Learning New Relationship Patterns For New Earth ~ the Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council and we are here today to talk to you about new relationships for New Earth.

Relationship paradigms are shifting very rapidly. It is no longer acceptable to remain in relationships where there is any degree of abuse, be it physical or emotional. New Earth demands relationships based on true love, peace, harmony, respect and cooperation.

Both men and women are finding balance between their masculine and feminine energies. This will lead to relationships that are more equal in terms of emotional support and disclosure. It will also lead to a greater degree of emotional satisfaction between men and women.

We are assisting these changes by transmitting our energies to those humans who are ready to receive them. It is our intention that our energies support those who are aware of the need to make changes in their relationships and who are ready to make those changes.

In closing, we would like to say that we are immensely proud of all humans who are courageously facing their dysfunctional relationships and moving forward with decisions that are difficult to make but which will ultimately bring tremendous improvement to their quality of life.

We leave you with our fondest love.”

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Channeled by Kay Mareesa @ New Waves of Light

It Is Here! | The Creator

Where do you want to go from here?  The Universe has provided yet another huge array of changes for you to choose from.  Now it is time to decide what you would like to do. (Smiling) What are the most important things to you?  What do you want to accomplish?  These are all choices that are available to you!  You can remain in the past, a captive of your own thoughts or you can embrace a brighter, more beautiful existence for yourself.  The heel-dragging is ending, and unprecedented growth is here!  As always…The Universe is guiding and supporting you every step of the way. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Life Is Like a Marriage | Heavenletters

God said:

Whatever you are worrying about, no matter how serious, you worry for nothing. Worry stirs the pot. Put the lid back on. Soup will cook without a vast amount of your attention. I do not say to forget about what’s going on in your life. I say not to make it the main purpose of your life, not for even one day.

If there is something you can do right now, pay a bill, for instance, do that. Nevertheless, bills unpaid do not have to consume your life.

When you spend your life worrying, you are throwing your life to the wolves, as it were.

Do what you can do today, and then move your attention to something else. Would I ever want you to be pre-occupied with worry? Where have I ever said that worry is good for you? I would never tell you to wrack your brain with worry. I would never tell you to get into a frame of mind consumed with worry.

If you find yourself in a spot of worry of your own making, don’t do it again. Beloveds, you cannot wrap the world around your little finger. Untwine the world for a while. Wherever you leave the world in your thoughts, you can come back to it. Desist from worry. You may know worry too well. Do not let worry be the mainstay of your life.

If you were a cow who had to graze and you had eaten all the grass in one pasture, you would go into another pasture where there is fresh grass. Whereas beloved cows have to wait for someone to open a gate to a new pasture for them, you don’t have to wait. You don’t have anyone to wait for but yourself to get you out of the worry pasture.

Do not say that you cannot help worrying. Nor do I say that you can flick worry off just like that, yet I do say you can point yourself in a different direction. You can at least think that a new vein of thought is a better idea than worrying yourself to distraction.

Are we perhaps talking about not taking life so seriously? Is that what We are talking about? Is that what I am asking of you?

Surely, you don’t have to abscond with worry. You don’t have to run away with it. Let worry take care of itself for a while. Worry doesn’t need your participation. Don’t worry. Worry won’t forget about you. It has been trained to come back. It is good at it. You are not good at letting it go.

Living without worry at the helm of your life doesn’t mean you would be a ne’er do well. It simply means you would not carry a weight around your neck. You would not carry worry beads. You would not go over the same thoughts again and again this way or that. Your life would not revolve around worries.

Beloveds, where did your old worries go?

You have gone through many things in life, and you have made it through. You see life as good times and bad times, easy times and hard times, up and down, back and forth. Do you think you can think of life another way? Can you think of it more as a straight line, a line without extremes, a line without expectation of pot holes? Life is nothing more than life! Just call life life. I think you can follow life as it comes and take it as it comes, neither pushing it or pulling it, just taking it as it comes, meeting it half way, well, life kind of like a marriage where you get to know each other better as you go along, and it comes out okay.

