Dec. 21th Meditation Event in the King Chamber of the Great Pyramids


Sometimes you find out about the coolest things by being involved in groups on Facebook. In that spirit I’m passing on this event for Monday, December 21, 2015 at 10-11 pm, UTC+02, in the Gaza Pyramid in Cairo, Egypt. (This converts into 2 pm Central Standard Time where I live in the U.S. per This event is being hosted by Sayed Light and Ada O. Shaw. So, here’s what they have to say…

We are entering a massive energy vortex in the next few days and weeks, and it will bring in a wave of changes to the planet and to the very core of all life and BEINGS on this planet. This wave is far more powerful than anything anyone ever said about 2012, and it will bring in a tidal wave of cosmic energies, which truly will shift us all into a much higher vibrational energy state.

After the tremendous success of the Event in the Pyramids on December 9th, 2015 we are going back one more time to have the pyramids opened for us at night for meditation prayer during these incredible times. And this time you can join us! If you wish, you may buy a ticket to help us pay for the costs of opening the pyramid and send a picture of yourself or another and your prayer request to

To buy a ticket, go to:

 As the pyramids under the earth and the sea, and those on land get more and more activated, the immensity of the shift will be felt to depths of all Being. The power of the changes which are coming now is not to be underestimated! This will cause more and more people to feel out of sorts and confused, especially if they have not yet awakened.

If you start feeling out of sorts, or disorientated, just allow yourself to rest some, and then also go for walks in the nature. Mother Earth will help you absorb the energies, as she, herself is absorbing them and she is much bigger than all of us. Call in your higher guidance to assist you to cope with these changes.

As the pyramids get more and more activated, the immensity of the shift will be felt everywhere. In the coming weeks, this will bring in a new wave of change to the Earth and to all living beings. This wave is far more powerful than the one in 2012; it will bring a tidal wave of cosmic energies, which shift us all into the higher vibrations.

I am holding an Event in the Pyramids on December 21th. I will get a ticket for the guards to open the chamber up at night for me to do this meditation work. I know many people want help and healing through the meditation I will do in the pyramid on this day. People want the changes to come, bringing in more and more light to our planet..

This Event in the king’s chamber of the Great Pyramid will help to create great changes and great healing for many people in world. These meditations will make a very powerful difference to the situation here on Earth. My dear light family, please join me in spirit, as I do this Event. Thank you!

Facebook – Event in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramids