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God said:

Beloved, you have heard Me say that life in the world is all a fantasy. You wouldn’t mind this idea at all if the fantasy you live in could be made of a real-live fairy tale fantasy. You wouldn’t mind a life of Fairy Godmothers and Princes with golden coaches and dreams of the highest, and where you regularly get swept off your feet in a world where dreams, of course, come true before your very eyes.

You are not exactly asking for Paradise – more the sort of thing where if you must ride a subway every day back and forth to work, you could ride a subway where no one would have to stand and be crowded, and, where, as a matter of course, riding the subway could be a quiet delicately well-mannered treat, and, before you know it, a princely figure helps everyone off the subway and sincerely wishes everyone a good day.

Is this asking for too much? A subway where there is no noise or dust or anyone hungry, and there is no rushing – only a serene kind of life that rises to the occasion. Oh, yes, there would be the singing of blue birds and no need for trash receptacles, and no one’s feet would ever hurt, and no one would have to stand up and hold onto a strap, for every gentleman graciously gets up and offers you his seat.

I am aware that you are not asking for Heaven but rather for a polite fantasy where everyone is a lady or a gentleman, and dreams come true once and for all. You wouldn’t mind some of this or a lot of this.

Certainly, you are also aware you have had such moments in life when you were serenaded, and when you were secure that you and life truly were meant for each other, where traffic jams and hornet nests and pesky flies do not exist and no one’s feelings ever get hurt, and where there are no such things as headaches or upset stomachs or feeling ill at ease and long wondering how you ever landed on Earth as if Earth is all there is to life, and when the day would come when you would never feel off-kilter again. Is this asking for too much?

If fantasies are imagined, could it be that they actually are lived somewhere, and everyone is exactly where he wants to be and no one misses his train or gets off a boat without anyone to greet him, and school is a happy place for children, and all is well with the world?

In this case, you would like to sign up.

Meanwhile, there are some good movies and books to read and good people to meet and good times to be had and love to look forward to here and there, where trains do run on tracks, and there are good things to think about and marvel at, and you are here. You understand that I say that anything is possible, and you are perfectly willing to see some of this great stuff. You would gladly wait in line and accept all possibilities of happiness and joy and to know that love is unqualifiedly King, and that you and everyone are eligible.

Meanwhile, you are grateful for nighttime and sleep even as there are those times when you might rather wake up somewhere else where you could know for a fact that you and I are holding hands, and where you know you will see Me before your very eyes, and know for a fact that all is well forever and forever and anon.

Sweet dreams, Beloved. Oneness is. You and I exist in Oneness. All grace and tribute to you in life and love abounds, and all is just as you knew it would be.


You Are Making the Shift Possible ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to discover the significance within humanity’s ascension, and it is quite remarkable to us that all of you who are awakened are not able, at this point, to feel your significance in the process of ascension. It is a beautiful process and one that has brought most of you forth. You incarnated for the purpose of being a part of the shift in consciousness, and yet most of you are not acknowledging yourselves as the ones who are holding the frequency for the rest of humanity.

It is quite an undertaking, but you sometimes look at your lives and think that you’re not doing much. Think about how little your spirit guides do, and by ‘do’ we mean in terms of taking action. And yet, recognize the significance of their presence with you. Without them, it would be nearly impossible for all of you to awaken and live lives of joy. And by the same token, it would be nearly impossible for humanity to ascend without your presence on planet Earth.

Without those of you who know what is happening, this ascension probably would not occur, but because of the work that you do on yourselves, and because of the compassion that you hold in your hearts, humanity is making the shift in consciousness. But most of you still think there’s something more you should be doing, and some of you even point to the lack of a perfect life as proof that you’re not being very effective here.