Your Greatest Teachers ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are not the experts on humanity and life there on Earth. You are. You are the ones who are living in that density and dimension, having those unique experiences, and feeling all of the emotions that come up from the experiences you are living. We are doing our best to relate, and sometimes we will do so by checking in on one of you who is experiencing some very intense emotions. And then we will observe how you all handle the processing of those emotions, and of course you are all different. You all have unique approaches to the intense emotional experiences you are having, and we do respect all of the choices that you make to make the experience of those emotions easier on you.

But then again, we also notice that what works for most of you is immediate attention. When you are children, before you are convinced that your emotions are inappropriate, you are able to move through them very quickly and return to your natural state of joy. You are naturally joyous beings, and when something is interfering with that natural state of joy, it needs to be addressed by you, and the sooner the better. The less ashamed you are of your emotion, the faster you take it on. The less you are judging your emotion, the more willing you are to be open about what you are feeling and express it to those who matter to you in your life.

Most of the issues that you have there on Earth are the result of people not allowing themselves to fully feel their emotions, and then they take actions that represent the stuck emotion. Or they get a very deadly disease because they haven’t allowed themselves to feel their emotions and express them. And so, we want you to notice, as we have, what your typical strategies are for dealing with your negative emotion. And then we encourage you to ask yourselves whether the approach is working for you. If you have tactics that you employ to put off the feeling of the negative emotion, then we suggest that you at least make an appointment with yourself to get to it soon, and again, the sooner the better.

The more you watch the children of your world and follow their example, the happier you will be in your lives. They are creative. They do what they feel passionate about, and they allow themselves to feel and express their emotions. They are honest and they are hopeful. They believe in magic, and we hope that you all can learn from them and be more like the children that you have in your lives. They are your greatest teachers. After all, they are living life on Earth as well. They are like you, experiencing what you are experiencing, and they are highly sensitive and attuned to higher frequencies. And so, this is your assignment. Watch the children and be like the children, and you will find that natural state of joy exists underneath all of that stuck emotion you’ve been holding onto.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Come On In… | The Creator

Sometimes, you become so busy planning for the future that you forget your now.  Sometimes, you become so focused on the ‘playback’ of the past, the now is ignored.  By being in the past or future, you may miss the joyous moments that surround you and the gifts The Universe sends you every day.

Today, you are being invited to reacquaint yourself with the now.  Pause, take a look around and see what it feels like to release the ghosts of the past…to let go of the what might be to be here now!  It may be challenging but, The Universe is waiting and ready to  show you what you have been missing. (Smiling) Come on in, the door is open! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Simply Sail On | Heavenletters

God said:

Look, do not always be investigating yourself. Do not always be sizing yourself up. Give yourself some slack. Do not always be trying to improve yourself. Love yourself instead.

When you are a child, you do not have to make yourself grow taller. You don’t have to think about it. You simply grow.

Perhaps you have been making yourself a project. You read up on this project. You see so well how much further you have to go. Yet, beloveds, you are not a sweater you are knitting. You don’t have to think so much about completing yourself. You don’t have to think so much about yourself altogether.

Stop weighing yourself every day. It is all right to stop investigating yourself. Hold the idea before you like a flag that you are naturally growing in the direction you want to grow in without all the advice from yourself.

It is natural that you want to be wiser, richer, more generous, more receptive, more loving. Have these desires, beloved, and let yourself be. Set yourself free from your blather. Allow yourself to be imperfect. Then you will be more joyful. Do not be a nag. Do not be the albatross that hangs around your neck. Love yourself. That does not mean that you rest on your laurels, yet you can absolve yourself from the past. You can let go of regret. You can let go.

I understand that you want to gain insights. Gain insights you will. You are in process of gaining Heaven. You are at the feet of the world, beloveds. In the arena of the world, you are not to be a gladiator, nor are you to be the throngs who put their thumbs up or down. Give yourself a break.

