extraordinary strides you have helped Earth’s peoples make because hot spots around the world always are on media’s center stage. The combination of what is made known to the public—upheavals, hardships and suffering—and what is unknown—the extent of misused wealth and power and bringing an end to all of that—is not complicated because the goal is clear. It is that a few significant considerations are involved.

Removing the last vestiges of control from everyone who has sorely abused their free will to achieve and use their power is one factor. Many of those individuals are in positions of authority in governments, banking, the media and film industry, international corporations, royal houses, the Christian church body, energy and medical and agricultural fields. If all of them were removed in one fell swoop, the result would be widespread disorganization and confusion; therefore, timing is an element so that experienced people with spiritual and moral integrity are ready to step into the most vital positions.

Another factor is the discussions among the persons in the group that is bringing about the end of the ages-old reign of darkness on the planet. Their intelligence, visionary ideas and wisdom have led them to their current influential status, and there are differing opinions about which ideas are the best to bring betterment throughout your world quickly and with the least amount of disruption.

Still another consideration is how best to reveal still-hidden truths so as not to send the collective psyche into shock. You know what most of the populace do not even suspect: All religious dogma are manmade and were devised to control the masses; diseases have been deliberately caused to eliminate many millions of lives; a few individuals control the global economy; past and current members of governments and celebrities in sports and entertainment fields are among those who are involved in dark activities. That is a ponderous amount of information for unaware people to assimilate and accept as truth.

We cannot give a timeframe when all souls on Earth will live freely, peaceably and lovingly, but we can tell you that Gaia’s divine plan for her planetary body and its residents is spot on target. The course will continue to veer this way and that for a while as the dark ones struggle to keep their toehold of influence, make deals with legal systems or try to escape prosecution, but they cannot much longer evade accountability on Earth and they cannot avoid it when they die.

In previous messages we have urged you to send light to these dark ones—of all souls in our universal family, they are the ones who most greatly need it. It is their lack of light that has led them to cause widespread warring and suffering. Compassion rather than condemnation for these weakest links in our family promotes the spiritual and conscious growth that uplifts life not only on Earth, but throughout the universe.

Never does that mean condoning what those souls have done nor does it mean erasing their acts from Earth’s history records. Rather, it is forgoing personal judgment and honoring the universal process. When those individuals transition to a spirit world, their life review will comprise the very same physical, mental and emotional trauma felt by everyone whose life they touched. That experiencing rightfully can be called “hell.”

“The common understanding that is being presented is that people are indeed demanding more plant-based products, the demand is increasing. The understanding is also that we cannot avoid GMO produced products, because otherwise we cannot feed the planet. Should GMO be avoided, if at all possible or does it indeed do no harm to the human and animal organisms?”

First let us say that the trend toward a plant-based diet is due to growing awareness of its benefits to health and overall wellbeing of the planet and all of its residents.

The genetic modification of plants that began long ago by cross-breeding and grafting has been accomplished in later years by similar and other methods to produce new types of fruits, vegetables, other food plants, cotton and flowers as well as the plants’ resistance to insect infestation.

That GMO foods are harmful to health, yet a necessity to avoid mass starvation, was originated by dark ones to create the low vibrations of concerns about such products, and they have been very successful in convincing many to believe that false information. Notice that no such grave warning exists about grain seeds that have been darkly designed to be unreproducible.

Genetically modified foods are not harmful and there is no reason to avoid them—it is the chemicals and sugar in processed foods that are harmful and should be avoided.

Regardless what food you eat, expressing thankfulness to the source for making it available increases its benefits to body, mind and spirit. Blessing food and asking that it serve your highest good also adds nutritional value.

Now then, we shall speak briefly about issues that have been addressed in previous messages but once again are raising concerns due to current situations and speculations or predictions:

The situation in the Middle East will not lead to World War III or major wars between any of the involved countries. In time, negotiations will resolve all national and international conflicts.

Climate change will not result in waters flooding all seacoasts up to mountain level and drowning millions, nor will it cause the death of all marine life.

The gusty winds that spread California’s wildfires are not due to climate change. They are caused by weather manipulation technology as are wild storms, flooding, droughts and record-breaking temperatures. Before much longer, Illuminati activity in that regard will be stopped and technologies they have suppressed and used for malevolent purposes will be released to the public and henceforth used only for beneficial purposes.

No “evil alien civilizations” are in your solar system. What is true is, some of the people who are creating havoc on Earth are reptilians, but other reptilians living among you are light-filled souls who are helping to end all activities caused by dark reptilians and humans.

Industrial robotics will change employment considerably, but training in satisfying fields and prosperity without working 30 to 40 years with short vacation intervals will replace your current situation job-wise.

The global economic system based on precious metals will be phased in to avoid confusion to the greatest possible extent.

We also are being asked how life on Earth came to be in the state it is today, and this needs to be put into the context of your world’s history:

Down through the ages, the strong conquered the weak and a few individuals ruled over the rest of the populace, who lived in dire circumstances without hope of betterment. Empires rose and fell; revolutionary, civil, international and world wars usually put different individuals in control and often changed national borders. But throughout those millennia greed and lust for power continued and so did living with fear, impoverishment and hopelessness for most of the world’s peoples because darkness remained firmly entrenched.

A glimmer of change started eighty-some years ago when, at Gaia’s request, powerful distant civilizations beamed light to her planetary body to keep it alive. As the light intensified and people absorbed its high vibrations, warring and profound disparity between the wealthy and the poor gradually moved from acceptance of “it’s just how life is” to “this is not tolerable any longer.” That also is when rampant corruption and deception in governments, corporations and the economic sector started coming to light.

