You Are the Changemakers in this Ascension Process ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been very excited to witness the way that you have all been handling yourselves through this ascension process. We are speaking specifically to those of you who are receiving this transmission, because you are the ones who are awake enough to be dealing with your traumas, your negative emotions, and your heartbreaks in an evolved and mature way. You have all seen the character in the film or television show who handles being rejected, fired, or otherwise hurt in some way by going to the bar and drinking themselves into oblivion. You have seen reflections in these stories of how a lot of people handle their sorrow and discomfort.

And you all have gotten to the point now where you do not look for the nearest escape or numbing agent to try to hide from the feelings and the memories that are so hard to accept and embrace. You are the leaders of this consciousness evolution because you have decided that you want to face that darkness and those demons head on.

Many people wonder what they are supposed to be doing, as if there are actions that could make as big a difference on your world as processing your emotions and dealing with your own stuff. There is no action that gives more to your fellow humans than setting that beautiful example will.

When you communicate, when you meditate, when you take care of yourself and show compassion for others, you can rest assured that you are doing enough to help the entire collective, a collective that has very few examples being shown to it of the right way to deal with something that’s coming up from within. And so, you are the unsung heroes. You are the ones working behind the scenes to contribute something that is invaluable to the entire collective consciousness. You are the ones who are showing the way, and that is enough of a contribution. Anything else that you do is a bonus.

Who you are, and how you be in the world, these are the things that matter. You also allow yourselves to get to the love that is at your core by dealing with that which is heavy, dark, and obscuring that love and light that exists within every single one of you. So you are shining your light, and you are agents of love, and that is the reason why you are wayshowers, lightbringers, and agents of change. This is how it’s done, and you are the ones doing it. Congratulations on your success.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – January 28, 2022

All events on Earth seem to be speeding up and not least of all the end of the pandemic. So far it has been a great learning curve for mankind. Unwelcome by many who have suffered because of the changes it has forced upon their lives. Yet some are already being appreciated because of the light it has shown upon age old problems. With time on your hands you have been able to question the motive for some practises that now seem outdated. As a consequence you are returning to what you call normal life but discontinuing that which no longer truly serves your needs. You are leapfrogging time that would otherwise have been spent on old outdated ideas when many had long serve their useful purpose.

Yet time is now moving so fast that even recent changes will soon be overtaken by more advanced concepts. Already new inventions that were only visualised quite recently are having to give way to new ideas, that now exist on the drawing board. We will take credit for much that is being visualised, as we overshadow those who are capable of translating them into things that you can used by you. Many of the ideas are labour saving and using clean energy. Slowly but surely you are moving away from methods that cause pollution as you now realise the need for clean air for a healthy survival. The use of coal is disappearing very quickly as a clean alternative is found. Your Power Stations have been some of the worst polluters.

Heat can be extracted from the Earth and the methods to do so are already known. However, you do not readily accept change but it has to come sooner than rather later. The way you produce energy is expensive and really old fashioned if you look at the concept used. Be assured that the upcoming generations are full of ideas to deal with age old problems and nothing will stop them from materialising. You have many young people now ready to step forward and put their ideas into practice. They have incarnated especially to speed up your progress and their talents will not be denied.

One day you will look back at this period of time and admire the veracity of those who had the knowledge needed to carry mankind into the New Age. Meanwhile those souls who have raised their vibrations continue to rise up and look set to achieve their Ascension. At some future stage they will become all-knowing and use their knowledge to help others to also evolve. In fact as you rise up the desire to help others becomes very strong through your love and compassion for those souls that are awakening. It is the realisation that All Is One that brings about those feelings of kindness to all souls.

Hopefully you can now understand why we have been emphatic that the old no longer serves you, and your emphasis should on all that creates your path to the higher realms. Try not to look back and keep your visualisation upon the ideal future that you expect. The beauty and harmony of it is difficult to put into words, but it will hold you spellbound and feel like Heaven. From your present level to the highest is one glorious experience that you will never forget. Yes, there is a long way to go yet but your vision will prepare you for the inevitable.