But getting everything that you want in the physical realm would just be a distraction to becoming what you came here to become. The more you accept your roles as the leaders, the guides, the wayshowers, the healers, and the ones who absorb the majority of the energy, the easier your lives will become. Listen to us when we say that you are significant and that you, the ones who receive our messages and messages from other beings, you are the ones responsible for the tipping point of humanity’s consciousness that makes the shift possible.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Get Out of Your Own Way | The Creator


Changes are coming!  This, of course, is nothing new to you.  What will be the surprise is the immensity of them. (Winking) Along with the inner moments you have been experiencing, there will be great movement in your physical world.  Please do not view these things with trepidation or fear, dear one…they are meant to bring more positive growth and joy to your life.  The only thing you will need to do is get out of your own way and let them happen!  Great explosions of beauty and positivity are inbound, take advantage of it as it arrives! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Your Expanding Self | The Council via Ron Head


Something is going on. You feel different. And you feel more and more different each day, different from the self that you have always known yourself as. You can’t explain it, not even to yourself. Why did you just say that – or do that? That is not the you that you are so used to. Is it? Is it?

And you are feeling differently, too. How? You don’t really know… just different somehow.

We told you that you were changing. You may even have thought “Good!” But you had a picture in your mind of what that would mean, didn’t you? Well, surprise! And the reason for that is that your picture could only have been based upon past history, past preferences, etc. The person that you are becoming is the true person that has never been taught, shaped, nor allowed by this world. It is the person whom you TRULY are.

But this is a process. However, the process has now reached a point, and accelerated to a point, that it is beginning to be noticeable, even to you. We say even to you because you are in your own head every moment and therefore changes are more easily missed. If you only saw yourself once a month, the changes would be more remarkable.

Now, lest you ‘freak out’ – you have some sayings that make us chuckle – let us point out emphatically that nothing is being done to you. You are becoming the one whom you have come here to be, chosen to become, and awaited for lifetimes. You are uneasy because you don’t know where this is going. But the YOU that you are does know. Trust yourself. Trust yourself.

What is happening is that all of those deep longings that you have lived with are going to be an everyday part of your life. Do you know what will amaze you? Other things that you never thought of or even believed possible will also come into your world of possibilities – and then become a part of your life, if you want them to be.

Pie in the sky dreams? Yes, in the old world they would have been. That world is passing. You are now living in a soup of energy that has never been present on your world before. That also seems to be one of those ‘whacky’ promises, does it not?

Well here is a promise you can check on. The world you live in twelve months from now will be far different from the world of today. Write the date down next to that promise and stick it on your refrigerator door.

Now, how can we make predictions like that? We can make them because we can see the changes you are making within. We can see your intentions. And we can see, whether you can or not, that your world is made of what you are and what you intend. And as you change and become more and more aware, that power that you are will influence your world in a much more immediate fashion. As you learn to multiply that power by forming groups and communities of like intent, the effects will be even more magnified.

None of these things are at all new. But the awareness and application of them will be new. It will be the release of the genie from the lamp. Do you see? You are the lamp. You are the genie. Give yourselves a sneaky little rub.


There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE.

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Be Happy to Run Around the Block with Me | Heavenletters


God said:

You always have had the option to Godwrite. Sometimes your internal attraction to Godwriting is so strong and fervent, you don’t have any choice about it. Your goose is cooked! Welcome! Welcome!

Of course, never do I stand over you and say like a drill leader: “You MUST Godwrite or else!”

I am not a militant kind of God. The theme of Free Will runs through Me and runs through you.

The world will not vanish if you don’t Godwrite. You will not vanish if you do not Godwrite. There are no have-to’s when it comes to Godwriting except to hear Me when this is on your plate. You may carry so strong an inborn instinct that when its time has come, you are Godwriting, and that’s it. It is as if you had called out and perhaps forgotten:

“Gimmee gimmee, God. Gimmee Godwriting or Godspeaking, because I gotta have Your words the same way I gotta have the air You give us to breathe, the same way my once baby hands had to grasp whatever was near and my little voice had to babble its sounds the way every baby has to explore the world by putting everything into his mouth. Innate depth and height of desire ensure Godwriting in the same way as an artist must paint or a bird to sing.”