Be friendly to yourself. Be a friend more than you are a critic. Be a friend who likes you. Be a friend who sees beyond imperfection. Love what I have made. I made you a human being. I did not make you a chattel.

Do you think I am counting how many pounds you weigh? Or that I mind what color your hair is, what grade you got on a test? I do not mind if you flunked. I don’t mind about the past, beloveds, nor do I wish you to.

You are not a race horse running to the finish line. You do not have to put spurs to yourself. Take a walk in the park instead. Allow yourself some leeway. Allow yourself some leisure. Let yourself be. What is your hurry to remake yourself? What satisfaction does your dissatisfaction give? Be content with yourself more than you are discontent.

Your conscience is not meant to be the making of you. If you were not stuck in the past, why would you calculate yourself and find yourself wanting?

Remind yourself that I created you, and I love what I have created. Have you been henpecking yourself? Do not hold the reins so tight. Improve your self-acceptance. Create more joy. You are not in school. You are in life. You are beautiful.

You are on a voyage across the High Seas. You steer the ship as best you can. If the winds one day blow you off course, today you get on course. If you are not paying attention one day, you pay attention the next. No wasting your voyage on recrimination. Do not go over and over the route you took. Simply sail on.

Who said that your voyage has to be smooth-sailing the whole time? As you sail, you do not go over and over the route you took. You are setting sail now. Look to the horizon, and you will get where you are going soon enough.

Connecting with the Arcturian Council ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are establishing connections with those of you who are interested in us and in making those connections. We are interested in connecting with as many of you as we possibly can, but not all humans are interested in connecting with us. And of course, many humans do not believe that we even exist. And so, we have our work cut out for us. We find clever ways to make ourselves known to those who haven’t expressed an interest in connecting with us, and those clever ideas help us to slip through the cracks of the consciousness of the individuals we are seeking that connection with.

We are also, of course, entering into dreams, offering downloads, and benefitting from the appearance of UFOs in your skies. We are hoping to establish more connections in the next calendar year than we have in all other calendar years put together. We seek connection because we love you, we want to support you, and we are curious about you. The more we discover about you, the more we discover about ourselves. As you are becoming your higher selves, we are becoming our oversoul. We are going to ascend into that oversoul, and as we do, we are going to become more of who and what we are.

Who and what we all are is everything and everyone. And those of you who are awake are better served by knowing that than you are by putting your attention on defeating anyone or anything that is representing the darkness that is within all of us, no matter what dimension we are in.

The ninth dimension, where we are, is inclusive of all dimensions below. You include the first, second, third, and of course fourth dimensions now within you, and it is obvious to many of you who are awake that you are the rock, you are the tree, you are the flower, you are the deer and the dolphin, and all of the beings that are around you. It’s easier to say something like that than it is to actually feel it and know it, and that’s what we recommend all of you seek to do. Seek for more connections with the trees, the dirt, the wind, the animals, and so on. They are there to remind you of who you are, to broaden your concept of self, and they are of course all aspects of Source, as we all are.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Suzy Ward – Channeling Matthew Ward – September 16, 2019

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. With joy we share the message recently given to my mother by one of the volunteers who went to Earth to help her peoples.

Hello, Suzanne. Please allow me to introduce myself as Arnold, the name I use as a representative of my civilization that lives in a galaxy far from the Milky Way. I know you want an image of this stranger speaking to you. We can manifest any kind of body we wish, and the form we chose in our homeland is what you could describe as a very tall translucent silvery-blue ant standing erect. We understand that this is not in your eyes an appealing appearance, but it reflects the great amount of light we encompass and serves us well in mobility and activity.

What is more important to you about my civilization, I could say the most important, is that some of us, like you, are here to assist Earth peoples become aware that they have the capability to make their world the way they want it to be. Our advancement in conscious and spiritual awareness has come just as yours, by self-discovery, and some of us also are in positions of note and partake in decision-making. The only difference between you and us in this embodiment is that we know who we are, from whence we came and why.

