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This conversation took place on February 27, 2016.

“Is there someone who wants to connect?”

There is, yes, someone. That someone is more than one. It is us.

Okay, hello. Please introduce yourself.

We are your neighbors in the cosmos – not the skies, as you first heard (the first word transmitted/interpreted here, was “skies”), for we are non-local to your earth atmosphere. We are beings, human like and bi-pedal in form; from a different system of stars.

It is our wish now to share our story. We’ve progressed through a time of ownership and slavery, not unlike your current situation.

GlowingHumanWe are not “owned” today, not in this now moment and OUR OWN FREEDOM WAS URGED ALONG BY SOME OF THE VERY LIGHT WORKERS PROMOTING WHAT YOU ARE CALLING “DISCLOSURE” NOW. (Bold type mine – Sophia)

You sense this – those of you who are so very tired feel as if you’ve been here for such a long time. You are sensing a stale-mate and an even longer drawn out process.

You, without fully realizing it, are remembering the fact that you’ve been in a similar situation.

Breaking free of a prison is not a simple task, but a complicated one. Here you are attempting to be let free – while the prison guards argue and complain and cry “Why should we free you?” Their hope and plan is for prolonged power – always prolonged.

These beings in the group of controllers of the surface population will not go unless forced. This is how it went for us.

There was devastation, a majority of poverty level sustenance at the slave demographic and the time of awakening also was upon us. What we found most troubling and ineffective was that the majority of the population had given up; were so sick or stressed or overworked that they spent every free minute, of which there were few, attempting to find love or joy.

LotusMeditatorAs the search for simple pleasures increased, our people turned away from the massive mind controlling and programming that was promoted by the prison guards or controllers as you refer to them.

These quieter simple pleasures opened people’s hearts as they rejected the “MORE” and “COMPETITION” promoted by those in control. This process took some time, as the majority were still well fed, and had no idea life could be different.

IT WAS YOU LIGHT WORKERS THAT CHANGED IT AND NOT WITH A SHOW OF FORCE. It was a rapid acceleration of your light. (Bold type mine – Sophia) This over-rode any negativity or obstruction to our freedom – what you are calling Disclosure.

The force of light is so much greater and the light workers now on your planet know how to do this.

The draw into negativity and anger and depression and (subsequent) focus on these ideas is strong.

It is not necessary that the majority of the population change focus – but in order for the transformation to be initiated it will have to be done by the majority of the light worker force. This is what they came to do. Transform the world with their light. (Bold type mine – Sophia)


We wanted to talk to you today because of your audience and your current now moment. It seems as if you are on the threshold of freedom and this is true. What will push Disclosure over the line into now is a rapid influx of unconditional love. This cannot be taught – it has to be realized. (Bold type mine – Sophia)

Those here to push this forward are to do so with a gentle touch. You have done so once before. You are battle weary and falling into despair as you notice what appear to be physical signs of delay or failure.

LightMeditatorWe come to you now to remind you – “This is not your first rodeo”

Do not underestimate your power or the worth of your work. You came to spread the light because YOU KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE THAT IT IS LIGHT THAT SHIFTS WORLDS, not darkness or frustration or any aggressive or combative action. (Bold type mine – Sophia)

The reason this transformation is a guarantee is because YOU ARE THE ONES WHO ARE HERE TO SEE IT GETS DONE. YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN the exact circumstances of your prior success but not its method. Its method is the realization and actualization of your deepest core. That core is light.

HeadLightThe world we inhabit continues to live in harmony and peace due to your efforts at another now moment. This is the promise for the world you walk upon now – for Earth.

Now we have said what we came to say. Do not resort to a fight mentality as this is not a war and that sort of engagement only reinforces an aggressive and physical attitude. This is a transformation. It has been accomplished already and done so with light.

Is that all? You seem to have stopped.

LightBeingInSkyYes. We thank you for your rapid transmission of our thoughts and message. We wanted you to know we are cheering you on.

Okay then, thanks!

You are so very welcome!

This conversation ended.



It is through mutual support that we’ll grow a sustain-ably conscious world.

No one can do this but us.

We are the gods we’ve been waiting for.

With absolute love,


Sophia Love

Words in bold and parenthesis are my own unless otherwise specified.

This is verbatim. Before conversing, the following declarations were made: “Highest and best for all concerned. No ego. Complete and absolute truth only. For assistance only. Just love. Pure love.”

Via Newsletter from Sophia Love received March 1, 2016

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