World Events: The Escalation of Goodness Is Unstoppable By Father God

Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, August 9, 2015

Dearest Ones, it is I, your Father God.

I want to bring you up to date on the world affairs which will affect you and your loved ones in the coming days. As you know, the Lion’s Gate has been thrown open, and the intense energies we sent to you during the period from July 4th until August 8, 2015 will not abate as they normally did in past years. We will continue to send you the uplifting energies that will carry you through the times to come, and they will increase incrementally until all of humankind has ascended.

Some of the major changes in the world are beginning to seep into the mainstream (cabal-run) media, slipping past the circus in the U.S. that is laughably called ‘political debate.’ It is really a contest about how much buffoonery, insolence, arrogance, violence and abuse the American people will tolerate, and what their response will be to the caricature of duality and separation being played out on the world stage. Of course it is an embarrassment to anyone who believes their leaders should be dignified, calm and principled, but never fear, Beloved Ones, this is merely a very obvious last gasp of the cabal minions, whose overt nastiness and arrogance is on display for all to witness.

The shenanigans flooding the airwaves, and the isolated (but not unrelated) incidents of murderous violence being played over and over in the media are all designed to present the picture of a world that is out of control, dangerous and unpredictable. Nothing could be further from the truth. We – your Mother and I, and our beloved Company of Heaven – are at this time encouraging the public escalation of “news” about such unseemly behaviors because the backstory will inadvertently be revealed in the process.

You see, the cabal’s greatest weakness is their thinly veiled contempt for one another. They are incapable of true cooperation; they only align with each other when it is in their own private interests. Otherwise, they are combative, underhanded and double-dealing. They will expose each other with glee, and at the same time they will reveal the truth about how devious their power-building strategies have been. Watch closely as it unfolds. It is a wonderful time to be in the front row watching this slow-moving train wreck that is the disintegration of the Matrix.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, earnest Lightworkers in the new government are working diligently to rid the country of the corrupt Old Guard, including Maliki and his thugs. It is imperative that the country raise themselves out of the old systems of graft and outright theft if they are to make their debut as a reliable participant in the emerging world markets. They have made enormous strides in the past week. They have prepared their fertile ground for prosperity and abundance on a level the “Cradle of Civilization” has not seen in eons. The suffering people of Iraq deserve nothing less.

It has not been an easy task for us to join hands with you in this Project. You have been taught to mistrust God and anyone associated with us in Higher Realms. Over thousands of years, humankind has suffered under the belief that we are controlling and vindictive, negligent and uncaring about the moment to moment challenges and pain you face every day. We come through our beloved channels to reassure you and to convince you that none of those old teachings are true. They were designed to take advantage of the Veil, to tell you what profited the dark ones, whose main goal was to take complete control over Earth, in defiance of our Word.

It has long been prophesied that there would be an “End of Times” on Planet Earth. The original prophesy was from Mother and I, delivered to humanity by Archangel Michael. We did not predict an end of life on Earth, or an end to the planet herself. It is to be an end to life as you have known it – a low density and mostly torturous experience of being controlled by dark forces you cannot see.

The dark ones, under Anunnaki guidance, did a good job of diverting your attention away from themselves, so you would think it was I who caused the chaos and suffering. It was never so. They even convinced nearly everyone on the planet that God was a lone male source of dark power who throws lightening bolts and creates plagues to punish his children. What a picture! In this way they eliminated Mother from the story, along with Mary Magdalene and all the other strong and loving women who threatened their dark interpretations.

Mother and I are One, the Source of Creation. We create only with Love; there is no other way to create living beings with souls. No laboratory experiment, no matter how sophisticated it may be, will ever come close to true Creation because without our participation, no Spark of Life – the living soul – can be joined with any physical body, no matter how perfectly designed. Anything less is an abomination, a robotic imitation of Life.

These practices are being shut down in this “End of Times.” We will permit no more such experiments once our courageous boots on the ground have succeeded in prosecuting some of the offenders. It is vital to put an end to these heinous practices because they threaten the balance of life, tipping all into darkness. For instance, every genetically modified plant or animal emits only darkness. It also introduces darkness into your body if you ingest it.

Work with us, Beloved Children, to the extent of your own ability, to help us eliminate all these things from your environment. While we do indeed have the power to cast lightening bolts, we would never do that. This is your planet, Humankind. We created and nurtured her for you. Now you must begin to do the same, for every gesture on your part allows us to “have your back.” By this we mean that we can then intervene with you to the maximum allowed by our free will contracts. For instance, if you insist on eating toxic food, we will not take it away from you, but it does slow the progress of our joint work toward Ascension for you and for all. When you turn your eyes to us in partnership, we can work with you to the fullest extent possible.

Take my hand, Beloved Child of mine, and let me pour my love down through your Pillar of Light directly into your sore and exhausted heart. I will nourish and restore you for this final lap – the Victory Lap, really, after millennia of hard work. We will triumph in the Light together, you and I.

Mother and I embrace you as we do our beloved Company of Heaven. We are holding open the gates for you to walk across our Bridge of Light into the Oneness you have been searching for. Search no more, Dear Children. We are right here in your heart.

I am your Father God