Shifting Begins Within ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have an ability to look at everything in your life from a fresh and new perspective. You often want circumstances in your life to change, and you will do whatever you can to make those changes happen. But how often do you shift your perspective on whatever the situation is that you want to change?

You have ways of looking at things that are habitual. You have ways of looking at things that are learned, and you have ways of looking at things that are so automatic that they don’t seem like they are a choice at all. But here is something that you can use to help you shift your perspective on any problematic situation in your life. You can see the situation as that which you are using as the fuel to create your reality as you would like it to be.

You need to know, and you need to experience, that which you do not prefer for many reasons. Firstly, you came here to experience everything. Secondly, these experiences cause you to desire something else, something better. And finally, it is easier for you to actualize vibrationally that which you do want by experiencing the opposite end of that spectrum.

Once you have the vibration of that which you do not want as a starting point, you can easily flip that around and experience the vibration of that which you do want. When you let go of your resistance to living that which you do not prefer, there is a bounce back effect. You are allowing yourself to move in the direction that you ultimately want to go by simply letting go of your resistance to what is in your life and by letting go of your resistance to what is not in your life.

Letting go of resistance is as easy as shifting your perspective, and shifting your perspective is as easy as reminding yourself that everything you experience here and now is meant to nudge you along on your journey. And in your journey of becoming who you really are, you get to create consciously and deliberately the most wonderful experiences you can imagine. And it’s all easier than you think, because shifting your perspective takes very little effort.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Making Music for God | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloveds, I hear you. I hear you say:

“Dear God, what a God You are. You don’t despair. You don’t lock any doors. You unlock the doors within me that I lock to myself.

“I put myself into a trance as if the Meaning of Life can only be temporary. The temporary may be likened to a coat of many colors that I cover my soul with. I make this coat all-important, as if I have no say about it when the actuality is that I have all the say in the world about it. I hold this coat to me and wrap it around me as if it were Life itself.

“I am indeed wrapped up in the surface of Life, as if this surface is all that there is. I cover myself up from Reality. I hide myself away in a pocket. I look not into the Mirror of Myself. I fritter my Life away.

“Of course, You would say that I uphold fiction with my every breath. I wrest fiction from the world and call it my own.

“Does this mean I carry a false self that I reveal to the world even as I try to cover up the falseness of me with various ruses? When I look into a little mirror of myself, I must see an illustration of myself, even a cartoon of myself. I would like to look at myself in a clear mirror and see my reflection as You, God, do see me.

“Sometimes I don’t feel that I exist. I just hang out here in Life, refusing to get on with it. I persist in the illusion that I am a mere hollow tube when I am to be a flute for You, God.

“I would love to make Music for You, God. You say I can, yet, really, how can I possibly contain such wondrousness as You suggest? I would take off my old wrappings if I could. I would stand before You as You. I cannot presume, for presuming strikes me as arrogance supreme.”

Now I, God, say:

To let go of your wrappings is Great Humility. Was Christ arrogant? Were all the Spiritual Great Ones arrogant? No, they were the Essence of Humility. They spoke of Me in Gladness. They carried My Brilliance.

I speak matter-of-factly: The Brilliance of God is also yours. When you are remarkable in My Light, you don’t have to personalize it nor dance around it. When Light shines, Light shines.

The Bright Yellow Sun does not remark about his prowess. The Bright Yellow Sun simply shines and serves the whole world. He sustains it. The Sun does not regard his Bright Light as if he owns it. It is simply for him to shine. He shines Himself in service to Me and also in service to you, for the Sun knows not of separation.

You, on the other hand, have beheld separation. This is immodest arrogance. Shine in simple service to All That Is. It is arrogance to declare that you are suffering. Your arrogance does a song and dance. You cry Wolf.

Restart yourself. Distinguish responsibility from blame. Blame comes from adhering to the past. Responsibility is right now.

Look not for cause, for cause leads to fault.

Expand your horizons. You have a heart to soar with. Keep your eye on Me. It is not new that your attention on Me is for you and not for Me. Come, know Me for your sake. Look at Me, for the Grace of this Great Universe is greater than you perceive it. You have suffered foolishness very well. Accept wisdom now. Let go of withdrawal from the Fullness of Life.

