As We Shift – Confirming Our Oneness (The Pleiadians Speak)


What follows is the first post in a series of 2 (so far).  I am compelled to share these now as my ability to do so for the next ten days is limited (I will be traveling) and it feels as they are meant to be “out there” for a wider audience, sooner, rather than later.

The following conversation took place yesterday.  What is surprising about it is the force of the visual that accompanied it.  This is a new wrinkle in this work, visions are not typically part of these connections; yesterday and today they seemed to be the whole point of the conversation.  I offer this here, as confirmation of the work we are doing and the love we are realizing.  It is happening, it is working, we are doing it!  There is no longer any doubt.

The second post will come a bit later today and it again includes a vision, and the similar message – the shift is upon us and because of us and IS us.  We are the ones we are waiting for.

 The following conversation took place on March 2, 2016

“Is there someone who wants to connect?”

There is!

Who is this?  I feel exuberance and smiles and happy excitement!

We are your sisters from the Pleiades!

Hello!  It is always nice to hear from you!

It is always nice to be heard! 😉 (Wink, wink)

What have you come to talk about?

About you!  About your ascension or whatever it is you are calling it now!  About all of the exciting progress happening on your now home world.

Sure, okay, that would be great.  Go ahead then.

We have been following (and closely) what is transpiring on Earth.  We are very aware of your constantly being told words like “soon” and “next week” and “any moment or day now”.  Those words have become empty.  We will not use them.

We would however, like to offer encouragement when we see you discouraged.  We know this is your current state and the state of many who call Gaia home.

Here’s how it looks from here.  It looks like the darkness is being forced off…

I am getting an image and it is of many people pushing off a huge dark canvas tarp that was covering them.  It is a huge effort as the tarp in this vision is larger than a football stadium.  The people are working as one in this visual.  And every time I see it, I see children in all of their joyful exuberance.  They seem to be providing the energy, not the muscles, to remove this dark tarp.  I also see in the distance other tarps of darkness. They are far away.  I cannot tell if they are being removed or are just there.

In this vision there is a lot of light and people with their sleeves rolled up ready to work and smiling.  It is a vision with lots of energy, positive energy.  The light increases in portions of the field, like segments at a time, as the tarp is pushed up.

(I was interrupted here) I’m sorry, my son began a conversation. I’m available now.

Yes!  We see you have many beings with you now who also desire your attention.  We also sense a feline, who does not.

Well, no, my kitten is sleeping, but with me in the room. (My kitten was asleep on the floor nearby, lol.)  What can you say regarding the vision just seen?

That we are very pleased and interested!  Your method of interpretation is so very much tied to things you know of or have seen.  You have seen a sports field – hence the size reference.  You are human and equate the emotions to all things human.

We will say this – the picture we sent was done so to illustrate why we are so very excited for humanity right now.  It is because you are working together.  As  One.  This may not appear to be so, as you live such isolated lives – it is the internet that joins you.

What we see is the same efforts extended in many different ways – all of them towards the unveiling of truth and uncovering of hidden structures that do in fact form the base for your world.  New ideas and old truths are being brought to the surface.  More of your population is reading them now, hungry for them as the limitation and starvation for truth intensifies.

This can be seen in your vision.  These are no longer isolated “whistleblowers” attempting to remove what amounts to a huge tarp – but you are banding together energetically and in more and more cases physically. This is activated oneness. (Italics mine – Sophia)

You cannot force disclosure – it will erupt once the demand for truth is the only thing ringing in the ears of those holding the tarps in place.

What we want you to notice is that these tarps of darkness (in your vision) were not fastened to anything at all; but seemed instead to be floating above the heads of the people.

Yes, it was weird.  It was like nothing was holding them up.

There is nothing holding the darkness/control/lies/manipulation /slavery in place except by the agreement of mankind.  This is all illusion.

Realize too what force helped in the action – in the physical removal of the tarp.

It was the exuberance of the children.  Their energy was this force, pushing the adults to let in more light by throwing back more of the tarp.  It was their light.

Yes!  You have received the prime component of our message today.  It is the light of every portion of mankind that contributes.  It may appear that only some of men and women are doing the “heavy lifting” and throwing back the tarp.  This is a falsehood.  It is the voice of every one of you that creates the movement into the light.

