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What is being considered now is this concept of ascension, which, by all reports, is just more of what you are right now. In that arena, it can be called expansion. (Thank you KK!) You aren’t going anywhere. No one is higher up or going up. Everyone is expanding in their authenticity, right where they are. Your authentic self is love.

You may be 16 or 66, blue eyed or black haired, tall or short, Plieadian or Lemurian and it doesn’t matter. Not now. Oh, it looks like it matters and each attribute will color your process. But that’s only cosmetic.

Within – it’s all love – becoming more so.

I imagine it means lots of adjusting. We are defined by our personalities and driven by our addictions. Love doesn’t care about those. Love is universally recognized while remaining undefinable. This, because love isn’t something you say or see or even do. It is your essence. Love is something you know. Love is who you are. And we all know who we are, deep down, beneath all the costuming and desires.

I don’t imagine we’ll lose our personalities. I imagine that it won’t be just our personalities walking around now. I see love walking around, once we’ve expanded enough to let it pop through.

This is so very exciting yet it won’t make headlines. And that’s okay. Headlines aren’t required; this expansion is recorded in our hearts.

I am. Today that expression includes deep contemplation around “more love”. What does it look like? What does it feel like? What does it sound like? What does it taste like? I keep wanting to call it “grown up” love yet that would be a misnomer. Love is every expression, and seen at each physical age.

Do you remember who you are? Perhaps with the expansion we can do away with reflections (and mirrors). Without “needing” another to mirror you – you will stand in full acceptance of your magnificence. This will occur without names or “others” to validate it for you. You will then stand free.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

With absolute love,


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