Step up right now to claim your Self as the Son or Daughter of God. This is your right. This is the seat I offer you, and that you are to accept. No longer demure about what I hold for you. Anything less than your Full Acceptance of the Fullness of Life is false modesty. Be true to yourself and true to Me. Reach higher. Appear before Me. I have been waiting for you. Come now.


Create Your Reality Using 5D Technology ∞The Pleiadian High Council of 7


“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

As you recognize the futility of creating your reality using third-dimensional methods, you clear the way for something that is much more effective and certainly faster. We are talking about fifth-dimensional technology. We are talking about creating your reality with your energy.

You are the creator of your reality, but what you sometimes fail to recognize is that you are also the tool that you use to create your reality. What do we mean by that? Well, you are beings of energy. Your energy is what you utilize to create everything. You utilize your energy to create your physical body. You utilize your energy to create the environment around you. And of course you utilize your energy to create experiences like thoughts and emotions. And when we say, ‘your energy,’ we really mean you, the real you.

So it really does serve you to get in touch with you, with who you are. It really is the only game in town to play with your own energy fluctuations. Now how do you modify yourself in order to shift the way that you are vibrating as energy? We recommend taking a multi-layered, multi-tiered approach to this. We recommend seeing yourself as a holistic expression of that energy.

So yes, your actions still count and your thoughts still count. And we are not suggesting that you simply sit in a quiet, dark room meditating on your own energy because that would bore you. And as we said, you need to take a holistic approach to this business of shifting your energy, shifting your self to the higher frequencies. So it is a team effort.

You want to get your body on board. You want to get your thoughts on board. You want to get your emotions on board. You want to take the actions that support the vibration that you want to hold. So it is really about paying attention and recognizing that which is of the frequency that serves your highest good and that which is not.

And sometimes in order to let go of something that is of a lower frequency, you must face it. You must face that belief. You must face that judgment. You must face that past life circumstance or event. And so that is what you are doing. Some of you are just doing it more willingly than others.

So the single most important thing you could in your efforts to create your reality, using the fifth-dimensional technology of yourselves is to pay attention. And as you do, you will notice what is of service to you and what is not, and then you will choose wisely.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Getting to Know You | Heavenletters


God said:

Everyone has a unique story. Born into the same family, both parents the same, no two children are alike. For all you can tell, the children could have come together from the ends of Earth, yet somehow they find themselves living their childhoods together. As you may see it, it is a puzzle that children so disparate could have ever somehow come to live together. It seems impossible, and it also seems destined.

Had the children been assembled in an orphanage together, the chooser’s eyes closed, could they have turned out so unmatched as they were? Yet there is family, and desire for family and desire to belong and perhaps desire not to belong as well.

Everyone is unique. You are unique. Wherever you were born, no matter the circumstances, you are you and, often, you are a surprise to yourself.

There is a song called Getting to Know You.

Gettin’ to know you,
Gettin’ to know all about you.
Gettin’ to like you,
Gettin’ to hope you like me.

Your Life on Earth is a remarkable opportunity to form a relationship with yourself. Bouncing off of other people is one way you find out who you are.

Yes, in the world, you are getting to know this personality you are this lifetime. At the same time, you are also discovering the underlying Truth of You.

You are all One in the relative world regardless of individuality. Oneness is the Reality in the midst of individuality. No matter what you look like, what family you were born to, in terms of personality on Earth, there is no other just like you. You are incomparable, yet in Oneness, all are United with All, and you are Oneness.

Appreciate Oneness, and appreciate Uniqueness. The twain shall meet.

Oneness, in terms of the world, does not mean you have to assume the characteristics of everyone else or anyone else. You don’t have to try. What a relief to be yourself and not have to play a different role and be away from yourself.

Everyone’s story in the world begins with Once upon a time. Regardless, Once upon a time is how stories on Earth begin.

Your story on a higher and deeper level has nothing to do with time, for you have always been, and time has nothing to do with you, for you are timeless, and timeless means Eternal. Eternal is not long-lasting. In terms of Eternal, there is no counting. Long or short do not have anything to do with Eternal.

You are not a deck of cards laid out here and there every now and then. You belong to the Lineage of God. You are My Radiance. You are My Being on Earth. We, the noted you and I, are so full of dimensions that We are out of the Realm of Dimension. We soar beyond dimension, or you can say that We never run out of dimensions, for We go deep. We are endless. We are Eternal. We are Eternity and Infinity rolled up in One.

