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So many names for this time: Awakening, The Wave, The Event, The Moment of Justice, The Shift, The Party.  Who to believe?  When is it coming?  What will happen?  Where should I be?  These are just a few of the wonderings I am feeling from us all…

Here are some thoughts. Every happening is created (by us), regardless of its name or size or relative impact.  What differs is the number of energetic signatures participating, manifesting and experiencing the happening.

All is in motion now.  I dislike the term “Wave” because on the shore a wave emerges from beyond, alters the landscape and departs.  It is more than that.  Think human wave, the kind routinely played out in ball fields everywhere. Once this wave happens, everyone is still there. Some of us start it.  Others of us hold up the middle.  The last few finish it.

This is not your typical ocean wave as there will be no retreating.  You cannot yet see the changes that are coming. You can feel them though.  This does not emerge from elsewhere.  It is more of an eruption.  What is getting ready to erupt is truth.  Yours, mine and everyone’s.  This is an explosion of what is within.

What is within, is love.  Not one piece of an entire creation of love, but an entire creation of love, in one piece. (Thank you KK)

Love and light have tipped the scales here.  This upcoming happening is an eruption of love, an explosion of light, an enormous pulse of agape breathing through humanity and Gaia all at once.

This Shift is occurring in increments and all at once.  Some of us are catalysts for massive movements in consciousness.  Some of us are reporters.  Some of us are participants.  All of humanity is creating, assisting, BEING this shift. It is no longer a question of “if” we will manifest this moment; it perhaps becomes a question of “when”. We’ve waited a long moment.

Yet the term “when” is a major roadblock.  Think about a roadblock in physical life.  What does it accomplish?  It creates a STOP.  It halts progress.  It necessitates a WORK AROUND. It requires a NEW ROUTE. All of this – unless you want to change destinations.

We do not wish to alter our intended destination.  Many dreams ago we intended to arrive here now.  In order to proceed, all questions of “when” must be left out of the planning; as well as “who” and “how”.

As an eruption of a volcano occurs when there is a build-up of certain conditions – so too this foretold “event” of exploding truth.  The conditions within each of us determine the make-up of the overflow; actually form the outcome that results in the outpouring of emotion about to be experienced.

What results is a deep in-breath of all that is, followed by a forceful push of all that is imagined. Now is the moment to imagine only your wildest and most wonderful dreams. Hold them fast to you and watch what manifests.  All else is a distraction, providing only a roadblock.

As mankind each differs in his intents and expectations, the out-breath will be seen and even felt in a variety of ways.  These, depending on your personal plan.  You will be in the “right” place; your chosen locale is the perfect platform for your life’s expression.  This is true on every level.

This anticipation builds and is felt individually and collectively for “something”.  This “something” will begin our active participation in our “new age”.

Remember again the “wave” at the sports arena. It happens without a plan, YET EACH ONE KNOWS WHEN THEIR MOMENT TO STAND UP ARRIVES.

Our moment to stand up may just be right now. The only way such a wave occurs is if someone starts.  Some of us have stood.  Your moment is about to be.  Realize it.  No one else can affect this precise place like you can.  The eruption ingredients aren’t ready to explode out without your energy in there.  NO SINGLE ONE OF US CAN “WAVE”.  IT COMES FROM ALL OF US AS ONE.

You are the one’s you’ve been waiting for.




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