Today, the voices of the protesting masses are being heard around the world. Your major media emphasize the turmoil because that is what they do, but neither media controllers nor reporters know what underlies the vastness of unrest. They don’t know that increasing demands for change are due to advancement in the collective consciousness or that the peoples’ growing awareness of self-empowerment is paving the way to a peaceful world where all share in its abundance and live in harmony with Nature.

Dear brothers and sisters, everything is happening in the order it must. Intolerable conditions had to stir sufficient unrest to evoke action; people had to turn their fear of governments into the courage needed to revolt and demand changes. And, with your invaluable assistance, Earth’s civilization is bringing it all about with a speed that is universally unprecedented.

The ongoing acceleration of vibratory rates that is affecting every soul and every action worldwide will bring accord out of discord, order out of chaos. As efforts at the top begin melding with surging successes at grassroots levels, freedoms will come in one country after another as LOVE and LIGHT continue to permeate hearts and minds.

All light beings in this universe honor your service to Earth and support you with unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 15 November 2019

The waiting game for some indication of moves towards positive changes is soon to be over, and will come after major political changes in the U.S. These will be unavoidable and take place in full view and be the first steps to political freedom. For too long election results have been “arranged” by the Illuminati, and only a miscalculation for example when it seemed that their choice Hillary Clinton would be the declared winner but went wrong. They were careless and others took advantage of the situation resulting in Trump being empowered and becoming the President. His term may have to be terminated allowing for the first time an appointment to be made of one who will work for the betterment of all Mankind. You have little or no idea as to what goes on behind the scenes, but not unexpectedly cause your the strongest and most popular party generally ends up the Electoral winner.

Firm and honest politics are very necessary to ensure you get the right people with the right talent, experience and ability to carry out their tasks. There is a saying that you only get what you deserve, but it is more a matter of what you attract to yourself. It applies all around and it is your thoughts that are the true magnet. It is why we have often told you to guard your thoughts when expressing wishes for a certain outcome in your life, so we ask you again to think positively at all times. You may find it hard at first but it will become easier with time and practice. It may simply be a matter of turning the other cheek, but be prepared and ready to turn away from difficult situations. There is no question of you being cowardly, you simply do not want to get involved in arguments and cause your own vibrations to drop.

Realise that slowly but surely you are lifting your vibrations, and as you do so you will find it becoming easier to control your feelings and reactions. You will also feel good within yourself and understand how debilitating it can be when you lose control of your emotions. Believe it or not you will also substantially extend the period of your life by maintaining high vibrations at all times. You are not expected to put the world right but your presence will make a difference. There is much at stake as you move forwards and having made such good progress so far, will gradually find it becoming easier to maintain.

At present there is much in the way of changes taking place all over the world, and they are far reaching. Clearly the old traditional ways are under scrutiny and in most cases it is the people who have brought them to the surface to be reviewed. Much has changed over the years and what was acceptable previously is no longer fit to serve the purpose for which it was introduced. Many who see ahead and know how things can be improved are pressing for change. Old habits die hard and there is a reluctance for some to give up that which they have become familiar with.

However, when it becomes apparent that new ideas and inventions will raise the quality of life, the objections will soon disappear. Few like change that moves them from their comfort zone but when they fully understand that they will be the very ones to benefit it will be achieved. Your traditional way of thinking and doing things will rapidly change and often it is only financing that holds up progress. The resulting lifting up of Humanity will draw people closer together, and the result will be more cooperation that will dissolve the tension and distrust that has often prevented a coming together. Be assured that in the future you will realise the benefits of working for the good of all people, instead of seeing yourselves as separate units.

There is much help waiting to be given to you, but the world is in too much of a turmoil at present for it to be introduced. The approach of “every one for themselves” has to change and will once it is seen that by working together you achieve far more, and at the same time improve the standard of living. You are all One and those of the lower vibrations know it to be true and have continually kept you in a permanent state of war and confusion. The consequence is that you have been exploited and led into conflicts that have set you back many, many years. Also the financial cost alone has taken money from you that could clearly have been spent on improving your quality of life. That is of course in the process of change now that wars between countries has ceased. Not least of all is the cost in human life, caused by the destruction and poisoning of Earth.

However, in spite of the dismal stories that Mother Earth can tell, there are pockets all over it of small groups that have been formed by people with spiritual values and understanding, who have gone their own way and are contributing to bringing about peace on Earth. It comes naturally to those who have a genuine love of other souls experiencing their own life plan. These groups are the basis for a great community that will soon start to come into being, indeed it will embrace other beings regardless of colour or creed by recognising the Oneness of all souls. Understand that all are on a journey that started millennia ago and have experienced so many different lives and are much wiser for the benefit of them. Obviously your memory of them is delayed so that your experiences are not impeded by them.

You should by now begin to realise that you are far greater than you could imagine, and on return to the higher realms you will become more aware of your true background. You talk about heaven upon Earth and that will become your reality once you return to them. However, you must obviously be ready in a true sense of Universal Love for all life forms. There is no reason why you should not be successful providing you have learnt to control your ego self, indeed there is no necessity for it at all. See how long you can go without the influence of your ego and you may be surprised at how easy it is. Humans often have a propensity to misinterpret comments that appear to be made against them and easily take offence.

You did not come to Earth to become a wastrel although some souls take little or no interest in their own development. Even if you are unaware of the true purpose of life that is subject to a life plan that your Guides are aware of and will implement for you. As we have mentioned before, situations are set up for you so that you experience according to your life plan. At the same time you will be given every help to be successful, but of course you have freewill to take whatever path you choose. Clearly you are best advised to follow the one you are directed to although missed opportunities will certainly come round again, after all the object of life’s experiences are for you to evolve.

More people are beginning to wake up to their spiritual selves and instead of just service to self, are feeling an urge or prompting to help others, and there is no doubt the desirable changes are beginning to take hold. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light