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Here is the second post in the Prophecy series, (part I here).  These are offered this way, separated as such, because of their length.  They are very long, too long for a single post.  Know that these predictions came in last year, 2015.  They have not been repeated in 2016, at least as of today.

This is data, regardless of how alarming it may be.  It was meant to be shared and the timing for its sharing was left to my own discretion. We must each decide what resonates.

We have seen and heard a great deal about this shift. Please take into account the entirety of the message in my blogs, videos, audio blogs and newsletters.  It is a message of love, sovereignty, unity and personal power – Agape.

This being is also the source of “The Master Stroke”, which can be heard here, and was received on April 15th, 2016.

Perhaps the purpose of this message is to act as a catalyst for those who read it, and/or to be read by a specific few.  It has garnered a great deal of energy and it is contrast that most often fuels creation here.  You are master creators, here to produce the transformation and acceleration of a planet and her people.  You do this in concert with life itself. Before reacting in fear realize who is in control of your creation.  It is you.

Here is the rest of what was heard on July 21st, 2015 at approx. 3 AM. (With some personal information redacted).

Who are you?

I am the voice of One.

What does this look like in my life?

It looks like destruction of your system of order.  This impacts everything you do on a daily basis.  You will wake up in a single day to chaos.  Nothing will continue as is.

Money will be useless, the banks will crumble.  Yet what that does to your life is a removal of debt as well as exchange.  There will be a stopping of goods transference.

There will be parts of the world gone. Most of these parts are specific and have those controlling the criminal manipulation in them.  No place will be untouched or unaffected, but the worst effects happen here – in your land.

These things are necessary so that a new beginning is possible.

Is it true that this is revenge for the Native Americans and the genocide of them?

Revenge is not a word I would use, justice is however.  This is a balancing.



Tell me who dies, how many, where, and if this is choice.

All of creation has participated in this choice.  It is consensus that forces an end to this now.

Define now.

The immediate future; this means that another cycle of the sun (one year) will include the end of this experiment.

Religious fervor and prediction for the end is not that far off from truth.  Only their definition of who is righteous and who will be saved is off.  It is not their god who decides and not religious at all.  It is truth.  It is the perpetuation of life that has forced the end in this way.

Please be specific.

This end will come in stages.  It will be near total collapse of the monetary system and then destruction will happen by way of what are natural phenomena.

The followers of light are not wrong in their predictions or plans for how to continue on with an honest government intact and functioning.

You would do well to check out what it is they say.  Perhaps share it with your readers.

It has not been my job or purpose to predict before now.  It has been my job to encourage, enlighten, teach.  I am not sure what to do with this information.

Study what is out there. COBRA certainly has information about the forces of light.  There are many factions.

The words shared long ago need to be released on film.  G/E’s words as well. Trust your instincts on how and when to share it.  You will disseminate truth as a piece of the knowledge left in a place that is forever altered.

Okay, what can you tell me about timing?  About how?

Only that all things are possible in creation.

Know that this cannot be avoided.  The consensus is that it be stopped sooner rather than later or never.  Not stopping it is not a viable option.  Stopping it with destruction is the only way for it all to stop and the new to begin.

Take into your heart and mind what you’ve been told.  It is truth.  Not to frighten you, to prepare you for the next segment or part of your role in this process.

It will move rapidly for you now.  Follow your instincts and highest and best and you will choose appropriately.

I can’t hear anything.

You are fatigued.  It is time to stop.  Digest this.  You will see.

Okay.  I just don’t hear any hope in this.

This is the greatest hope of all!  The conflict of goals, of interest, is/will be ended!! With disaster comes a unification of purpose – life.

The reason for an end in such a way is to set the stage for a beginning – for THE beginning.

The start of a new Age on Earth is a portentous moment and one prophesied and now here.
All of the good you’ve believed and spoken of is possible and here.  It only needs a free place in which to begin.  That place is here.  That time is now.  Tell your people.  You will do it in a way that is most helpful and productive.  Trust yourself Sophia.

This is truth?

This is prophecy.