When you accept the practice of Godwriting, be as content with what you hear as you were as a child to whatever mud-cakes your hands made and with all the shades of paint colors you came to paint on newsprint. So, Godwriting is yours to simply be what it is. Godwriting isn’t anyone’s to criticize or compare, not yours or anyone’s.

Beloved, your Godwriting comes as it comes, and so does everyone’s Godwriting come as it comes. No one is to praise himself nor to smote himself, nor is anyone to critique another’s Godwriting. Godwriting comes in all shapes and sizes. Remember, the Godwriting you receive is from God. In this sense, all Godwriting is hands-off to what you may make of it. If I were to give a solid instruction on how to Godwrite, I would say: “Hey, welcome the Godwriting I give to you.”

Your very first sample of Godwriting doesn’t have to be a marvel, for then you might set up high expectations when, as a God receiver, you are meant to be an impartial receiver. Your purpose isn’t to favor one Godwriting over another. Certainly it’s not your business to qualify or disqualify what you hear Me say.

Yes, you will have your favorites. No one will disbar you from Godwriting because you do. No one says that the Godwriting that comes through you has to be the best Godwriting ever. Be a happy receiver of whatever you hear Me say. Godwriting isn’t your talent show. Love what you love, and be open to what I give you.

I am not a racehorse that you egg on to beat previous records. Simply be happy to run around the block with Me. The process of Godwriting is for you to hear Me – plain and simple. You are not looking for fame or fortune. The personal gain that is yours is to hear Me. No pedigree has to come with it.

Godwriting is simply what it is. Godwriting isn’t a process whereby you show off for ego’s pleasure. Be at peace with Godwriting. Write for the joy of hearing what you hear. Beloved, you are here right now to serve Me. You aren’t here right now to look for the pride of the litter. Be My pride and joy and no less nor more.

Love Is a Purpose ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the capacity to love anyone and everyone that we are aware of, and the reason we are able to feel that love is because we have the knowing within us that no matter what someone does, thinks, says, or believes, they are all a part of the same One Being. We are all a part of Source, and Source is Love. We also love planets, moons, stars, suns, and every other imaginable celestial body.

It is not something that we take very lightly, this capacity for love. We hold it very dear, and we are certain that we are fulfilling our purpose for existing every single time that we feel love flowing through us. You have the same capacity for feeling love, for being love, for expressing love, but most of you are reserving it for those who you feel it is appropriate to feel it, express it, know it, and so on for.

If you wanted to feel more aligned with a purpose for your life, and you had no idea what you were supposed to do, your very next move that would serve you immensely would be to go within your heart space and feel the love you are. And once you get that love vibration going, then you can focus on someone you feel needs it.

You can practice unconditional love by aiming the love that you feel and want to express at someone who hasn’t earned it, someone who might never earn it, someone who is on the other side of the political spectrum that you are on. You could aim that love at someone who has hurt you, someone who doesn’t seem to love you, and then you will get a taste of what it is like to be well beyond resentment.

You will get a taste of what it feels like to be ninth dimensional, and to be Source Energy. And if that were the purpose that you decided upon for this lifetime, that would be a grand purpose indeed.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Arcturian Group Message June 17, 2018 | Marilyn Raffaele @