Meantime you can help others to grasp what the future holds for those who continue to evolve. Whatever you have previously visualised will hardly compare with the reality that beckons you and is your reward for your determination to follow your path all the way to Ascension. As always there is help around should you need it as your Guides will have become more active on your behalf. You really cannot go wrong providing you keep your eyes on your goal. There will be plenty happening to keep you occupied from hereon, as things have begun to settle down in spite of the outward appearance. Mother Earth is an exception as she goes about her own needs to prepare the planet for Ascension.

Life can be so infuriating at times when you cannot see where it is going and everywhere around seems to be so unsettled. Yet out of the confusion it will gradually become apparent that there is a plan and the roadmap is being laid out. It may be too vast for you to understand but there is sense of direction as progress is made. A sure sign of advancement will be when countries start to bond together in mutual friendship, and if you look carefully the signs are already there.

You will gradually see the demise of leaders who are all for self, as the people will force them out. Generally there is a lifting up that is bringing a more peaceful approach to life, and a coming together of those who realise co-operation is a far better way of making progress towards a peaceful world. It is your destiny and when it happens is dependent upon your leaders who will need to sign pacts to destroy all nuclear weapons. Sounds impossible but with an upliftment in your vibrations it is inevitable. It must come and very soon to the relief of millions of souls who are ready to live in peace forevermore.

The more of you that send out thoughts of world peace the more you are speeding up its arrival and it cannot be ignored. You would be surprised at how much influence your thoughts can have on the population. Your only difficulty is getting sufficient people to project harmonious thoughts that have the power to bring about change. You can see how the dark Ones manipulate things to cause chaos, and set one country against another so that world peace is impossible to achieve. However, given time it will change and the vibrations will be beyond the ability of the dark Ones to interfere with them.

People have spoken of World War Three as the cold war that has plagued this planet for many years. It is seen as the dark Ones against the Light and is certainly correct as your history will show. Until quite recently the dark Ones were succeeding with their plan for world domination but the Alliance controlled and prevented them from achieving their objective. The dark Ones are in retreat but like a wounded animal they fight to the last. Now they can only prolong the time it takes to completely defeat them when peace shall return to Earth.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Moving Forward | The Creator

Some of you may be experiencing some very old, very challenging emotions from your past.  The new energy coming to your Earth plane is, once again, asking you to clear some deep and painful things.  As daunting as this may seem, now is the time to dig in and get to work.  For every one thing you attempt to stuff back down into the dark recesses of yourself, it will eventually come back later…stronger than ever.  This is your chance to finally be free!  When you choose to move forward, The Universe will support and love you every step of the way. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Let Your Heart Grow to the Sun | Heavenletters

God said:

The only purpose of darkness can be to emphasize the light. In this sense, darkness is a nurturer. Consider that it is. Consider that darkness is a blessing. Hidden from view, blessing nevertheless it is.

Where can you go from darkness but into the light? In that sense, darkness is a direct path.

From the illusion of darkness comes the reality of light.

It is not that you adjust your eyes to darkness. It is that you see beyond the darkness.

Darkness is like a quilt that is drawn up over you. Quilts can be removed. They always are. You throw them off and get up. Light is to be uncovered. Darkness cannot hide light for long. Darkness certainly cannot vanquish light. Light comes out into the open. And it opens everything to itself.

Even in the world of days and nights, night propels the day. Daytime pushes the night out of the way. It rolls it over. Night is the precursor to day.

Darkness appears, but darkness is not. It only appears. It descends on light, but light raises darkness up like a window-shade. Darkness falls. Light rises. Light raises darkness to light. Light shines upon the whole universe. There is no angle from which light does not come. There is no angle upon which light does not shine.

Darkness of soul is light awakening. Darkness is the mirage. Light is the oasis.

The true nature of darkness is light. Light alone is.

Let light shine from your heart. Bask in the light of your heart. Warm the universe with the light from the sun of your heart.