Earth’s peoples need to know they are souls, not people who have souls, and every one of them is a part of the Supreme Being of this universe. This Being is bound by Creator to honor all choices its parts make during a physical experience; whatever any person on Earth does, whether action or reaction, is by free will choice and not due to “God’s will.” There is a spirit realm where all transition after Earth lifetime, but there is neither a heaven nor a hell, places of eternal reward or punishment, respectively. A great deal of information that is taught or otherwise made available is meant to deceive or confuse.

Suzanne is thinking that what I am saying is not new to anyone who reads these messages. This is purposeful. It is important for you to know that knowledge familiar to you is known to us as well.

We know, too, that Earth is universally respected as an excellent schoolhouse that offers an abundance of learning opportunities for people in a third density world, where low vibrations abound. There is, in fact, only one fundamental lesson: Everything is the energy of Creator’s light and love, differing only in how it is expressed. However, extrapolating on that lesson brings the energy down to Earth, in a manner of speaking, and that is what all of us came to tell these members of our universal family so they can evolve consciously and spiritually.

All life forms throughout this universe are inseparably, eternally connected, and every soul has limitless capacity to manifest whatever it imagines by using Creator’s energy to give it substance. That cosmic truth is known at soul level, but learning to use it properly is presented in multiple incarnations because low level consciousness cannot master it in just one lifetime. During this universally unique era, Earth is offering unprecedented “graduation” opportunities because her long service as a third density schoolhouse is ending.

The planet became known as a superb learning center because it was equally well known as a prison. For long ages Gaia sorrowed that her planetary body acquired that status when ancient civilizations succumbed to the influence of puppets of darkness and successive civilizations followed the same pathway. Gaia has beckoned her current civilization to escape from that captivity and rid her body of its influence, and she beseeched light beings from other civilizations to assist.

This is why some of us, like you, incarnated in Earth’s various races and cultures to help the populace become aware of their innate power to effect change. Others embodied in the higher orders of animals or as mighty trees and telepathically send messages to receivers who pass them on to persons who are receptive. All of us came to help Gaia’s civilization attain what they chose in pre-birth agreements:A peaceable world where love and justness prevail, resources are shared equally, and life is in harmony with Nature.

Throughout our joint mission to help them bring that world to fruition, a host of heavenly partners has been supporting our efforts. And we have triumphed. The world that is being manifested in the linear concept of time once again is God’s sparkling jewel in the continuum.

Thank you, dear soul Arnold, for your service to our Earth family, and thank you, Mother, for receiving his message.

Matthew, do you know who Arnold is?

Oh, indeed we do! His humility belies his soul evolvement station and the high position he holds in his civilization as well as his importance in your world—he is one of the specially-gifted special forces we have talked about.

Now let us move on. “Research in professional sports backs up the claim that an athlete visualizing doing a sport is JUST as powerful as actually doing the sport. Why does visualizing good things create such powerful ‘white streamers’? What is their function, what happens to them after they’re visualized, and how can their actual impact in the physical world be seen?”

We welcome your sports field’s use of visualization as a positive step forward in understanding and applying self-empowerment. Often we have said that the universal law of attraction provides more of whatever matches the energy of your thoughts and feelings, so focus on what you want. Visualizing adds an image to thoughts and feelings, thereby strengthening the energy directed toward the desired outcome. Athletes who “see” themselves as winners are using the law to their advantage, and when this is sustained throughout the event, they are victorious.

While victory is the goal in sports competition, visualization can have a profound impact in other ways. Visualizing yourself as healthy and active is an important aspect of recovering from illness or injury. Visualizing a substantial bank account leads to attaining and maintaining financial security. Visualizing a satisfying job opens doors to obtaining one; and, if relocating, visualizing an ideal home lets you find it.

On a global scale, visualizing Earth in golden white light helps to preserve the environment. Visualizing a violent storm veering away from heavily populated area reduces death toll and devastation. Visualizing people as friendly and cooperative brings about harmony, and visualizing a peaceful world helps to make it so.

