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Our time is here.  As early warning systems, it is upon us to notice, adapt and move on.  We are the “canaries in the coal mine” in this scenario. Yet like the canary in this image, we have no plans to expire! We arrived well equipped for the job.

You may be thinking that as life goes on around you, seemingly “business as usual”, that you are the only one noticing massive upheavals energetically, financially, physically, politically and globally all happening at the same time.  You aren’t alone.  If you are reading this post, well, it’s more than likely that you’ve used the term “light worker” to help describe the work you do. There are many of us.

It’s time to don our uniforms and stand ready.  As sentinel’s for the shift, we are needed 24/7.  This is moving so very quickly; at the “speed of heart” is what I’ve been told. As the most powerful organ in our human bodies, this is a good depiction.

The song at the end of this post speaks to the energy of this moment now… they are most certainly “gonna know we were here”.  If there is an overall message from each of those non-human species reaching out to us, it is that we are taking this on for all of creation and we are doing so magnificently.  This time now, as you sense the speed of the upcoming course we are taking, is just the beginning. Get ready.

What is seen from here is –

a thinning of the veil, as in sounds from no one seen physically and items launching themselves off of shelves inside cabinets and slightly visible beings walking through the room

an “uber personality” effect, where if you are typically an angry person, you are REALLY PISSED, a typically happy person, you are REALLY ESTATIC, a mistrusting person, you are REALLY PARANOID or a typically sort of crazy person, you are acting REALLY NUTS

a general disinterest in all things having to do with systems (as you notice they are  dismantling)

a speaking out of truths, on all levels and from all ages

a realization that alternate methods for income will soon be or ARE necessary

some sort of dietary change; due to health needs or a newly discovered book or program, that ends up looking like less meat, high energy and more vegetables

a waxing and waning of tensions as this tsunami of energy ebbs and flows… some days are highly intense and joyful and others are lazy and others are just intense

an acceptance, of well, everyone, for who they are – this does not mean you LIKE everyone for who they are, just that there is no more hiding who we are

a yearning to DO SOMETHING, this something is unnamed but felt

a noticing of magic

instant manifestation

visible wings

an inability to do things that do not resonate with who you actually are

spontaneous memories of other lives, occurring at random moments with random people

drastic, sudden life altering events that force a change in location or job

a constant searching the internet for news of the fallout, for validation of the shift, to see what mainstream media is calling it

As you navigate the upheavals and surprises, take notes.  You will be the one to explain to the rest of the flock, to the “non-canaries” who make up your neighborhoods and workplaces and families and towns.  Four years ago we were mostly anxious to enlighten everyone to the fact of this shift.  As it approaches and rapidly, it comes with a sense of dread and uncertainty.  What will it look like? How much of the flock will succumb?

Realize that you are prepared and also creating how this plays out.  Positive energy and expectations for abundance and joy are creative in an exponential way.  For every single one of us that believes it’ll be better, there is an amplification of creative power.  Follow your heart and let it guide your actions and work and words and direction. We know what has been done, what has been hidden and how to read between the headlines for the truth.  This is not the end, it is the beginning.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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