A Message to the Lightworkers – March 12, 2015 | Caroline Oceana Ryan

I love these messages which is why I’m sharing them with you!

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones!

We are aware of the tumult you are experiencing in many places in the world, and we wish to assure you that this is not a permanent situation, yet it is for present, a necessary one.

There was a group of US senators who sent a letter to the Khamenei of Iran, warning him not to sign any nuclear treaties with the US president.

There is still much upset in the Ukraine and in the Middle East, where war rages as if it were some sort of solution to the senseless power grabs of banks and intelligence agencies posing as militants and national armies.

And in the US, tensions grow between citizens and a highly militarized police state—despite the 50th anniversary celebration of the Selma Voting Rights March of last weekend, reminding all of the pain of the past, of the very great gains won, and of past mistakes that must not be repeated.

50th Anniversary of March from Selma to Montgomery - Courtesy of WhiteHouse.gov

50th Anniversary of March from Selma to Montgomery – Courtesy of WhiteHouse.gov

And still, as ever, there is talk of economies failing, of families, individuals, and communities exhausted and angry at the injustices of low wages and poor working conditions, even in wealthy countries such as China.

Some changes are positive: You see populations refusing to bend or break under human rights violations.

And you see leaders scrambling to maintain their lofty stance, in spite of increasing evidence of illegal behaviors, improprieties, rules broken, and influence used to commit crimes or for personal enrichment.

The truth of what happened in New York on September 11, 2001 is beginning to crack open wide, with increasingly higher levels of persons openly and correctly laying the blame at the feet of the US cabal, the Israeli elite, and the Saudi government.

You see photo after photo of Galactic craft and other anomalies in the skies—and many millions refusing to believe that every one of these is a “hoax.”

The Norway Spiral

The Norway Spiral

And you say, Yes, we see these changes—and so, where is NESARA law?

Where is the bright future we are so constantly told is coming “soon”? (A word our writer and her friends have come to dislike, understandably.)

Where is the big Changeover, the big Shift?

And we say: You are seeing it, friends—tumult, scandal, and all.

For it would be impossible to create a new structure without first pulling down the old, corrupt one.

And rest assured that your Light, your bravery, and your constant vigilance in speaking of and envisioning a New Earth is creating just that—a new structure.

A world that is ready and able to take Her place in the Galactic scheme of things, and is no longer left out in the cold of quarantine.

Understand that NESARA is indeed unfolding—the Light and the energies are such now, that it must.

But that this change must occur in steps, and at present, those steps are taking place behind (mostly) closed doors, in meetings you are not privy to, not able to observe or read about, or to watch on your television screens.

Yet be assured that they are taking place nonetheless, and that the three most powerful world leaders are meeting regularly with their Galactic advisors—you may have read this or heard of this by now, and it is so.

These leaders have no intention of going to war with one another, or of partaking of those schemes that the dark hats have attempted to enact.

These leaders are at every moment growing bolder and more powerful in their stance, defying the old crooked order, and surviving all attempts to be controlled by them.

Crop circle at Badbury Rings, Dorset UK - 17 June 2014

Crop circle at Badbury Rings, Dorset UK – 17 June 2014

You will have noted that the Israeli prime minister’s speech (unconstitutionally staged) to the US Congress did not have its intended effect.

You will have noted that the letter sent to the Khamenei by the US senators also did not have its intended effect.

You will note that some who have always had the veneer of protection in front of their activities are now being exposed, albeit in cautious steps to begin with.

And you will note there is a tremendous “shake-up” occurring in the intelligence communities in the US and among its allies—these organizations (answerable only the cabal) are being dismantled or rewritten entirely, while others are simply being de-funded.

Why is all this, and much else, occurring?

Because the old power structures are finally crumbling and falling away.

Were we to list all of the events occurring now that are evidence of this (have we not yet mentioned the Vatican?)—even that which your news media follows—this would be a very long post indeed.

But we say this today, merely to tell you that when we say “Rejoice!” it is not only a nice idea or a fun way to spend one’s time.

We encourage you and all your Ground Crew sisters and brothers to celebrate NESARA and all it stands for, becausethat celebration contains a great deal of the energy required to help it to unfold and occur fully.

That joy, expectation, and inner knowing are greatly what create the moment when your country leader steps forward to announce that everything—everything—has now changed, and that the Earth will now take Her place as a Galactic citizen, one that is stepping further into the fifth dimension every day.

And so we would say, far from being exhausted (though your exhaustion is understandable), that you have every reason to use your heart and higher mind—your intuition—to feel the very great energies at work in the air, and what they are creating.

Doorway - MED

Look at this upcoming spring equinox and Easter season as a time of the greatest renewal the Earth has ever seen.

See that moment, and do not sit and wait—Create.

Know that you are co-Creators, and that you help create a new Earth every time you awaken in the morning and your first thought is, “NESARA, I know you are unfolding now! Earth is free at last!”

Know that you are not weak, that you are at no one’s mercy, whatever your life situation.

Know that you are powerful, that you are loved so far beyond your ability to comprehend, that your heart (at present) could never hold the reality of all of that Love, even if it were to walk through your door at this very moment.

And so—no, we cannot feel sorry for you, as you enter this glorious time of your history!

We can only say, co-Creators—do as you planned to do, before ever entering this beautiful place that is your home.

Believe and celebrate, and smile at everyone you see with the reality of their changed and healed life before you.

See your own miraculous Being, lit up with the joy of seeing your Spirit and Galactic families once again.

And say to all those who would assure you all is lost, “We are seeing the birth of a new era. The time is now.”

For indeed—it is.

Namaste! We are with you, at every moment.


Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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