It is true that forces other than visualizing are involved—belief and strength of intention in all instances, and in the case of change globally, planetary vibrations and the assistance of other civilizations. And, when group effort is directed toward the same desired outcome, the power is increased exponentially.

What may be seen as “white streamers” when visualizing “good things” is the mind producing an image that reflects the high vibrations of the energy being generated.

“I recently discovered your site. It’s an incredible relief to read what I have believed since I was a child but couldn’t tell anyone. May I ask Matthew a question? He said some New Age groups put layers of souls ‘they call ascended masters’ between us and God. If he means they aren’t Ascended Masters, who are they? Is their information from the light or not?”

We can think of no better reply than what Hatonn told my mother several years ago:

Suzy: I keep forgetting to ask God if Metatron is the name of the part of Him that people hear, so I’m asking you—is it?

Hatonn: Aren’t you embarrassed to ask about something you really do know, Suzy? Why would God give his voice a special name? Did He ever ask you to address Him as Metatron?

No, but some people believe that Metatron is the speaking part of God.

They’re wrong. They’re just putting another unnecessary layer between their conscious selves and their godselves. And like every other soul in this universe that is its own unique soul-self with its own voice, Metatron is his own unique soul-self with his own voice.

What about the other ascended masters? Is the information about them being taught accurately?

Suzy, most of them are APPALLED at much that is being taught about them! If anyone knows how faulty the idea is that they must be called upon to guide and instruct on the pathway to God, it is they themselves! At Matthew’s evolved state, he ranks with the “ascended masters,” but he doesn’t consider himself this and for good reason—the souls who are given those exalted designations don’t ascribe them to themselves!

Like all other souls, each of them has a name, a soul mission, the destination of reintegration with God and Creator, and its own soul pathway to discover on the journey, and they’re doing it just as you are—connecting directly with God. You know that the layers of church hierarchy were intentionally established to distance God from souls. Can’t you see that this “ascended masters” designation has exactly the same effect, but perhaps with loftier motives?

I hadn’t thought of that comparison. But isn’t it true that they are much higher in the light than the vast majority of souls and they have a “divine” status that we could benefit from emulating?

You have a good point about emulating what is considered “divine” rather than choosing to use your free will to ignore the soul’s messages to your consciousness about your chosen mission. But remember, achieving balance through karmic learning still is going on, and it’s being accelerated beyond your understanding, so you would hardly consider all behavior as “divine” even if it is exactly in line with souls’ needs, and you don’t know what those needs are! As for the “divinity” of what you call “ascended masters,” yes, they are higher in spiritual growth and knowledge because their souls never descended to the limitations of third density.

Matthew lived on Earth and it’s in third density!

Suzy, Matthew’s soul evolutionary status never descended to third density! He started out as a highly evolved soul and his personages in their various independent incarnate lifetimes haven’t diminished that status of his cumulativesoul. Well, in the truly “timeless” universe where All is Now, if one personage is dropping a bit, another is rising.

I am not saying that the knowledge and wisdom in the authentic messages from them is not important! It IS! I’m saying that it’s not necessary to go through them to reach God!

The well-intentioned channels who are not receiving the messages correctly are overlaying the transmissions with their ideas about separation, their own need to master esoteric knowledge as the means to reach their absolute conviction of connectedness with God. They are not deliberately misrepresenting the ascended masters. They simply don’t know any better way, and they genuinely desire to help others find the same pathway they themselves are treading. It’s not the best way, of course, because it’s not the direct way.

Channels who have succumbed to ego aren’t connecting with any source in the light and they’re relaying the false information given by the lower sources they are reaching. In some cases, the messages are attributed to ascended masters, so you need to be discerning about which message falls into which category.

