A Message from Your Guides – Imminent Earth Changes – New Ways of Living – Channeler Salena Migeot – 10-28-15

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Salena Migeot


Dear Ones,
We ask you to know and own your exceptionality more and more every day. Some ways to achieve this is to remember those times when you felt completely loved, completely at one with your environment, completely in your element in some way. When you recall these memories, re-create them, or create new ones, you are tapping into the energy of Love that created you and that intended for you to always be able to access this state at will, anytime you choose.


The original intention was that you would never be outside of the memory of how to access these states on a continuous basis. There has been a long history that has impeded with your knowing, and therefore living with this simple truth – that you are a divine Co-Creator with Mother/Father God and anything that does not serve you is…

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