You are sunlight as it enters a room. You are sun as it appears on the rim of the earth. You are full sun. Fullness of light, you approach the universe.

Let your light be the aura of the universe. All eyes look to the sun. They expect the sun to appear. Let everyone expect light from you. Your light is not meant to be hidden or held in reserve. Your light is not for later. It is for right now.

Light cannot be stored. It can only be restored to those who have imagined it absent.

Shine your light brightly. It need not flicker. Let it glow steadily.

Only your intellect would make your light waver. Only your intellect would hold light in abeyance. Only the heart can shine light. Your heart is the reflector of the sun.

Next to the sunlight of love, intellect is a small flame.

Love is no big thing. It is natural, just like light. Love is indistinguishable from light. They are one and the same.

Love lights up hearts. All are happy to witness love. Let love be the light you see by. Light your life with love. Your heart is not a cave. Your heart is a great opening of light. Every nook and cranny of your heart is filled with light. Look within. Let your love seep into the universe. Let your love blaze across the universe.

You do not need to teach your heart to love. You just need to allow it to. Let your heart follow its own course. It has its own light. Take heart from your heart. It will not lead you astray.

Love is not self-indulgent. It is too big for that. Isolate smallness is not love. Love does not spoil the child. Love enriches.

Let the light and love of your heart spill over the universe. Let your heart be a river that flows. Let your heart be an ocean that surrounds. Let your heart shine on all, the way a bright sun illuminates itself on the rippling waves of water. Let your heart be a sunflower. Let your heart grow to the Sun.

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What Needs to Change for You to Complete the Shift? ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are elevating our consciousness slowly and deliberately, because we like to savor each and every moment of that movement upward. We do not face the same challenges that you do there on Earth, however, and that does make it easier on us to be in a state of joy, while also evolving and becoming more of who we really are. You face challenges to spur on growth because if you just got everything you wanted there in the physical, there would be no reason for you all to grow spiritually. You could get very caught up in all of the bright and shiny toys of physical reality. And with all that you have there on Earth, you could remain occupied for decades in the pursuit of and the enjoyment of all of the toys you have available to you.

So instead, you present a challenge to yourself. Perhaps that challenge is health related, or relationship related, and the other big one that you have is your financially-related challenges. Whatever it is that you face, when you are not getting what you want there in the physical, you do tend to reach for the spiritual. You do tend to pray or meditate or start down a path that will lead to more awareness of your true nature as an infinite and eternal being. So these hardships that you face in your life are meant to get you to go deeper, to go further in your spiritual advancement. And if you see them in that way, you can embrace them. You can recognize that you still have some growth to do, no matter where you are on your journey.

No matter how much you have accomplished, there is still more ground to cover. And most people want to get to the fifth dimension so that they can have all the toys that they want all the time, so that there won’t be any more challenges like the ones you face on Earth today. We are not going to say that you want to complete the shift for the wrong reasons, but certainly a better reason to complete the shift would be to have the experience of becoming more of your true and whole self, and you can do that right now. You can feel for that version of yourself right now. You do not have to wait for something or someone to come along and free you from the bondage of the third and fourth dimensions in order to feel yourself as a fifth-dimensional being right now.

But most people will be content to wait and to continue to ask, ‘When is it finally going to happen?’ The truth is that it is happening, and if you are not benefitting from the challenges and hardships that you face, then you are missing the opportunity to enjoy the ride by reaching deep within yourselves for what is there, for what takes you to that next level of consciousness without anything outside of you changing. Now, if you can get excited about that, you can shift with ease and with joy in your heart, and you won’t need anything outside of you in order to feel the way that you want to feel. That is the key to living happily ever after, whether it’s on Earth, in the Pleiades, in our system, or in any star system in the galaxy.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

I Want Vs. I Have | The Creator

Each moment of “I want” you release to The Universe allows an “I have” to be created. If you choose to want, The Universe will give you want. If you choose I have, The Universe will give this to you. It always has, and always will be, your choice. Step into the conscious realization that you always create your world and nothing, not even The Universe, can stop that. This is YOUR free will at work. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Announcing a New Movie / Heavenletters

God Said:

The world before you is like a lion ready to roar. This is the MGM lion, announcing a new movie.

