Your Ascension ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It has taken quite a bit of your time to get you to where you are today as a human collective. You have traveled on Earth as a species for millions of years, and you are in a place now where you can feel the change in the air. You can feel yourself shifting and evolving. But in past lives, you could not detect the movement forward because you were moving at a snail’s pace.

Now that things are heating up and speeding up, you are aware of your ascension. You are aware of the feeling of it. It is not just a story that you have been telling yourselves. You can almost taste it. The ride now is about continuing to gain momentum from the little victories that you experience in your life. Many of you who are receiving this transmission have come a long way in this one lifetime as well. You have endured quite a bit, and you have catapulted yourselves into this moment of your awakening.

Your ascension is happening because of you. It is happening because as a collective, you have decided you are ready. It is time to stop playing the third-dimensional game and to raise the level of your consciousness so that you can play a new game. As you remove the veil that exists between your consciousness and the fifth dimension, realize that you will still know who you are. You will recognize yourself, and you will celebrate your accomplishment.

Now, as we give you this pat on the back we also want to encourage you to listen more to what’s going on inside of you, because you have programming inside of you to handle ascension. You are equipped to do this, and you are ready. Listen to your feelings. Listen to your hearts. Listen to joy and excitement, and brace yourselves for the more that you are exposing yourselves to.

This is the time for you to let go of all that has been holding you back, especially the limitations you place on yourselves in order to fit in, in order to be like everyone else. You, who are receiving this transmission, are the leaders in the ascension process, which is why you have awakened before most of the human race. It’s not something to shrink from. It’s something to embrace, and it’s something to feel proud of.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton


Rise to Your Own Life | Heavenletters


God said:

Many of My Beloved Children have the idea that they have been cheated in Life. Granted, in your way of looking, this may be true. You may indeed not have received all that you desire and all that you deserve. This may be so in terms even of the entire relative world.

What I am saying to you is that, true or not, the idea of having been denied, gypped, overlooked, hamstrung, neglected is beside the point. Across the board, this isn’t a helpful premise for you to come from. This idea of being owed is a concept that keeps you mired.

You see this, don’t you? No longer keep yourself chained to believing you are owed something. True or not true, you don’t want to keep even one downward-spiraling thought one second longer.

From the worst of circumstances, Beauty arises. This is also true. There is no end to possibilities, Beloveds. There is no end to the possibilities for you.

What do you think it means to be boundless?

Let go of seeing yourself as neglected. Let go of seeing yourself as vanquished. In case you may never walk again, let’s say, you are here on Earth for more than walking. If you have been seeing yourself as downtrodden, then begin seeing yourself blessed. If you have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, then pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

Here’s the thing: You are as you see yourself.

See yourself as victimized, then you are. See yourself as a Knight on a White Steed, then your Light will shine through, and you will be a new person.

When you see yourself as a Prince born to the King, how do you carry yourself? What is your posture like? It is not a posture. It is the Real You.

No matter to whom you are born, carry yourself as My Prince or Princess which you are.

When you are the Child of God, then it is not a stretch of the imagination that you are a Prince or Princess. What are all the variant stories of Cinderella about but that? Listen, you are a Child of God. You are welcome to My Kingdom. You are invited to My Kingdom. I will escort you through Life. I will ask you for the next Dance. Yes, please, dance with Me. It is My Wish that you will dance with me. We will all the treasures prove.

Dear Ones, no longer call out: “Foul.” No more.

No longer say: “Life has deprived me. My circumstances messed me up. I had no chance.”

No question, some Lives are easier than others. When the odds appear to be against you, rise higher in your estimation. Even without limbs, you can ride the waves. Rise in your estimation.

I tell you that you are not to settle for any physical perception of you. I tell you that you can grow wings. You can soar. You are meant to soar.

Even if you are in a coma, you can be traveling on roads you don’t realize. You can be a space-traveler. You can be a transformer of the world.

You do not have to have all the opportunity in the world that everyone else seems to have, yet you are here for more on Earth than you presently see. Beloveds, I say you are valuable. I say you will always be so. I say that within every damage lies a miracle for you to perform, a miracle for you to give from all the fortune I have invested in you.

What you presently see does not have to be the making of you. Look around you, and you will see great courage, and you may well be the courage you see. Even enchained, bolted to the wall, you, your thoughts, your Being can succor thousands. In fact, no one knows what you are on Earth for and the Vast Purpose you are to serve. You may indeed be the last to know.

