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by Jordan

The God Particle. You’ve probably heard talk about that for a number of years now, with the Higgs Boson discovery or the Large Hadron Collider’s constant smashing of tiny-things together… or maybe you just watched it in The Big Bang Theory.

sixRegularSolids4-D2-231x300The revelation that particle interactions, the most basic events in nature, may be consequences of geometry significantly advances a decades-long effort to reformulate quantum field theory, the body of laws describing elementary particles and their interactions. Interactions that were previously calculated with mathematical formulas thousands of terms long can now be described by computing the volume of the corresponding jewel-like “amplituhedron,” which yields an equivalent one-term expression.

“The degree of efficiency is mind-boggling,” said Jacob Bourjaily, a theoretical physicist at Harvard University and an author of the first of two papers detailing the new idea. “You can easily do, on paper, computations that were infeasible even with a computer before.” – Read the Full Scientific Article

What we’ve been looking for with the God Particle is the Particle that connects everything else. Many were hoping it was the higgs boson, and as I described in a recent blog about this, finding the Higgs was important, but it wasn’t the “God Particle”, it didn’t really connect any of the dots, and certainly took a lot of the magic out of the discovery.

Trion-reA year or two ago I met Michael Evans, who shared with me his theories and ideas about what “The God Particle” meant to him. He shared his diagrams and images with me of the Trion-Re, and all of his Breathing Solids… and it blew my mind. I wanted to share it, but most importantly, I wanted to do it right.

If this information about the God Particles are real, then this could very well be one of the most exciting and biggest discoveries on the planet! And i’m not the only one who thinks so.

That link above is a link to an article describing a “Jewel” like object at the heart of Particle Physics that completely changes and simplifies almost every kind of equation that we have today. It’s a very big deal.

From spending the time that I spent with Michael, as well as the past year working on PTF with Ray, it’s begun to become clear to me what all of this information is about. It’s not just about tiny things, nor even large things, “things” are just the beginning.

Trinity-226x300This is a model for transformation, for change, for growth, for collective awareness. The shape is only the beginning, for as we discover more about what it means, how it works, and apply it to our world… well, it will change our understanding of technology and the way we use it forever.

So…how does that work?

Very simply, it’s about coming together to create something new. You create transformation and change when you add new ingredients, and one of the most powerful ingredients you can add are other people.

There is not a single thing on this planet that exists solely on its own, without any co-creation with each other. Everything is constantly blending, merging, melding, and molding with other things. It’s a very powerful realization to see, because it means you don’t have to do it on your own. You are not alone, we are all connected.

It is when we come together as One to create something new do we truly make magic. I can list plenty of ideas, such as Steve Jobs and Wozniak coming together with a shared vision to create an incredible new kind of computer that changed the world. It happens over and over in our everyday lives, it happens all around us, we simply need to take a look.


This example works on every level, including something as big as the Sun, even THAT is a fusion reaction of (primarily) hydrogen and helium merging together to create a chain reaction that provides light, energy, and sustenance for our whole planet. At the center of the sun you’ve got millions of tiny Vesica Pisces and Trinities coming together over and over again in rapid succession.

If you came here from the link on the video, you will find more resources below, and in the future i’m going to build a page that contains all of the resources and a compilation of blogs about this topic. Please stay tuned, there’s a lot going on this time of year and I’m quite busy.

Thank you again for checking out the video, and please give it a share if you thought it was something of value.

We are One,

Special thanks to Tony Thomas for working so hard on some of the 3D animations for this video, as well as Ray for providing an incredible space for helping me put this together. It wouldn’t be the same without these wonderful friends :)

We are One,


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