Cobra’s Event Meditation on Saturday November 21 is a critical turning point for Gaia and all of humanity!

Saturday November 21st
3:12 PM    New York
12:12 PM  California
9:12 PM    Central Europe
3:12 AM    Taiwan


If you live in a community like me, you are probably the only one awake to what is happening in our world. Because I want to awaken people but not scare my neighbors into fear of extraterrestrial’s existence or the whole government fraud and the domination of our world by the cabal; I have created the following generic meditation that I feel that most people would agree with and in so doing consent to a meditation that will be unthreatening to their current way of thinking. We have reached those who are awake and with the program, now is the time to enlist the unawakened. Remember, at the time of The Event these will be the people around us and look to us for guidance. They will learn soon enough that there really are ET and beings of light that will intervene on our behalf because we are asking for their help. They will learn after The Event about all the world corruption and injustice that has been occurring for thousands of years. Let’s just get them to meditate with us for now. ~**~

Group Meditative Prayer for World Peace

Step 1 Relax

1) Sit in a comfortable position – place your focus on your breath. Think of nothing other than your breathing.
2) Close your eyes
3) Focus your attention on the movement of your breath going in and out through your nostrils
4) Each time you inhale, count, start with “1” as you exhale count “2”. This will be a total of 5 breaths. We will be counting to ten.
5) Begin again for another 5 breaths (counting to 10)
6) Do this for 3 complete cycles (or longer if you feel so guided).
7) This is just one technique…..itis to help you quiet your mind and relax.

Step 2 Visualize

1) Take a minute to visualize your body. Start at your tailbone area, move up to your abdomen, then your umbilicus (“belly button”), then your heart, move to your throat, your forehead and now the top of your head.
2) Now focus your attention about 8” above your head, visualize white light here. See this white light connecting with the white lights of everyone else in this circle.
3) Now visualize that you are sending this pure white light into the Earth as a blessing.
4) Visualize this now collective beam of Light expanding into the Earth’s energy grid, connecting with Earth’s energy system.
5) Visualize this collective beam of light connecting with the White Light that is above every sentient being on the planet.
6) Visualize this collective beam of Light connecting with the White Light of all the beings who’s mission it is to assist us in creating this Earth of our desire.
7) Lastly now visualize this brilliant White Light being sent out into the heavens to all sentient beings helping to bring peace, harmony and abundance to Earth.

Step 3 Unite in Intention

Together we invoke the presence and intervention of all beings of light to assist us so that for the first time in our history we will have the chance to create our own destiny as free citizens of planet Earth.

1) Invoke the presence and intervention of all enlightened beings of heaven and earth
2) Visualize all of the beings involved, being in harmony with the goal of manifesting in a positive way the needed changes to brings about a peaceful world that would be abundant for all. That all the corruptions would be revealed and those responsible would be dealt with in a fair manner.
3) Visualize all the remaining bombs and exotic weapon technologies being quickly, effortlessly, harmlessly and safely removed; never to return.
4) Visualize that the truth be told of all past events and programs that have been either unexposed or untruth given in its place.
5) Visualize a day in the very near future where peace will reign everywhere on Earth.

Heavens power is increased when we come together as a group in unity.
• Envision a day in our near future where all people will have food, shelter and clothing; with all their needs met eliminating the need for crime.
• See a day when we will all work in harmony to bring about world peace.
• That the injustices that now persist will end, that those who are unjustly imprisoned will be released.
Add prayers of others in group.

Source: MEDITATION FOR THE UNAWAKENED | Prepare for Change