Heaven knows how often we’ve instructed you all to be discerning about everything you hear and read! If you feel strong resistance to any information, that’s a red flag from your soul—pay attention to it! [Excerpt from Voices of the Universe: Your voice affects the universe – Let it be with LOVE]

Thank you, Mother, and our gratitude to Hatonn, too. As we bid you farewell for this moment, let us emphasize his point: Never do you need an intermediary to reach God—as a part of God, you are inseparably, eternally connected.

And, as Arnold said, you have a heavenly host of partners in your mission to help Earth’s people. All light beings in this universe are supporting you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books
Email: suzy@matthewbooks.com

[In Bookshop on www.matthewbooks.com you can read the topics and sample chapters of Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven, Revelations for a New Era, Illuminations for a New Era, Voices of the Universe and Earth’s Golden Age. There are excerpts from my little book, Amusing to Profound – My Conversations with Animals, too.

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So That All May See Better | Heavenletters

God said:

When it is the case that there are no limits to My creation, why then do you think you are limited? What do you allow to hamper the expansion you were created for? You were never meant to stay the same in one place in your evolution. You were meant to ever expand. Without limits, you are a natural expression of expansion. And yet you fear your own expansion and expression. You fear your own growth and the changes it may bring. In so doing, you hold on to limits. You choose to stay within the confines of a play-pen. You think it is safer. What an excuse you make of limits you put on yourself! You think limits are your protectors.

Break loose from these imaginary bodyguards. Blow the lid off what you have used to keep yourself small. You need not fear that you will fly too high. You cannot fly too high. You need practice in flying altogether.

What have you done with your wings? Take them out, dust them off, and begin to take flight. Begin to catch up to your destiny.

You have chased many things. Now chase yourself. Discover those passages you have ignored or overlooked. Take yourself for a walk down paths you have long forgotten or forbidden. All doors are opened for you. You have unlimited choices. You have much territory unexplored. Begin to explore the terrain of yourself. You are new territory. You are a new discovery.

Yes, you have to discover yourself. It is easy. All you have to do is turn around, and ask yourself: “Where do I want to go?” And then go. You have delightful discoveries to make. You are everything! You are the discoverer and you are the discovery and you are the path that leads to all discovery. You are uncovering yourself.

Heretofore, you bound your feet. Now you unbind them. Heretofore, you wore a blindfold. Now you remove it. Now you will see yourself in the mirror of My eyes, and you will see what I have seen all along.

You have been seeing a container, and now you will see the contents. You will see a force of energy, a blazing light, and you will see that it comes from you. You will begin to see that you are a being of God, and a being of God can only be a great being. God has made it so. You will see that you alit on earth to make this very discovery.

You have always been this light you begin to see now. You have always been in My light. You are My light, and now you see anew. You see what has been in front of you all along. Now you pick up your scepter of My light and you wave it everywhere. You are light lighting light. You will ignite all the light around you. You will be a torch of My light so that all may see their own being in My light held by you.

Let your eyes grow wider. Expand into the beingness of yourself. Expand to where you long and belong to be. Expand to Me. What does that mean?

It means to notice where in My heart you always were. It means to accept My radiance in you. It means to acknowledge that you are a being of light like no other upon earth and yet acknowledge that all light is lighted by Me and therefore the same. It means to acknowledge that you are My created being, and that you are of Me and, therefore, of Holiness. Holiness only means that you are more of Me than you have given yourself credit for. You cannot be more than you are or have ever been, but you can expand into that awareness, and then you are an expanded being of Truth who lights up the whole world so that all may see better.

When you start to feel close to Me, you begin to feel a stage-fright, as if there were a huge ceremony coming up, as if you were going to a wedding of you and Me. You think this is an event too momentous for you. You think you are not equal to it and that you must run away. Relax. There is no gigantic ceremony coming.

You are merely looking through an album, and you see that We were always wedded. From the beginning, We were One. Nothing is changed. Only you are beginning to see what has always been. You leaf through Our album. There is no need for you to tremble, for you see that We have always been One. Now you are beginning to remember. This is something to remember. And now you will never forget, for I am fully looking out through your eyes. You will never feel by yourself again.