My Personal “Light Bulb” Moment by Denise Sierra | Rainbow Wave of Light

Recently the administrator of a spiritual Facebook group I’m a member of posted a request to members. In it, she indicated an exciting project her and her hubby were developing. They were putting together a video of people saying ‘AHA!’ in relation to that ‘light bulb’ moment they had in life.

Well upon reading this request, I was stumped. Light bulb moment, yes I understood the idea, but could not remember this happening to myself. It seemed to me that spiritual searching and questioning were always a part of my life. So, I set the request aside hoping something would come up for me. Well this morning it did, but as far as video taping that moment, well I don’t believe I can. Let me explain.

I was born into a family were one parent, my Mom, was your basic christian (a Lutheran) and the other parent, my Dad, probably wasn’t. You see, he was a believer and practitioner of the I AM religious/theosophical movement, the original Ascended Masters group founded in the 1930s in Chicago. His beliefs originated from his Mother and were strengthened and proven to him during his service as a Marine in the pacific theater of WWII. There he used the affirmations for the protection of both himself and his platoon buddies during battle conditions, and the affirmations worked for him and all were kept safe. This was not true for any who were transferred out of his platoon, hence his strong belief in these daily readings and affirmation practice.

So from the start, I was living in a duality situation, seeing two sets of religious and spiritual beliefs. One was the mainstream, christian set of beliefs held by a strict mother and the other a mystery practiced daily by a quiet and gentle father with readings and affirmations from small booklets covered in pictures of ascended masters, such as Saint Germain. It wasn’t till after he died that I realized what that was all about and how, today, many of my own personal beliefs had their beginnings in those years and with my Dad.

When I was old enough to go to school I was sent to the same school my Mother attended, a Lutheran parochial school. At school, I was instructed in biblical and religious studies daily and attended twice-a-week church services. All the bible stories and passages were part of my daily learning. Memorization was required and I can still remember and quote many passages today, from the King James version of the bible. Around puberty, I attended weekly confirmation classes given by the church Pastor.

This is where my ‘light bulb’ moment occurred. It changed my life and set me on the path of discovery and my own personal enlightenment journey that I am still on, today. I very distinctly remember asking a question of the Pastor one day during confirmation class. I asked him “Where do babies who die go to, if they are not baptised?” His answer? “Well, that’s not for you to know. You’ll have to die and go to heaven before the answer to that question will be revealed to you.” I was stunned. He did not know and blew me off! This seemingly innocent exchange opened my eyes and set me on a life long spiritual quest.

Within a year of confirmation in that church, I resigned as a member and never went back. That exchange opened my eyes to see the hypocrisy of prominent members and their treatment of the poor, abused and others in the community who needed help. It lead me to a lifetime of caring and acting to help others.  Even the way I raised my two daughters was impacted and they both know this story. I recently found out that my youngest daughter’s thoughts and her life have been impacted by my telling this story. And it probably impacted her daughter, too.

Such ripples, spreading out, like a wave. We really do have an impact, way beyond what we know of in the moment. Simple things can have such a profound effect that we do not know or even understand at the time. And always inside each of us at every age is a spirit who watches, records and remembers. We are that spirit looking out behind our eyes seeing and reflecting on everything.