Now, the idea of “Why me?” has a new meaning. What new meaning will you give to Gladness?

No longer is “Why me? To mean, “Woe is me.”

No longer does it mean you cry out: “Alas, what can I do in this condition?”

Now “Why me?” means:

“I get up. I arise. I surpass any situation. I am, without doubt, Pure Being, and I arise from the trenches, and I arise as a Blessing of Courage and Power to break all the perceived boundaries in the world. Be I coal miner in the dark or a preacher on the pulpit, God partners with me. Thank You, God.”

Like a Leaf on a Tree | Heavenletters


God said:

You have a tendency to see yourself as a heavyweight on Earth, that is, with gravity. You may even see yourself as a boxer in the ring or identify yourself as being thrown to the lions as in olden days in Rome. To be fearful, you have to have something to fear. This is hardly My Dream for you. There is no resemblance.

Fear is heavy, beloveds. Come into the Light and no longer trod. Walk lightly. Dance on air! What you truly are weighs nothing at all. Take a load off your feet. Walk on air, why not? Take Life in your stride. Look High. Feel yourself lightly connected to the Earth as a Leaf on a Tree. Discover that you are not so attached and not so laden with fear. You are not to hold on to fear. Fear is but a shadow.

You are made for Light, not shadow.

No matter what the Season, there is Light, and there is My Will for you. You remain a Diamond in My Heart. I never lose sight of you. I am your Guiding Light. It is not for you to clasp and grasp shadows. There is no bogeyman.

Even if you are in the Army, be at ease, soldier!

No need to duel with Life.

Let your Life be a chariot-ride with Me. Be assured that your Life has Meaning. There is nothing you have to prove. Allow Life to be a Walk in the Park. Be considerate of Life. Let the Moving Force of Life be your Beloved Life. Take a stand via your Light on Earth.

You don’t have to be heavy-handed. Be Light of Heart instead. What else is worthy of a Child of God?

Here today and gone tomorrow, what is the difference when, in fact, you are immortal? You are an Immortal. Of course, your body is the heaviest part of you. Your Soul is Lightness Itself. Your Soul is the Traveler. You have already won the Hit Parade. Your Soul is Exquisite in its Lightness. No baggage compartment for you. Light a candle to yourself. Introduce yourself to Courtliness.

Hold up your Heart before you. Feel your Connectedness to all the Stars, and, of course, the Sun and the Moon, and the Brightness of Love. The alleyway you go down is a Lover’s Lane. Love Life. Life is here for you. Let go of the idea that you can go down dark passages. Let the Call of the Galaxies be yours and the Call of the Seas. Whither goest thou but to Me along with Me arm in arm?

Most assuredly, you go nowhere without Me.

Where have you been? With Me.

Who accompanies you on Land or Sea? I do. I hold your hand. I clasp your hand in Mine. This is your Truth. You can only Skip-to-My Lou with Me. You are My Betrothed. You ever were. Never were you not.

We are One, yet We never go solo. We sail a solar craft made of the Sun’s rays. We go solar, no doubt, stabilized by the Light of the Sun and the Light of Our Very Love.

Whose Love is yours? Mine, of course.

Whose Love is Mine? Yours, of course. There is no other Love but the Divine. Divine art thou.

Who speaks for Me? You do.

Who answers to Me? You do.

How can this be when there is No One to ask and No One to answer? What kind of Partners are We? Only Oneness, Oneness forever and anon. There is no substitute. Despite what the world may tell you, Love is It. Love is the One and Only. Love fills the coffers of Earth. Love is what you are made of. No exceptions. You are what Love is made of.

You are Love, and I am your Cornerstone. See Me wherever you look, for you are made in My Image which means to say, you have Me imprinted on your Heart. You are a Seeker Who has found Yourself where you always were, right smack here with Me. As I am your Witness, so are You Mine.

Giving in to Temptation ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

There is a reason why you feel tempted to do things that you know are not in service to your highest good. You have within you a certain amount of programming that gives you an opportunity to test your limits. You want to make the most of the lives that you have in front of you, but this also is a time of integrating all aspects of self, including those that are on the darker side of things.

So your lives are filled with opportunities to explore that which is unwanted, that which does not serve you, and that which does not serve the others around you. And it is an opportunity for you to partake in something, feel the vibration of it, experience the effects, and then learn from the situation what you need to know.

You all need to experience compassion for your fellow humans, and what better avenue is there to compassion than having experienced something yourself? You now know what serves you and what does not, and if you are placing yourself in a position where you are tempted to partake in something that does not serve you, it means that there is still something for you in that experience.

