A Message to Lightworkers – February 26, 2015 | Caroline Oceana Ryan

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings to you, our friends and fellow travelers on the path to enLightenment.

And we know that what many of you would like to “Lighten” is the load you feel to be carrying.

We understand and empathize, for though not all of us have experienced the challenges of ascending while in a third dimensional physical body as you are doing, we have nevertheless ascended from one dimension to another, and we know how arduous and complex a process it can feel to be at times.

We see your planet and Her human structures in the throes of numerous changes that seem to be at odds with the peace and prosperity that we continue to ask you to believe in and expect. 

We know that it would appear that your leaders have lost their minds (in truth, only some have, but they have been unstable from the beginning).

We know that it appears that your Earthly energy resources are in a desperate state, though we rejoice with you in the growing realization that the use and drawing of fossil fuels are disastrous for your beloved Earth Mother—and rejoice with you over the canceling of the Keystone pipeline.

Cornwall UFO - Photo by David Gillham/Cornwall UFO Research Group http://metro.co.uk/2015/02/22/mystery-of-ufos-spotted-over-cornish-beach-5074160/Cornwall UFO – Photo by David Gillham/Cornwall UFO Research Group http://metro.co.uk/2015/02/22/mystery-of-ufos-spotted-over-cornish-beach-5074160/

And we know that many of you are weary and wondering how much longer you can play out this role, while so many are suffering and you yourselves are struggling to pay the bills, raise your children, keep your home or your vehicle in working order, remain healthy, and either find a new job or find meaning in the one you have.

And we would say that you have written all of this before coming here—not all of the hardships, but the meaning you are drawing from it.

That even the “waiting” as it seems to be has a strange beauty to it, a feeling of a quiet lull before not so much a storm, but a celebration such as humanity has never seen.

You see some of your leaders, activists, and journalists daring to do and say things that may and are endangering their lives, as you are aware that the dark ones have quiet ways to kill or otherwise silence those in leadership who dare to refuse their orders.

And yet, these people are for the most part still upon the Earth.

Cloud Ship - Photo by Monica Luis They continue to push that envelope as you might say—to demand accountability from banks, from government, from big pharma, from the educational sector, and from the media.

They continue to require that the truth finally be told—about that day 14 years ago when tens of thousands (not only a few thousand) died (left their bodies) in New York City.

They demand to know the truth about how your governments are being run, and why it is that in a country that proclaims itself to be synonymous with “freedom”—and there are a number of them around the globe—that the truth is not being told about misappropriated funds, mortgage fraud schemes, illegal wars, government drug dealing, mass incarceration of nonwhites, and the systematic abuse of children by the wealthy elite.

Cloud Ship – Photo by Monica Luis

And we would say that these brave and powerful Light Beings, disguised (as you are) as mere mortals, are performing a job no more or less important than that of the nurse or other healer who saves a life, or of the honest police officer making only legal arrests and working to keep the peace.

Or of the teacher who genuinely cares for her students, in ways that quietly save those students’ lives.

And their work is no more or less important than your own, though the shape of your work is for many of you, only now becoming clearer.

Generally, what you come here to do is only occasionally encapsulated in your “day job.”

Humpback Whale with Shearwater Birds - Bristol Bay, Alaska - Photo: Dept of Interior

Humpback Whale with Shearwater Birds – Bristol Bay, Alaska   Photo: Dept of Interior

Most of your life path has to do with the amplification and anchoring of higher Light and energy frequencies, in a multitude of areas that are aiding the Earth and Her people.

Just with your presence and your refusal to “fit in” or “stay quiet,” you are busy healing the Earth and those around you for hundreds of miles

You are fast releasing the effects of many centuries of oppression, and in constructing the forms of a New Earth—all while ascending, which in itself is no small matter.

Was I sane when I signed up for this role? you may be asking.

And we would say that though you volunteered to come forward and to deal with all of it—the degradation, the tumult, the fear, and the violence of life on the old Earth—that you did so with joyful anticipation.

You were eager to learn and to discover or rediscover those parts of your own Divine Being that were reaching for the adventure, the new knowledge and the higher forms of Light and existence, and the beauty of reaching Ascension while still in physical form.

And for this astounding bravery, we must salute you in the highest fashion, and tell you that we not only believe in all that you are, and are doing—we are in awe, and we welcome you, each and every day.

We welcome you home, here on the ships and in the dimensions beyond the physical.

We welcome your re-emergence into all that is truly Divine, and made of Joy and Light, and we say to you, You are much loved, and greatly revered. Never doubt this.

Namaste! We are with you, at every moment. 

Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan 

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