Intuitive writing message 24-2-2015 |

Be the change you want to see and thereby show others the way. It’s easy and the essential keys are outlined here. Just start and the universe will conspire to “make it so”!

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All comes as it comes, you can’t force things to happen, the Universe will decide when the right time is there.

People often try to control things and want to make things happen right away, especially when it’s for their own good and not particularly for others.

That’s why the Universe decides when things are allowed to happen, these things people can’t control no matter how hard they try.

People should learn to have patience again and Trust on things to happen for them when the time is there.

People also need to learn to have faith that when they are grateful for what they receive more things will come to be Grateful for.

Most people know about the Law of Attraction and how it should work but still many people don’t apply it in their daily lives.

You can only make a change when you are able…

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