Perhaps you need to forgive yourself for giving in to the temptation in the past. Perhaps you still need to understand what brings someone to the darker side of things so that you can have compassion for those individuals, and sometimes you just need to feel how something feels so that you are more determined than ever to partake in the opposite.

To be on the side of the light and to partake in that which serves you and all others is the choice you are all making. But just because the other choices exist, and just because you may have made those choices in the past doesn’t mean you are flawed in any way. Giving in to that which does not serve you is an experience, and you need experiences to help you decide, to choose what is best for you and for everyone else.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

You can even live in a war zone and be at peace.

Johnsmallman's Blog

Saul Audio Blog for Friday September 22nd.

Humanity is on a roll!  You already know that because I have told you before, but I very much want to reemphasize this point.  Enormous changes are happening right now, as you read or listen to this, all across the planet.  And I am not talking about the political, seismic, or weather events that are well reported on by most of the media, but about spiritual events that are having a very powerful effect on all of humanity in preparation for the awakening.

You must trust in the divine plan and hold your Light on high, as you have been doing, but please further intensify your intent to be only loving in every situation.  As you well know, “Love changes everything,” just as the song says, but you have to engage with It, walk your talk, and be the Love that is…

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Godwriting, an Intimacy of Oneness | Heavenletters


God said:

I suppose you could consider the process of Godwriting as a surrender to Me. I look at this Intimacy of Oneness as My Offering to you. I have always offered Myself to you. This is not new or spectacular.

When have I not said, “Hear Me. O Hear Me, Beloveds.”

When have I not said: “I bequeath All to you, Who art the Exhalation of My Breath.”

When have I not said: “Our Hearts embrace. We are not twain, but One.”

When have I not said: “You are made in My Image.”

When have I not said: “Awaken!”

Beloveds, you are My Dream Come True. You are My Very Self.

What I give, I AM. You are My Heart. You are the Seeds I have flung to Earth as a Gift to Myself.

You Who art My Offspring are My Generation and My Blessing given and received. There is no other way.

You Who art in Heaven are My Light spread on the Soil of Earth. You are My Manna from Heaven.

You Who art in Heaven are My Thought Incarnate. I spread you out before Me. You are the Angelic Realm I gave and give to Earth as a Bouquet of Flowers.

Accept what I have bequeathed to you.

Hear Me, O hear Me, My First Words to you are: There are no Last Words.

We do not quite engage in Words. We engage in deeper than Words. From Wordlessness, you hear and feel the Vibration of My Love. From My Energy of Thought, you transfigure My Vibration into Words you know. For every Word you translate from the Vastness, We can say that you lightly press a key of music, for My Vibration is Music to your Soul and to Mine.

Our Souls entwine. We are Peas from the Same Pod.

That We are One means We are United. We are a Union of One.

Deeper than the Level of Words is Our Communion.

The Process of Godwriting is more than about Words. It is like a pressing of the Palms of Our Hands together. We use the Same Paintbrush, and create a Painting that steals Our Hearts. It is almost as if Our Hearts do not beat at all. It is like We absent the world. We are in the gap between heartbeats and between breaths. There is no action, yet a transaction takes place.

It is like We play leapfrog with Our Two Hearts that are and always were One. Certainly, you take a leap.

Abandon your intellect. Your intellect has served you well, and now its Day in the Sun has outlasted its usefulness. Now We, you and I as One, are in the Sunshine of the Heart which is naught but Love. Intellect is unable to rise so high. Intellect can gab a whole lot yet cannot reach the Heights where the Heart can go and which the Heart contains and which the Heart lets go of on Earth freely as it is in Heaven.

We meet Ourselves in a passageway We have long traveled while you may be the last to know. There is nowhere We have not already been and nothing We have not known and nowhere We can ever part from. Only you can believe you are in the Earthly realm of denseness.

In Godwriting, We surpass denseness.

Now, with all this being said, let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

The Experience of Our Oneness in Godwriting does not have to be sensational! It does not have to be a Stellar Experience. You don’t have to be Lit Up. In order to experience Godwriting, let go of all Dazzling Expectations. You can be deep without knowing you are deep. You don’t steer your Godwriting. You let My Words come from where they come as they come. Your experience of Godwriting does not have to look or feel a certain way nor must your experience of Godwriting not look or feel a certain way. Godwriting is a laidback experience.