                                                                   JUNE 17,2018

Greetings once again dear ones.  We are well aware of the troubling activities and chaos tempting many of you to fall into fear and doubt.  Always remember that in spite of appearances, what you are witnessing is the exposure of old programming, secrets, and three dimensional creations.  High resonating energies of Light are illuminating and paving the way for their removal because denser energies cannot exist in the higher more refined ones.
All is well in spite of how things may seem.  The world needs to become aware of these things before it can change.  Do not lose hope dear ones, for you are creating a new world with your awakened consciousness as you bring in and hold the Light, assisting  those now ready to awaken and creating space for the many evolved souls now arriving.
Some are coming as walk-ins and some as newborns, but a large number are already here as children and teens who have come specifically to assist in the ascension process of Gaia and mankind through their evolved levels of consciousness.  Most of them are not yet aware of their mission, but see and understand the world from a more evolved state of awareness than most.  Do not force these young ones into box’s of conformity in the belief that there is something wrong with them.  They are very old souls in very young bodies.
As more and more individuals awaken, Light frequencies automatically become stronger and more dominant.  Understand that much of the suffering you are witnessing at this time represents pre-birth choices made by individuals for the purpose of changing world consciousness through exposing how many commonly accepted  beliefs serve only a few while bringing pain and suffering to others.
Many who up to now have lived  fully enmeshed in beliefs of duality and separation, are beginning to awaken and recognize the suffering brought about by some commonly accepted beliefs and laws many of which were created brought about by nothing more than self righteous moral authority.
Mankind is beginning to awaken.  Know that a great deal is going on behind the scenes that the general public is not yet aware of.  Your news sources do not give you the whole picture, so keep that in mind when you tune in.  Your job as awakened ones is to hold the Light within and without at all times in spite of appearances which does not mean sticking your head in the sand while shouting “God is all”,  but rather simply doing what is necessary from a higher state of awareness.