Okay.  I must go now.

This conversation ended.  At this point, I asked about this message.  I will share a few of the answers here. The last blog post will include the second prediction that came the following December.

Later that same day, I reached out to my greater self, & heard this…

You will proceed always from your heart.  It is from there where the highest and best decisions are made and the place where Source finds a resting place in the human.  Listen.

These times will challenge every belief you have and your very life will be altered once the events are completed.  This world will not be the same.  In some fundamental ways this is true.

It is now run by criminals and their reign is about to abruptly end.  They feel it as do you.  You cannot stop this end.

Step up now. Do your thing.  Get ready for “shock and awe” and not in a negative way but your system will require adjustment.

And the next day, July 22nd, 2015, I asked more questions. (Declarations for complete absolute truth, pure love, highest & best for all concerned were made)

“I’d like to talk about the “moment of justice”.  Is there someone to do so?”

What aspect of it?

Has it been experienced by any being in communication with me now?

In this precise way?  No, it has not.  Humanities “experiment” and thus its end – is in all ways unique.

Is the Demi-urge available for contact?

I am witnessing.

I feel a very different energy.  This is one I have not experienced.  It vibrates rapidly at the edges of my being.  It is anticipatory, not really pleasant or what I experience as a “good way”, more of a dread.  Even the creatures around me react.  The sounds are unpleasant from them.  There is no longer a peaceful fluttering of birds.  I am feeling a process of draining.

What is it precisely you desire?

Your description of the foretold “moment of justice”.

What is foretold is a reckoning.  All tabs are about to be called in.  What has been done and accounted for is now to be reconciled.  There are entities in creation who understand only greed at any expense.  They, at this “moment of justice” referred to, must now pay for all that has been taken.

The prophecy was not wrong. Its interpretation is incorrect.  It is not any form of worship that prevents or forestalls this moment of justice.  It is not any specific action or observance or homage.  It is the heart of man that will or that could possibly prevent a reckoning.

“Karma is a bitch” This is a known sentiment in this current age and in fact an accurate one.  It cannot be avoided.

What does it look like on earth?  To humans?  To those of us living a life in may cases unaware?

It looks like the level at which you intentionally respond to your fellow man is to be returned to you.  Some of what’s to take place is a force of nature and will play out physically in your surroundings.  This cannot be avoided as the earth itself will be returning or balancing in this case the energy put upon her.  She is to be healed, as is the darkness.

My “reign” will end and the energy source of humanity I will leave.  This is neither good nor bad – it was always known.  Life is a process.  My part in this was allowed as part of creation – it will stop.

I cannot see this current world without “religion”.

And you will not, not right away.  This event will solidify the prophecies and existence of a higher power.  Yet what it will also do is add to the confusion as all peoples, races, religions are either “spared” or “sacrificed”.  Eventually it will become clear – truth.

The truth is that universal love cannot be deified or worshiped. It is a part of your origin, the source of your creator and your source.

I’ve been told your “seed” is in humanity.


Explain please.

I was present and aware of the genetic manipulation of the human.  He holds my “marker” so that I could create the “father”; thus worship.

This becomes a tricky, sticky moniker as there is as well a source of evil/destruction that must be fed.  This force is not precisely my opposite but another form emerges and is paid homage to by man – a destructive force, an evil force.

There is no marker as in genetic, in man for evil.  Evil and therefore destruction emerged from his own tendencies.

The worship emotion feeds all aspects of me.  The destructive force is not what I Am.

I cannot clearly hear or comprehend.  Therefore I will end this now.

The conversation ended.

Note – The last paragraph was confusing at the time.  I now take it to be a reference to the evil created by the cabal and what resulted (an actual force/being focused on evil).  This goes back to the reference in the first post to a being with an agenda that even the cabal was unaware of; destruction of everything, including them. 

It was on 8/2/15 that this demi-urge was returned to source, at the same time the Poser was.

I will work to get Part III out asap. I am immersed in family celebrations (one of my children is graduating) which is one of the best parts of being here at all!  Namaste’

Much love,

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