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What’s been rolling around in my head for weeks now is acceptance.  We are, as of late, exponentially expressing ourselves.  There is no getting around or away from whom we are.  It’s all okay. We’re all okay.

What this looks like on the street is extremes of personality, played out before your eyes.  I was going to title this “egos are us”, yet it’s more than that.  Having an ego is a given.  So too, is being sort of “quirky”.  Until lately however, there was, in most of us, an attempt to hide those we thought were less acceptable.  Today, all bets seem to be off.

This is, I believe, what has been happening since March of this year, and what some have called the splitting of earth.  We are choosing our world.  Each life is self-perceived and self-motivated, depending on our current addictions.

Whatever you believe you are, you’ll see evidence of it everywhere now.  Those inner conclusions are now shouting at us, really loudly, from each embodied essence.  “Truth” is an interesting subject.  Mine may differ very much from yours and yet I can “prove” it to you.  It’s all hearsay.  It’s all subjective.  It’s all biased.  Quantum physics bears this out.  This is a holographic dream.

If you are reading this, you are awake and aware and most likely wondering who to believe?

I can only offer this.  Whatever resonates is your truth.  I believe our truth changes as we get more experience and information.  I am not talking about absolute truth here.  That is unchangeable and the thing to hang on to when the rest goes nuts.

There are none of us more “valuable”, less “quirky” or “better” than any others of us.  Sometimes the cast of characters reminds me of a giant game of “Whack a Mole” – we are all sitting around, equally “ascended” until one of us rises to the top – in clear view of the rest of us.  This one enjoys the “specialness” of being “on top” for a few moments.  Until, inevitably, they are whacked back to equality.

Now equality is cool and where it’s at.  Make no mistake.  This song validates the power in the individual, in you, in me, in us.

In absolute truth it is all of us who decide what, when, where and how life progresses through this shift.  Every emotion, word and effort counts.  Each “quirk” is sacred.  It’s all a part of the plan.  That plan, is being formulated by us on the go, as we live it out.

Celebrate your quirks and enjoy the show the rest of us are putting on for you!  It’s a wild time to be here.  That’s why you came.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

It’s an honor to be here with you,


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