There were and are many desirous of being on earth at this time but who were not permitted.  Only those with something to offer the ascension process and the strength to do it have been permitted during these powerful times.
But… “What about the terrorists, the troublemakers, the violent and un-evolved ones?”
The terrorist state of consciousness is one that is fully enmeshed in the energies of duality and separation.  Many of them have had limited experience on earth and are only able to live out from the three dimensional belief system which is all they know.  It is their state of consciousness.  However, these dear ones are necessary at this time in order to bring about and expose issues of duality and separation.  Know that every one of you has been the “villain” in one or more lifetimes during your journey of awakening.
You are right where you need to be at this time, doing what you need to do,  and doing a fine job of it even if it seems as though you are doing nothing.  Being the truth while not allowing outer appearances deflect you, creates an atmosphere in which change can happen.   Know that all is proceeding according to plan. The spiritual journey is now a matter of be-ing rather than do-ing.
Doubt is always based in the belief of separation and has been dominant on earth throughout your hundreds of lifetimes.  Doubt has become a habit that is ingrained in almost everyone until they consciously decide to move beyond it.
When doubt arises,  remind yourselves that since there is only ONE,  you can only be in and of that ONE for nothing else exists.   Therefore, every quality embodied within  IT, must also be yours regardless of appearances to the contrary–order, harmony, abundance, intelligence etc. etc. simply forever are–held in place by Divine Law.
We wish once again to speak of love, for love is the foundation of all that is–the connecting energy between all living things within the ONE.  Love is the glue of life,  unfolding and revealing itself on new levels as an individual  evolves.
In the third dimension, love as well as everything else, can only be understood and  interpreted according to the attained consciousness of the individual.  Love, the energy between living things,  is often  felt,  interpreted,  and then acted on by the un-evolved consciousness through  actions of violence, rape, war, and abuse.  However, the reality and cohesiveness of ONE expressing ITself in infinite form and variety never changes or is affected by these false interpretations.
Those who ask; “How could God allow this?” do not understand the God knows nothing about illusory dreams.  Atrocities do not exist in Divine Consciousness. This is what waking up is all about, the understanding  and living of this truth.
We see many struggling to attain a deeper understanding of love, but seeking it through the many false ideas about love that flow from three dimensional concepts and beliefs regarding love.  Love is and can only ever be selective, conditional, and limited when understood through beliefs of duality and separation.
“How do I love a government that seeks to torment its own people?  How do I love those who kill and maim and believe that their position of authority is a free pass to cause harm and suffering for others?  How do I love the drug or alcohol addict who selfishly causes so much hurt and pain to everyone around them?  How can I love what I see happening in the world?  How do I love?”
Dear ones, these questions are asked at some point by everyone seeking spiritual awareness.  Allow yourselves to let go of the hundreds of three dimensional concepts of love, and especially the one that says love is always emotional. Shift into understanding love as the law of oneness.  Yes, emotions are often  involved with the many forms of love, but the reality underlying love in all its forms  is Oneness.
You are the energy of love every time you do or think expressions of oneness,  no matter how seemingly small or insignificant that expression.  It may be as simple as helping a suffering animal,  opening the door for another, making someone’s life a bit easier in some way without being asked, or recognizing the true Divine nature of an un-awake and obnoxious person.  Love can be as simple as courageously saying “no” if and when it is appropriate.
As you attain an ever deepening consciousness of what Love really is, your thoughts and actions will automatically begin to reflect it.  You become  Love because in reality you are consciousness and not just a physical body.  This is what makes a spiritual master  appear to be different or more blessed than ordinary humans.  No, the masters are only different from everyone else in that they know who they are.  They are awake.
Love does not and must never exclude self for how can anyone be outside ONE?   Many serious truth students exclude themselves when they experience the arising shame and regret of past actions in the light of their  new state of awareness.   Never resist, but rather allow these emotions to come up for you to acknowledge,  but not give power to.  They are a part of your awakening process  now ready to be released from cellular memory.
For example; “I was hurt because someone did not include me in some thing I felt I should of been a part of and I responded with angry words and actions and feelings of resentment.  Now I am  ashamed. ” Ask yourself;  “What was I  believing at that time that caused me to act this way?” You will quickly discover that most of these experiences were based in beliefs of separation–“I am not loveable.  I am always on the outside looking in.” Now ask yourself;  “In the Light of what I now understand to be the truth, could this possibly be true?”.
The energy upholding the third dimensional belief system is always; “You will never be good enough.
Feelings of guilt and remorse often linger long after being recognized for what they are.  Do not resist or panic in the belief  that somehow you have failed, because resistance simply endows something with power.  Rather, allow these emotions to flow, experiencing them without labels of good or bad. Thank them for reminding you of what you may still be holding on to, send Light to your cells  telling them that it is time to release all old and finished three dimensional energies, and then simply move on with your day.
It is a process.  Old energies recede as you are able to move beyond giving them importance or power over you.  At some point these things simply dissolve into the nothingness that they are because you are longer feeding them with your energy.
In a quiet uninterrupted time, visualize each undesired aspect of yourself as a small girl or boy standing back awaiting recognition and acceptance.  You may not even realize that you have rejected some part of yourself, but will discover it when you see the child come forward or hide awaiting acceptance.
Invite each child to you one at a time and allowing yourself embrace, love, and accept him/her.  Until you can unconditionally  love and accept all parts of yourself as simply being facets of who you were along the way or even now, you will not have the fullness of love to flow to others.
Learn to love and accept all of yourself no matter how obnoxious or unloving you may now see your actions or words to have been.  Apologize if you are guided to, but do not waste an inordinate amount of time reliving or trying to fix some long ago experience.  Know that very action taken and every experience experienced in every lifetime, has been a step along the evolutionary highway for everyone involved   Nothing is or ever can be random within ONE.
Old memories have no power over you other than the power you give them.   Life on earth is about learning and evolving through experiences until such time as one’s spiritual evolution is able to flow from within.  All is well, nothing is ever wrong.  Everyone in your life, so called enemies as well as friends,  are  a part of your and their evolutionary plan.
Your  Higher Self  knows exactly what you need, when you are ready for it,  and how to guide you through it if you allow, trust, and do not choose some form of resistance.
Evolution is a not a journey for weaklings and doormats, rather it is a journey for warriors, and you are them.
We are the Arcturian Group
Via Marilyn Raffael at 

Another One?! | The Creator


By now you have probably figured out that the incoming energy is something you have never experienced before…ever!  The Universe has said it before and, in this particular moment, it may sound trite but, you need to breathe!!  You are in the middle of yet another roller-coaster ride and as individuals, you will experience this in different ways.  The best thing to keep in mind is that all rides eventually come to an end.  Until then, throw your hands in the air and do your best to enjoy the ride! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

You Are the Primary Creation ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are taking the energy that you receive and morphing it into objects, circumstances, relationships, new realities. You are taking consciousness and blending it with the higher frequency energies that are all around you. You see, you are a part of every creation. When you fathom the idea that there is no separation, you sometimes forget that it includes all of your experiences.