So – those of you that are light workers are probably who you see as the “rolled up sleeves” (humans) throwing back the tarp.  In this picturing, it may also seem that only a few of you are strong enough to make a difference.  It is a heavy tarp.

Yet realize that not only the light worker, but all of mankind will ultimately throw off the old.  This is initiated by the few – and gladly picked up by those in the same area once the light shines in.

Light helps everything, and this benefit is universally felt.  Notice the energetic contribution of happy children that also push forth the unveiling.  It is everyone.

We who watch are so happy to see this working together happen and want you to notice its increasing not gradually, but exponentially.  You are doing powerful work here, and as your numbers increase the load gets lighter.

Notice too those dark tarps in the distance (in your vision) shrouded in shadow.  Be assured that there is movement beneath them, and as the field you are in becomes ablaze with light and free of its confining darkness, it lights the rest and their “tarp removal” is now offered assistance by the initial removers – the light spreads. (Italics mine – Sophia)

The force seems so much less now – the force necessary to remove the next tarp.  Because the light makes everything clear and the numbers of those throwing it off are so much greater.  This is what oneness, conscious co-creation, looks like.  It looks like every  being contributing what they have to offer FOR THE SAME REASON.

This then is our joyful message and observation –


Most important is to love yourself and all that you contribute – know that each of you are contributing. Your voice is one now.  You want it to be better and not at the expense of anyone, but with everyone.  That’s the song we, and others, are hearing.  This is very good news.  We are so very pleased.  We will meet one day and talk again before then.

Goodbye Sophia and thank you.

Thank you!  Goodbye!

😉 😉 😉 😉 😉     (I see at least 5 smiling faces.)



This is Part II.  Read Part I here.

In order to appreciate the reasons for releasing them together, here is a bit of an introduction. These were back to back conversations, they were both visual, and they relate to each other, although they were held with different beings.

This is not the first time I’ve had such topics introduced (the one you are about to read).  They have been saying this sort of thing since last summer.  I chose not not repeat it as I did not sense the urgency then.  For some reason, now I do.  Perhaps it is the astrological forecasting about March and April, or perhaps it is just a sense I have.  This now moment feels pivotal.This is good news, great news actually.  We are accomplishing what it is we set out to accomplish. (Oneness and a shift of systemic control) The vision in this conversation held no fear.  There was a feeling of abundance and joy and freedom only.  This is not prophecy.  I do not have a name for the other end of this conversation, only that they inhabit the same galaxy we do.The most important take away from these conversations is our unified effort and the effect it is having. All that is necessary is to love at every turn.  The field created in that energy is transforming our world.  It looks like we are deciding what that looks like, and it looks like abundance and freedom and “high fives”!  We’ve got this.  We are the ones we are waiting for.

This conversation took place on March 3, 2016.“So, who kept waking me up last night?”There is a group, there are many of us.  We have come to communicate and would appreciate an audience with you.

Okay, you have one now. What is it you’ve come to say?

That the earth is being watched.

I don’t follow?

The planet, known as a jewel in the galaxy, has many eyes upon her as she makes her transformation.

You woke me up to tell me that?  It does not seem to be a message of urgency.  As a human, I require a certain amount of un-interrupted sleep. (By way of explanation, I was a little put out.  I’d been woken up 2 or three times the previous night and it was brutal getting up at 5 AM for work. I have asked before for this kind of activity to stop during the weekdays. These beings were quite insistent.)

There is more.

Please continue then.

You are a human, having life on a planet that is also having a life.  You come here to evolve – this planet you rest on is also evolving.

The urgency was felt by us due to the moment you are approaching.

What moment is that? I suddenly experience an internal feeling of speed, if that makes sense, and I see/hear the word “Crash”.  What are you saying?

There is a ramping up that is becoming exponential on your planet.  It is witnessed by us now as approaching a crescendo.

Who are you?

We are your co-occupiers of a life in a galaxy referred to as “Milky”.  We do not; have not before engaged the human.  We hear/see/feel your beacon/call and we answer.

I am not clear.  What call is being sent?

There are more than one – your own voice is one we picked up to respond to as you specifically requested “only assistance”.

And you can offer that?