I had a thought, and My thought became an idea, and you have chased My Love, even as Love goes far beyond the concept of idea.

Even on the level of Once upon a time, even in costume, even through illusion, you are still Oneness, only you have been Oneness without the realization that you are. You are still seeking the Oneness that you are and always were.

Circumstances have been major to you, yet circumstances are not relevant to Who You Are. What do circumstances have to do with Oneness?

You may still be playing Hide Go Seek with yourself in the world. In fact, you most certainly are.


Politics and the Shift ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have arrived at several conclusions about humanity and how you are going to progress forward in your shift. First of all, we have noticed that there is a great deal of attention being given to the politicians, and what they are doing, and how they are doing it. This is more relevant to your shift than you realize.

It is necessary for you all to accept yourselves as the creators of your reality in order for you to empower yourselves enough to make the shift in consciousness. It is therefore necessary for each and every individual who is working towards assisting humanity in the shift to let go of any ideas about being victims. You are not victims, and you are not powerless to those who hold positions of power.

When you act on your reactions to what is being done out there in political and international realm, you take your attention off of yourselves. Therefore, it is necessary and important for all of you to let go of your obsessions with what’s happening on the national and global scale. It is far more important for you to see and feel what is going on inside of you.

If you use the politicians to assist you by triggering you in the ways that you need to be triggered, then you can move forward with your personal journey and your personal evolution. And that is how you create a new world. That is how you create a world where those in positions of power actually care about you.

You as individuals must first demonstrate that you care more about yourselves than you do about what someone out there is doing, even if it affects you on a personal level. Letting go of your attachments to the world behaving in a way that is appropriate by your standards is a necessary step in your evolution.

The shift is happening, and you are all part of it, no matter how insignificant you sometimes feel. But our recommendation is for you to feel your significance and take your power back. Demonstrate to yourselves how easy it is for you to manifest the reality that you want to experience.

Do so by turning off your news and turning on your creativity, your focus, your imagination. Be absolutely certain about what you want to create, and demonstrate to yourselves how easy it is in the current energies. All you need is a bit more focus on yourselves and on your internal processes. You will see much bigger changes when you focus within than when you attempt to make changes by looking at those in power and hoping that their agendas match your own.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Enjoy Your Voyage on Earth | Heavenletters


God said:

Whatever you have on your mind today, whatever may be weighing you down, whatever may occupy you, let it go.

Unless a thought gives you happiness, why have it? What merit is there for you to worry this and worry that? Come now, come with Me, and enjoy your voyage on Earth. You are here for joy, so enjoy.

On the ship you sail, there may well be two conversations going on. One conversation may make your heart soar. The other conversation objects to life in the world as it is. Which conversation do you want to sit in on, be part of, to practice?

I don’t believe that you really prefer to listen to bashing about life and the world and what the world, by golly, looks like. What is the point of being clever when you hammer in the errors of the world and make them stand out? Are you really required to add up faults and errors and present a long list? Let your heart sing instead.

The world is going to go on with or without your input.

Go out and plant some flowers. There are lots of things more helpful than listing all the improvements necessary that you can do. Plant one flower. Now you are talking. Now you are like a balm to the world.

Everything you do, everything you say, washes over the world. It is magnified. Be clear on what you want to magnify. I ask you to magnify blessings. This is the meaning of as you sow, so shall you reap. Reap the benefits of life in the world. May hay while the sun shines. Sowing and reaping are not meant to be a revival of the past but to bless this very moment.

You are on Earth for a limited time. You are forever, yes, yet in the world, you are here for a brief moment. Even if you are a candle on Earth that lasts two-hundred years, two hundred years is but a blink of an eye. Nevertheless, look at how far you can come in only two-hundred years or even one year. You have magnificence to bestow.

Make a world of difference on your short stay on Earth. If you cannot accept that Life on Earth is a blessing, at least you can bless the Earth for others who are on Earth with you and all those who are to come later on when the Truth is that you co-exist as One Forever.

