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Heavenletter #5195 Published on: February 14, 2015

God said:

When life seems to be too much for you, recline, or take a walk. Get your mind off the exigencies of life for a while.

Despite your sense of it, life is not urgent. Life goes on. Whether or not you are as you want to be, whether or not life is what you want it to be, life keeps going on and takes you with it. You are never out of life. There is enough life for all. On Earth or in Heaven, you are alive and well regardless of what the world you experience looks like to you and regardless of what the world seems to think it is or is not. You are the perceiver of your life and the goal-setter. Set the dial of your life to encouragement and expand your perception.

Life comes to you. It may come as a feast. It may come as a crust of bread. Life is for you no matter how bounded it looks like to you. In truth, life is unlimited. Life is your work-place, and it is your playground, and it is, despite your perception, a Holy Place. Angels in human form live on Earth. This is the Truth. Earth angels don’t need wings to fly, for they have souls that can take them anywhere and everywhere. Earth angels are not relegated solely to Earth. Earth angels have hearts and minds that can fly anywhere and everywhere with dispatch and take you here and there with or without your awareness. There is no such thing as at a distance, although distance seems real enough to you. There is no distance, yet you take a journey from here to here and everywhere and nowhere, and I go with you.

Consider that it is not life that disturbs you but your projected thoughts about life. Your assessments about life please or perturb you. You are the reporter and announcer of what life is like for you. Come from a different vantage. Step up a step to see what you see. Or, just live life and let go of your day-by-day analysis of it.

Opinions are only opinions, and opinions vary. Your own opinions vary. In one day, you may go up and down the scale you assign to life. What if life is okay whatever your mind may say? Is winter not okay? Does winter not prepare for spring? You could say that nothing is happening in winter. You could say there is all that snow and cold winds and slippery ice. Yet what a treasure winter is holding! Winter isn’t bleak. It is full of wonders, and it serves the spring that is to come. In the same way, autumn gets the Earth ready for winter.

Maybe you don’t like rain, yet rain serves its purpose. Everything in your life also serves its purpose, whether you like it or not. Pause to consider what beautiful seasons life prepares for you. Only in the overt world do you see ups and downs. You come to conclusions often based on fear. You get caught into fear and judgment, and so you judge your life and find it wanting.

You may feel that life doesn’t play fair. Beloveds, are you playing fair? Bend a little. In deference to life, knuckle down to a higher opinion of life. Life guarantees you life as it is apportioned to you. It doesn’t guarantee you all your preferences. Did you think life was supposed to? Did you think life was failing you when it did not fulfill all your desires as you would like?

Look up, beloveds. Your life is on course. Give your life a break. Welcome life and wish it well. Desire a new resilience and engage in life. You have to budge from a background of right or wrong. What if everything is really okay and life is happier without your denouncements of it?

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