As soon as you define your Experience, as soon as you see yourself Lit Up, you remove yourself from the Experience that can only be innocent. Let go, let go. What you write is not your Godwriting.

Yes, dear ones, you are One with Me – yet, in Godwriting, you, the individual, are not God Almighty. You make way for Me.

You are not the Godwriter. I AM.

Preparing for Further E.T. Contact ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are giving you a taste of what it will be like for you to have full contact with extra-terrestrials. We have an energy that is foreign to your solar system and to your planet. Our energy is Arcturian. Each star system and each planet, moon, sun, and other celestial body within each star system has a unique vibrational signature.

So as you receive our energy transmissions, you ready yourselves for that which is otherworldly, that which is coming from far, far away. Now, the energy that you receive from us, with the unique Arcturian signature that it has, readies for you for further contact with highly evolved beings. We are not intending to come across as boastful, but the Arcturian star system is known for having a high vibration and for having very spiritually attuned inhabitants.

So you will know when you are connecting with a highly evolved being because it will feel familiar to connect with that being. That will be due in part to the connections that we have made and are making with you through these transmissions and at other times when you are relaxing or asleep.

You will want to interact with these evolved beings because of what they will activate even more within you, and they will be able to help you to navigate through your ascension process. The well-intentioned beings in this galaxy far outnumber those who are seeking to control and manipulate, and that is also true of the beings on planet Earth. So synchronizing, harmonizing with the beings that are going to help you is easier than you might think.

Getting over the differences in appearance will be harder. Getting over the differences in customs and practices will be harder, but it will all be worth your while to continue to seek out contact with extra-terrestrials, because in getting to know them better, you get to know aspects of yourself as well. And the whole and complete version of you is the version that will ascend.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Your Heart’s Perspective ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are bringing the perspective to your reality that offers you a sense of completion. You get to experience many different perspectives on reality. Not only are there the perspectives of your friends and family members, but also of the people who are a part of the media. And so we like to round out all of the perspectives that you are exposed to, and we give you a choice.

We don’t ask for membership in a group. We want you to get as many perspectives as you can to round out your own so that you have all of the perspectives within you that are necessary in order for you to make an informed decision about your life and how to approach it.

When you are contemplating taking a particular action, most of the perspectives that are influencing you are doing so on a subconscious level. It is the little voice inside your head that has been so active within you throughout your life that you don’t even hear it anymore.

We want you to make your decisions consciously, taking all different perspectives into consideration. We know that there are other channeled beings out there, and they have their perspectives. And we also know that if you are paying attention to us, you are probably also paying attention to some of them, and that is a good thing. You want to have as many perspectives at your disposal as you can possibly obtain, and you also want to weed out those subconscious voices so that you can listen to your heart.

Your heart is very well rounded. Your heart guides you through the impulses that you get, but more importantly, your heart guides you through the vibration that it holds. Your heart holds a high vibration like an eternal flame that you can always go back to. And when you do, you will be holding that high vibration as well. And then the perspective that is of the highest vibration will be the one that gets your attention.

And that is what we want for you. We want you to be able to determine for yourselves which perspective that is coming from outside of you is a vibrational match to that of your heart’s perspective.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Hear Me, O My Children, Hear Me | Heavenletters


God said:

Godwriting is a process, a very innocent process, yet in the mundane world, it takes courage to Godwrite. Sometimes Great Courage, even All the Courage in the world, for you are easily embarrassed. How bizarre that something so enlivening and so simple takes courage.

Once upon a time My Children could hear the Beat of My Heart, and this was accepted hands down. It was not extraordinary. It was a good idea. In fact, the more the merrier. It quite rightly was conveyed in the world that in the old days it was hunky-dory for Me to be heard. Even Aaron, Moses’ brother who stuttered was to hear from Me and pass it on to the world even as Aaron himself did not feel qualified.

What I had to say mattered. There was no express list of qualifications, and it was acceptable to share My words. My Truth stood on its own.

Then, the world at large barred the idea of an ordinary person’s hearing Me. My Words fell into disrepute. The idea that just anyone could hear My Words and presume to repeat them – well, it became ingrained in the world at large that this was shoddy, even arrogant, and, well, not quite kosher.

By some decree, no ordinary person was considered capable of hearing from Me any more. If someone said he heard from God, he must be hallucinating, so, he was popped into the booby hatch. He had to be either cuckoo or a fraud.