Your contribution is to be ongoing, you who are Infinitely Forever. There is no end to you. You come on Earth, and you go off Earth, yet you are with Me forever. Not forever and a day. No, always you fly with Me. In Truth, there is only Permanency. On Earth there is the concept of temporary. Once and for all, know that you are sealed in My Heart, and Life Eternal is already yours.

You are not here on Earth as a fly-by-night. It is beautifully-freeing that you are Eternal, yet this does not mean at all that you have non-existent time to waste. You are here for a purpose. You can be sure your ultimate purpose is not to bad-mouth life. Your message for Earth is not to be: “Wowee, what a mess the Earth is.”

Your purpose is not to be a whistle-blower. Is there anyone who is not already aware that the Earth is to rise higher and higher. I say again: Plant flowers. Make a difference. Do not continue to point out what needs remodeling. Replace the conversation that reiterates what keeps the Earth where it has been. Lead the way. Do not stop the world in time fragments. Renew hearts. Go higher.


Mission: Earth ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven


“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

Before you ever set foot on planet Earth for the very first time, you understood that this was a mission. You understood that Earth had a very special place in the galaxy and that you were embarking upon a very specific mission for all of consciousness.

You all saw this experience as the greatest possible challenge that you could embark upon. And while you knew that there would be some very dark times, quite a bit of pain, and a little too much suffering, you stepped right up to it and decided that this was the only place for you to be.

Now as you began your cycle of lifetimes on planet Earth, you also understood how far you would be able to expand. You understood that the reward for being on planet Earth was like none other in the galaxy. And so you feel that the pain and suffering was worth it. You may not feel it now, from where you stand, but we guarantee you that you feel it on the level of your higher self and your oversoul.

Your next mission on this journey will be to create a brand new Earthly experience for yourselves and for all future generations, and those experiences will not be about challenges. The next mission is about experiencing joy and unbridled, unconditional love. You have come this far in order to feel what it is like to move from the depths of darkness to the heights of ecstasy.

Now when you decide to embark upon the new mission is up to you. It is up to you how much longer you play with the third-dimensional rules and when you fully embrace the fifth-dimensional perspective, the fifth-dimensional frequency, the fifth-dimensional experience of reality. We know that many of you feel ready, and we say to you that you are. It is all just a matter of opening your heart, letting that be your guide, and forgetting everything that you think you have learned up until this point.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Come, Abide with Me.” | Heavenletters


God said:

You are on a rung of a ladder. You may hesitate to go higher. No matter how much you may ask Me to propel you higher, you may pull back. Why? If you let go of all your attachment to boundaries, perhaps you wonder what you might open yourself to then.

What might you have to give up, and what might this perceived loss take away from you? What if it costs you plenty, and you find yourself without any recourse?

Once truly unbounded, you are unbounded forever, and there is no going back. You won’t want to.

It’s true you are accustomed to fear. Sure, your fears concern the surface level of Life, yet without all your fears, what then would be left of you? Absence of fear might carry its own disappointments, and you are fearful of disbanding fear.

What if later on, you want back the full entertainment of Life on Earth? What if the borders of Life that are so familiar to you — what if they really do keep you safe? You may wish to let go at the same time you are fearful to. Meanwhile, you go back and forth.

Beloveds, the decision to hold fear close to you is yours, of course. You are uncomfortable with your fear thoughts in the world, yet, at least, you can say that they are your own.

What is fear anyway but a false security? Instead of holding on to ignorance, hold on to letting go. If you must be attached, be attached to letting go of the past. As it is, in pain or in joy, you love to run your fingers through the past as if the past were piano keys to dribble your fingers on or precious stones to turn over and gaze at.

No matter how deeply you may feel about what you have gone through, never did any of it belong to you. It was never yours to hold onto. The past is no more than an old photograph you noticed somewhere and picked up. It was never yours to hold and certainly not yours to keep. Whatever you may think, the past becomes mere dust, and it falls through your fingers. The tunes you play and the seeming jewels you retrieve save you from nothing but the recognition of your True Self.

You hesitate to dissolve your individuality. You seemingly want to hide away from your True Self. You are fond of your individuality no matter how out of date it may be.

In this presumed passage of time, bless your misrepresented little self to Me. Walk away from your attachment to this token of yourself. You can’t forever cover up your True Self with less than Truth. Credit your little self that has stuck by you, yet, know this, your little self is not so dedicated to itself as you like to think. It’s a hanger-on. Certainly, your little self has its moments of glory, yet, as dear as it is, it cannot reach the extent of you. You are not the past. You are the Light I carry in My Heart.