We feel, yes, that we can.  It is in this vein we reached you.  There is not a concept inside of your signal/beacon that describes “sleep” or for that matter “off”.  Your signal is very strong at times, perhaps those times coincide with certain sleep patterns.

I don’t know that is true, yet perhaps.

What help are you offering?

We offer a perspective, some enthusiasm and an alternative.  Your race attempts something that has not been, to our knowing, consciously chosen up until this moment now.  “Prior” “ascension events” happened for isolated ones or small groups of you –while the planet remained unchanged.

What you attempt with this current shift that coincides with your planets shift is a simultaneous transformation while remaining in body – a mere change of location, sort of.

This is the reason for the “all eyes” on Earth – with this event there is a new paradigm offered to all of creation.

What we want to say, and let us explain as we do the difficulty we sense in your reception of us now.  This is due to the surrounding of you with so many humans!  Their energy interferes, even without engagement.

Yes, well, I’m in a coffee shop.  It is quite crowded.

We know not the meaning of the words, but see the intake of substances and mutual exchanges.  There are many.

There are. Can we continue anyway? 

We can.  We will send clear images so that you can “hear” them and this should help.

Now I see the word “collapse”.


And I see dollar bills, money, falling from a spot above. I see something slamming shut.  Like a ledger.  “broken” “not  repairable” ‘out of order” “unavailable” – these are the words I’m seeing. “Money” “cash only” “ gold” “closed for eternity” “thank you for your business” “out of stock” “empty”.

I see people turning away from buildings, doors to buildings that did not open.  They are smiling as they turn away and shake their head “no” to other people walking also towards the same doors. 

I see one man give another man a “high five” in the parking lot in front of this building.  I don’t know what sort of business this is. It appears formal, a dark structure, official looking but not sure what capacity.  My guess would be some sort of government building or bank. 

Now I see others pulling up and these men shaking their heads and the car’s driver smiling and just driving away.  They do not attempt to enter.

You have associated many familiar images with our sending along with words.  Many words.

What we came to say is this.

What is observed right now is unprecedented.  It is cataclysmic and by many will be perceived as catastrophic.  Those who see it that way (catastrophic) will not be seeing the whole picture.

This rapid influx of energy is helping what the humans are doing on their own.  It is like giving them a hit of speed when they’ve already had a Red Bull.  Does that make sense.

What is so very exciting and unusual is this human engineered shift.  Right now, its speed is beyond expectation and the resulting change to the landscape is unclear.

This is an actual physical alteration to all of life on your planet.  Gaia is keeping up with your movement and all of this is leading, very quickly now, to a pivotal point.

What will very likely be a cataclysmic event is more than likely going to happen for you, for her, for you all.  This cannot be helped as in order to move, the old must be left behind.

A break will necessitate a new order and a new world is what you are co-creating.  This break will initiate finally the actual changes we see you make – yet the break happens first.

What will have to break is not just the planet, but the systems governing her and enslaving her people.  None of this should you consider prophecy for we are not prophets and not enmeshed in a life on your world.(Bold type mine – Sophia)

Consider this a long range view of goings on.  It is offered only because without it only catastrophe and finality may be observed.  This coming series of breakages are likened to the hatching of a bird or the butterfly breaking the cocoon.  The current structure has to be dismantled.  It is seen that a show of something forceful is what creates the final collapse.  It may be that Gaia herself forces the issue with many earth changes.  It may be a monetary breaking/failure that creates the chaos.  Maybe something else or both will occur.

The message is that those Dark Forces controlling the Earth are not the initiatory force; but the planet and her people.  They have no more power – it has been removed.  We’ve heard you use the words “Maybe they didn’t get the memo”.  That may be true.  These upcoming changes will be clear.

What is not clear is what mankind as a whole will do.  Our coming to you now is done in an effort to say this –


YOU AND GAIA ARE AT THE HELM, (What was coming through here is that the controllers were NOT at the wheel, we’ve wrested control from them now, with our singular voice. I liken this to the idea that it is not initially obvious that a child has finally completed puberty.  There are minor signs, sure, but until that day when the young man or young woman takes responsibility completely for their life, you are never quite sure when this process began; the release of parental control directing their life.)







That is all for now.

Thank you.

This conversation ended.

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