Thus, hearing from Me went out of style. Surely hearing from Me, picking up My drift, sensing My Voice goes far beyond elements of style and fashion. I tell you that I am not an on and off God. No matter by what Name you may call Me, I exist, and I exist for all.

The fact that you can hear Me is not to be shoved aside. Surely, you are not to be shunned because of a desire to hear Me. Surely Our relationship is not to be one-sided. And now, in the world, it’s accepted to hear Me again.

Beloveds, our relationship has to go beyond your being a penitent and My granting your pleas or not granting your pleas depending upon your sincerity, guilt, or innocence. You are very innocent indeed if you think I am limited. I never said that Our Relationship is to be only one way. Of course, I say We are two-way.

I am not exterior to you. I am not so far away as the world may have upheld. I AM, and I AM within you. I exist within everyone, and this means you too.

We are Soul of One Soul, Heart of One Heart, no exceptions. All are worthy. Regardless of anything, no one is outlawed from Heaven. I throw no one out. All will come to awareness of Our Connection. There is room for all at the Inn. Do you think I would have it any other way?

So, here I am now, a Master Speaker, going to cite from Myself from an earlier Heavenletter even as each Heavenletter exists in ever-present Eternal Infinity and still reverberates within you. I am aware I live only in Infinity and not in any set-aside time. You are becoming aware.

I whispered:

“There is nothing you have to do, but to be a receiver of Me. This is your task. This is your mission. To hear God. Not for God to hear you, but for you to hear God.

“…You are here for Me. You hear for Me. Not for yourself, but for Me…

“And the time comes that you hear Me. And this time has come. You pick yourself up, and you follow Me right to the Heavens where We have always been… Now you know how to listen for My call, and you know how to answer it. You say:

“…‘Father, I listen for Your call, and this is how I hear you:

“ ‘I listen…’”

God’s Diamond | Heavenletters


God said:

Sometimes, you drag your feet, and you are not exactly a willing Partner with Me. Beneath your intellect, however, lies your Heart of Gold. Do not kid yourself. You hold My Heart in yours. There are noifsands, or buts. Even when you may be blindfolded, I know undeniably Who You are. There is too much you don’t see and don’t know. You brush off new ways of thinking as you would a piece of lint. Amazing, isn’t it, how you have the ability to fluff off awareness and delete your Self?

Think of My Heart as a Golden Sun. From the Light of My Rays, your Light shines. Of course, you are My Radiance. You are a Reflection of Me. And, in Truth, beyond that, nothing else exists but the One of Us.

I, Who created you, I ride with you. I, Who ride with you, am a Facet of you. You are My Diamond, and We, you and I, ride High.

If you have not yet already realized this, you certainly will. It is My Will that you will. You are My Will. I am in your DNA. I, the Creator, created you from the Throb of My Heart. You exist in the Beat of My Heart.

Where did you come from, and where are you going? You are coming and going, for I am at the Center of you. I am your Steering Wheel. Surely, you don’t imagine that somehow you created yourself, or that, if it had been possible for you to create yourself, you would have done a job equal to Mine or better! You have such chutzpah! You show the cheek of your ignorance — and your innocence. At least, you speak up. Now, also, have the cheek to listen, will you please? Listening holds great wealth, for you may learn something.

Would you forswear learning? Really? Would you really say that you know everything and close a door, even slam it shut?

At the same time, Dear Ones, hidden from your view and recollection, you do know Everything. All awareness is seared in your Soul. Human Being, as you are, you are a Master of Knowing, which knowing you may have put up on a shelf for another day. Your memory will restore itself overnight. One morning you will wake up to your True Knowledge — simple and forthright. You will wake up to the Bright Light you let go of. I gave you this knowledge. What I give you is yours. Some days, you would rather not receive. There are no two ways about it – not all days are your choice.

Beloveds, to stay in a hut is not a terrible thing. Living in a hut takes less maintenance than a palace. You are freer with fewer obligations. When you reside in a Palace, it is perfectly acceptable to recognize that you do and take on the added responsibility. Whether you are King or pauper, every day may not be perceived as a picnic. Whether you approve or not approve, each day of Life is enlivening. Nor are you to take Life for granted.

Beloveds, Life is not to be fought against. You wouldn’t fight Life except that you have a biased picture as to what your Life should look like. Your biased picture is not good enough. You do merit great blessings. I tell you that you absolutely merit Great Blessings. No longer get stuck in old thinking.

Accompany Me, and see Life afresh along with Me. Open the Universe and know it is beautiful.