The world is not staying the same. Give the world credit for growing just as you are growing. You are greater than you have thought. The world is also greater than you have thought.

You are on the rise. Therefore, the world is on the rise. You are blossoming. The world is blossoming. You and the world go hand in hand.

Rather than seeing what the world is not, turn your attention to what the world is, and you will blossom the way only a cheerleader of the world can blossom. There is much to clap about. If you want a head start, I am giving you a head start.

I put the world in your hands to hold up proudly. It is for you to encourage the world. Don’t put the world down. Stay away from exclaiming over its wrongs. Exclaim over the world’s wrong, and you keep the world as you say it is. Depart from your fault-finding. Do some blessing-finding.

The headlines are unflattering. All the grief in the world is headlined, underlined, repeated so you cannot miss it. The newspapers have missed the point. Newspapers do not appeal to your Highest Self. So long as your eyes are glued to the bad news, newspapers will supply you with the bad news.

The good news is that for every story of sensationalism or titillation there are millions of noble events occurring. Even noting a few of these events will make you proud to be a human being.

There are unsung heroes in this world. It is time for you to start singing these unsung heroes.

You are surrounded by stories of courage and generosity. No one has to tell you them. You can see them around you. You are surrounded by stories of love.

Begin with the father who carries his son on his shoulders, the mother and daughter who smile at each other, the stranger who smiles at you or nods to you. Acquaint yourself with the world you live in. Where you are, I AM. Look for simple samples of love, for all love is Mine. It is for you to hand out My love. Before you try handing out My love, serve an apprenticeship. Your first assignment today is to look for samples of little happenings that lift your heart.

Today, as I was walking the streets of the world, I saw a beautiful little boy about a year and a half old say hello heartily to everyone he saw. He was a greeter of the world. He made everyone welcome.

Today, as you walk the world with Me at your side, of course, see what I see. I see someone unknown to you whose heart recognizes yours. He does not know from where he knows you nor do you know from where he came, and yet he looks directly into your eyes. That’s all. And the world grows in the fertile soil of this one person’s recognition of you.

What if your eyes are lasers that send out light rays that cut across all boundaries? What if you are a ray of love that lights up the world?

Whom are you going to recognize in this walk you take with Me?

What if someone who is dejected today looks up and sees your face, and your eyes look into his, and he no longer feels dejected. Avail yourself of all opportunities. Do not miss one. You are an emissary of My love.

Heavenletter #4272 Published on: August 5, 2012

Copyright@ 1999-2022

This One is for All the Truth Seekers ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very interested in witnessing all of you come to the conclusions that you come to about life there on Earth. And so, we notice how you absorb information that comes to you. We notice that most of you are filtering information through your minds, and when you do that, you only let in that which is already a part of your current belief system about the topic in question. That means you do not allow in new information if it contradicts what you already believe to be true. When instead you run information through your body, you can feel whether it resonates with you.

Now, we are going to make this a bit more complex for you by letting you know that all realities are real, and therefore, all truths are true, and you have a future that is best suited for you and that will be most enjoyable to you. It is one of many. In that future that is the best one for you, certain things are true, and certain things are not true. Therefore, you want to be led to that future reality by your feelings, and your feelings are guiding you towards the truths that serve you the most, rather than the truths that validate your pre-existing beliefs. This is why we are telling you that it serves you more to process information through your bodies than through your minds. If something doesn’t feel good to you, then pay it no more attention.