You are not separate from what you experience, and you create using your own consciousness. So nothing is ever happening to you. It is all happening because of you, not only because you exist, but also because you cannot help but create more of that which you are. Therefore, you want to create with the parts of yourself that you want to experience more of.

You can embrace all parts of yourself and still be selective about which aspects you choose to create with. You are bringing about a whole new experience of the fifth dimension, and what you may not realize at this point is that you are that experience of the fifth dimension. It is you. You are the primary creation.

So while it is interesting to learn about other worlds, other star systems, all of your abilities, and everything else that is coming to your awareness, the most important factor is always going to be you. You will always be the primary event, the primary circumstance, the primary experience. Everything else around you is always going to fall into place to reflect back to you not only who you are but who you are choosing to be.

Therefore, if you want to have a different experience of your world, you need to create a different experience of yourself. There is nothing more important than that you are aware. Be aware of what you are vibrating. Be aware of what you are choosing. Be aware of which aspect of yourself you are using to create your reality, and through that awareness you will most certainly choose wisely.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

The First Moment You Godwrite | Heavenletters


God said:

In terms of Godwriting, you begin to get down to Godwriting the moment you write the two words God said. This affirms your place in the scheme of things. Of course, with Godwriting, there is no scheme of things whatsoever. Nothing is planned. You are open to what comes, whether you see where it’s going or not. This is the extent to which you, as a Godwriter, go.

This is how you signal God: “Okay, God, I’m here ready with pen in hand (or computer at the ready) to jot down whatever You would like me to hear. Let’s do it.

The experience of Godwriting is simple receptiveness to come what may. I do not hold out to you that when you Godwrite that I will simply whisk you away to an amazing state of grace, as if your first stab at Godwriting will be the greatest moment in your life, and you will be writing the most exalted Godwriting known to man! There may be these moments.

Beloved, it’s better that you don’t expect to receive utterly stellar Godwriting. What comes, comes. Nothing extra special has to come. Godwriting is more like a simple treasure hunt. Be laid back when you’re Godwriting. You are not on stage. I, God, AM.

Nothing is at stake. Yes, you care. You don’t want to let Me or anyone down. Bear in mind that no one is an accomplished Godwriter besides Me! God! No one knows ahead of time what Godwriting will come forth from Me through you at a particular moment. Smile!

Godwriting isn’t your accomplishment. When it comes to Godwriting, innocence wins the day. “When you least expect it…”

Beloved, you as a Godwriter are not the Lion’s Roar Himself nor the Cat’s Meow.

Godwriting is not your doing. No matter how vast or slim you may feel your chances are at picking up God’s thoughts, you are not the director of God’s Godwriting. Naturally, you desire to hear My thoughts, and just so, so does everyone else prefer to hear My original thoughts over their own or yours or anyone else’s.

No one grades you in your experience of Godwriting. I come through you as I happen to come. If you have a great breakthrough, it arises through your innocence.

Many new Godwriters at first don’t believe they are actually Godwriting. Their internal critic tells them they definitely are not Godwiting. No one is a star Godwriter across the board. There also is no one who cannot receive My Words.

Look, Beloved, I can do whatever I want when I want. There comes a point when you draw a breath and it sneaks up on you that you hear My Breath so naturally, that hearing Me is no big deal. Sure, you write down what you hear, yet you are still you and not on Broadway.

If I, God, exist, and I do exist, then I exist within you and everyone, and I am blessed to Godwrite through you. I am well-pleased. Godwriting is an easygoing event, something like floating on the Ocean Deep. Who cannot do it?

Mostly, I take you unawares. You are, in effect, the humble pen I happen to pick up to write with. You are an instrument. You open your heart to Mine, and We let My Godwriting roll. Every time you sit down to hear My Words, it is as if for the first time.

Que sera sera, what will be will be.

“Que sera, sera,
Whatever will be, will be;
The future’s not ours to see.
Que sera, sera,
What will be, will be.”