Sananda via Bob Fickes – Creating Peace on Earth – 2-13-15

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Welcome my Blessed Friends and Light Workers! I AM Sananda!

I bring you my Ray of Devotion and Peace! You are surrounded by Love at every moment.

Be at Peace with your neighbor even if it is your enemy. Send them Love and honor God inside of them.
This is the time for Peace on Earth. Peace must begin with your self. You are a holy cell in the Body of Almighty God. When you generate Peace all of God’s body will rejoice and God’s Holy Presence will flourish inside of your human heart.

Your human heart is becoming the Holy Temple of God’s Eternal Love. Your human heart is becoming the home of God-In-You.

As you rise up with this Love, Peace on Earth can become a reality. Love for your neighbor is the beginning of this Everlasting Peace.

Take a vow of Love and Peace and practice…

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