A Message to Lightworkers – March 6, 2015 | Caroline Oceana Ryan

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, fellow Lightworkers and Bringers of the New Earth!

We might also call you brave bringers of a new and higher vibration, for that is what you helping to anchor upon the Earth, with your very presence and concentrated energies.

There is discussion now, among some groups, that Divine government is now taking root upon the Earth—that NESARA law is already finding a foothold in your Earthly systems, under your US president’s direction, as he works under the direction of Mother Sekhmet, Lord Sananda, and the Ashtar Command, as representatives of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds.

And we would say that far from being just a nice idea, or another false sign that leads to a letdown, that you are indeed seeing the beginning of Divine government upon your beautiful planet.

There are several reasons why this is now possible.

For one, the machinations of the dark ones are nowhere near so dangerous and pervasive as they once were, for thousands of years of your time.

This is greatly due to the nature and intensity of the Light now pouring into your planet, as well as the intervention of many higher beings, as well as your own presence upon the Earth. 

Their technology—their grid of control, domination, lies and deception—is being dissembled. And where it is not yet dissembled, it is nevertheless losing its power source.

This is a profound move forward, my friends.

With this dissembling of the old 3D matrix structure, and the dissolving of the power that ran through it, is also the departure of many of the old reptilian or Draco power base—those creatures, seen and unseen, that have inhabited the inner recesses, tunnels, and canyons below Earth’s surface.

Child’s Drawing, After a Visit to Ashtar’s ship.

They have done untold damage, feasting energetically upon the innocence and life energies of children in particular—hence the dark rituals enacted by those in their thrall.

But they are leaving now—and we hope you understand fully the significance of that statement.

For they have enacted not only untold cruelty and destruction. They were also masters of manipulation upon human thoughtforms and cultural beliefs.

They fostered the sort of fear that eggs people on to begin wars, and to carry them on fruitlessly for decades, even centuries.

They fostered the sort of ego and greed that pushes dictators to give the order to kill thousands, even millions in one military plan of action, whether or not they bothered to justify such by first creating a false flag event of violence.

And they kept the overall morale and level of emotional resonance very low, even hopeless in many places upon the Earth.

But now they are leaving—chased out or disinvested of the false technological “power” that placed them in their lairs to begin with.

Yes, they are angry, though many are simply defeated.

An Ancient Dragon Being, Leaving the Earth.

And you will see a shadow or smaller reflection of this in your government leaders (though they are more followers), who have tried valiantly to install their representatives before the US Congress and other bodies, in an attempt to assure everyone that yet another war is badly needed—“or else.”

You see your television comedians making fun of these feeble attempts, and even some of the conservative spokespersons wondering what all the fuss is about, and why these madmen and madwomen are constantly enabled and allowed to say whatever they please, to stir up yet more trouble on your planet.

And so the emphasis has shifted—from that of human beings taking orders, becoming afraid when ordered to do so, and staying in line with heads bowed, to that of individuals and communities standing UP and saying, “No—you will not control us any longer.”

Our writer was greatly encouraged to see the composers of the song “Glory,” the theme of the film Selma, win an Oscar a few weeks ago.

And we would encourage those who have not yet, to watch this beautiful and quite moving testament to how what Dr. King and others began decades ago has come to bear a great and beautiful fruit.

There is nothing that can compare to the power of an entire planet of beings demanding freedom—for themselves and their children, for all animals, plants, seas, land, and sky.

Freedom to be sovereign individuals—free and self-governing, for that is what you create, when you create Divine government.

Freedom to decide, from a platform not of clandestine control, but of Peace, Abundance, Light, and Love for all life.

That is what you are creating—and for that, we must as always, stand to cheer you on, and to say, Welcome Home!

Namaste, sisters and brothers! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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