Anyway, that you believe you can be apart from Me is a dream you have only while you are asleep.

Keep your eyes wide open. All this trudging in Life you perceive is illusion. There are no bounds to you. The physical is just a little trolley you ride in. The physical does not belong to you. The Glory of Oneness sustains you. In the world, you have further discoveries to make. Your True Self is more than the half of it.

Proceed now. Extol your Glory, for it is Mine. If We are One, We are One. Oneness is. You don’t have to denounce your Life on Earth. Your Life on Earth is just not the making of you. I am the making of you. Catch up to your Self. You are a portrait of Me, not to be hidden away but revealed.

I thank Myself for you. Come forward with Me now.

Come, abide with Me.


Know that you will awaken into unimaginable joy.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday March 19th

Healing is occurring on a vast scale all across the planet as humanity engages with its awakening process.  The news media focuses on the conflicts and political upheavals worldwide as it attempts to increase the sense of fear that is endemic all across the planet.  But what they report show very clearly indeed that great changes are in progress everywhere, and these changes truly show humanity’s ongoing awakening progress.  Everything that is not in alignment with Love is coming up to be acknowledged, addressed, and released, and that is what is happening.  So be uplifted by the news, not depressed and worried, because what is occurring is leading humanity forwards on its collective spiritual path, not back into the darkness of the illusion.

Here in the spiritual realms we are watching over you with love and wonder as you continue to hold and…

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Expectations – The Council via Ron Head


Today the channel had a conversation regarding this subject and we would like to speak further about it.

You often have expectations regarding where you want to go, where you want your path to lead to. You want to experience this. You want to develop that. Is this the right path for me? Is this the best thing for me to be doing? Why am I ‘stuck’? I’m not going anywhere. Frustrated. Frustrated. Frustrated.

First, let us say that if you have agreed to be on a journey of a spiritual nature, and you have not made the decision to end that journey, then you are on the journey. Your soul, oversoul, higher self (take your choice) is not about to let you out of that agreement so easily. It is why you are there, after all. You are not stuck. So. Why are you frustrated?

You have certain expectations, don’t you? And those expectations are based upon what?  Experience? Or do you just expect to be like someone else? Do you expect it to be as you were led to believe it would be? “I want to have all those cool abilities that the yogis have.” “I want to see this.” “I want to hear that.”

Now, in the past, a very few people were able to make such personal change over many lifetimes. They did not go to a certain guru for a month and become enlightened. There is no spiritual shopping mall. Many, many of you have made far more progress than you even imagine. But such progress is not measurable in such ways.

Relieving such frustration as we mentioned above can be easily explained in a few words. Notice that we did not say that the doing of it will be quite so easy. It will take the determination to apply the simple concept. But, it will be worth any such effort.

You can actually have no idea what your life will be like when you have moved into a new way of being. Why? Because you have never been there and anything you have been told is hearsay. You are now, and you will continue to be, unique.

You are basing your expectations on observations of others. You can only see the surface, not the reality. You are expecting things that you have decided that you want, without any true idea of what you need. And you are expecting instant gratification. Is this not so? Not to mention that you feel uncomfortable… because you have never been here before.

Your Self – notice the capital – is going to provide you with what you need for your Self’s purpose. And it will see that you have all that is needed first, if there is anything. But even that knowledge will not eliminate your frustration. There is, however, a magic formula.

But first, let us describe to you what your frustration is doing. It is causing the body that you live in no end of trouble. It is making chemical soup for your cells that you would not wish to have, and that is making you ill, one drop at a time.

So, what would cause your body to make chemical ambrosia for your cells to live in? What would make you stronger, healthier, and younger?

What if you spent all of the time that you are expecting a certain outcome – and feeling frustrated – celebrating the progress you are making? What if you were giving thanks for where you are compared to where you were? This would produce entirely different feelings and emotions, and those feelings and emotions would produce entirely different body chemistry. And we promise you that your ‘progress’ would accelerate immensely. But you would probably be so happy that you wouldn’t care.

Try it. You’ll like it.

There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, Available HERE. A third book is being compiled now.


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