You will be presented with different truths, of course, because you are being presented with different choices for what you are moving towards, which reality you will inhabit next. That is why you always have to encounter the opposite of what you want and the opposite of what you believe. It is so you can make a choice based on the resonance. If you all had to share one reality and only one reality, that would make it a lot easier on the scientists and intellectuals of planet Earth, because then there would only ever be one truth. But since that is not the case, you get to travel to the reality that you want to experience most and that suits you the most, and you do so with your focus as well as your feelings.

What we are telling you in a very convoluted way is that you should focus on the reality you want to experience rather than the one you think you must experience, based on all the evidence. Sometimes you base what you believe to be true on what others believe to be true. You think that if so many people believe in this, then maybe I should look into it, rather than feeling into it and determining for yourself whether it’s a road you really want to go down and a reality you really want to experience. If there were only one reality, then that would limit Source. That would limit how much Source could experience of Itself, and that will never happen. Source will always be infinite and expanding at the same time, which is another concept that boggles the mind.

But if you can feel into the truth of it, then you know that what we are telling you is true for you. And if it is true for you, then you get to choose which aspect of Source you experience next, and you get to choose the one that feels most in harmony with who you are, what you want, and what you want for everyone there on Earth.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Recognized And Celebrated | The Creator

As your loving increases, so does your vibration of light within. The Universe watches every step in your journey with great joy. It is not necessary for you to note the minute advancements, they are always recognized and celebrated…yes, every single one! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

On the Front Lines | Heavenletters

God said:

Sometimes you may feel as though you are on the front lines. There is a battle going on, and you are right out there fighting it, or you skirt around danger that seems to lurk everywhere. You have your sword ready. You fight off foes. You have to be on alert and wear your Tevlar vest. What is this battle? Are you at war? Have you considered life a danger zone and that you must be on guard? You are ready to duel. You will take pot shots because you think you have to in order to get through the brambles.

Where does this tenseness in your body come from? What are you affrighted of? What is it that makes sleep difficult? Who or what is the enemy you guard yourself from? Who or what has dug a pit that, at any moment, you could fall into? Who or what is plotting to hurt you?

This is no way to live, and yet have you not lived this way? Day after day, you hug yourself to your heart and say, “Let me be safe.”

Your fears are nebulous. Do not defend your fears. Let them go. Do not conduct war. Let your war with life be over. Do not be a soldier on the front lines of your life.

Carry a flag of love instead. Love is lurking around every corner. Love is not a danger. No longer imagine danger around any corner. Forget corners. Remember love.

Remember My love. Remember in Whose care you are.

You say, “But there is danger, God. There is no way to know what will happen the minute I step out the door. There is no way to know what will happen even when I stay in my house under the covers. There is no place of safety in this whole wide world. I am thin-skinned. I have no armor. Of course, I protect myself. I protect my body from harm.”

I say to you to foremost protect your heart and mind from harm. The fear you put yourself through is not worth it. It doesn’t save your body anyway.

Is dying your greatest fear and, therefore your enemy? Are you fighting death? Is humiliation your greatest fear? Are you protecting yourself from error? How big an enemy is error really? What is the down side of error? Humiliation, I suppose. Be humble then. Do away with ego. Do not stay a soldier.

If you cannot ward off the dangers you imagine anyway, why not surrender your fear of them? Why catalogue all the possible affronts to you? Big or little, they are of no account.

I know, I know, you can think of a whole list of fearful possibilities. You could lose your job. You could get bruised. You could get confined. You could get a speeding ticket. You could be in an accident. You could be murdered. You could lose your head. You could be insulted. You could lose your footing. You could be blind-sided. You could be betrayed. You could be ignored. You could be noticed. On and on goes the list of unwanted possibilities.

I would like to ask you to throw away your fears. They are throw-aways. There is no advantage to the list of fears you keep.

Compile a different list, one of all the wonderful possibilities. Awake with that new list, and go to sleep with that new list embedded in your heart. Why live with fear? Fear gives you no safety, none at all. In fact, fear stomps on you.

I will start your new list for you: Nice surprises. Smiles. Sunshine. Peace. Rest. Good fortune. Wonderful people. A gold coin. An embrace. A good book …

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