Signs of Something Positive Under Way | Starship Earth: The Big Picture – 3-6-15

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Starship Earth:  The Big Picture

Before we get into what’s going on, I wanted to take this opportunity to share that Starship Earth now has 8 million hits as of Monday morning, the 2nd of March, and I can’t wait to see our new Flat Earth banner once the contest results are final. Thank you everyone for your great submissions. I appreciate your efforts.

It seems like a LOT is happening out there!

Judging from Cobra’s portal, the Resistance Movement has been busy with a lot of strategic operations, one after another, after another.

There have been no chemtrails for a few days where I am, and a friend who listened to Drake’s Wed. March 4th show says Drake suggested we should not be surprised to see chemtrail plains simply disappear from the sky. (Read: get picked off by the ETs)  I know that will make a lot…

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