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There are so many prophecies and predictions today, mine included. They are each either believed or denied.  It matters not what you read is true.  It matters what you feel about what you read is true.  You hold the resonance for your life, and no one else.

“Everybody’s Right”.  This is not a place where an ultimate authority decides your life.  This is a place where you chose to be so that you would realize the physical result of your intent. In real time, we are actualizing our beliefs.  What you see as your life is, in a very real sense, who you are. Manifestation results from your deepest held truths.

There is no blame or praise to be given.  Not one of us will be looking for validation throughout this process.  No, we will be too busy looking for ourselves.  This shift is all about sovereignty.  It is about love.  It is about trust. It is all about forgiveness.

Forget about the names or past incarnations.  “Now” is all that is happening. What is written here is a conclusion and nothing more.  I appreciate the questions and conclusions so many of you have shared at this time; we are here together for a reason.

You are gods, here to shift a planet.  It feels as if we need a Hogwarts “Sorting Hat”, none the less.

What is on your mind is financial and physical safety, as well as details.  “What to believe?” and “What should I do?” are both questions to ask within.  The answers for you are those that resonate the strongest.  Trust.


This article (here) offers ideas about what possibly is coming up. A few additional questions are answered below, yet it appears we are getting close to transition, and any of the following are possible for us (not in order of preference):

  1. We could leave the traditional way (death)
  2. We could leave temporarily (by ship) and return
  3. We could remain in our current location
  4. We could pop right in to our new earth

Somewhere inside you are aware of your choice. It is guiding what you are motivated to do right now.  Listen Trust.  you are the one you’ve been waiting for.

Several additional questions were asked of One.  The answers follow.

What can I tell my readers about where they can go for safety?

There are safe zones in almost every part of Earth.  These will be in some cases centralized and in others elevated and in others just not on any fault lines.

There are plans and safe havens.  There are some who won’t need to move yet that number is a small one.  There has been a plan for removals and relocations.  There are ships.  They wait now the words of some and the signs.  The physical signs will be in-accessible to human ears but to those watching the planet and listening they will not be.  These will serve as warning bells and the ships and beings will move then.

There is a plan.  Many will be taken.  These will happen while asleep so that they can happen easily and smoothly.

Some of the ships are planet sized.  Know that going or not going on a ship is a choice made in many cases to continue or not, to live or to die. These are personal choices and no one is “taken” against their will.  It is personal decision every time.

What precisely is Ascension?

Ascension is a raising.  The confusion around the term is because of the very polar atmosphere on Earth.  It is indeed a raising up yet not a physical up, as in the opposite of down, but an increase (raising) of speed/vibration.

Who, how and when?

Ascension has been and is now happening.  It happens for all alive now and part of the Earth.  People, animals, every sentient force is increasing in vibration.  It is the cause of some upsets in chemistry in the body – things aren’t moving in the same way they used to.

The “when” is answered in the “now moment”. It is completed with the coordination of your vibe with earth vibe to a resonance that is singular.

This is not clock/calendar timed but event timed. The final push and cleanse is the icing on the cake and completes the process for everyone.  This is true regardless of where you find yourself – alive or not, on planet or not, in a ship or not.  Rest assured all are ascending.

Ascension is not death.  It is acceleration and a step along the evolutionary path of life itself. It is truth and where humanity has progressed to. The fact that you and the planet are doing it en masse is the unique expression of this ascension. The Earth and her people are ascending at once.

The term “two Earths” is a misnomer.  In fact there are simultaneously Earth’s at every “level” or “assumption”.  It’s just that you are currently focused on the shift now from one to the next.

Once you leave your “3D” focus – a “4D” earth will be your earth. If there are some who choose to remain steadfast to “3D” focus, they will stay there.  They will not remain behind and this is not a race or a contest.  It is a switch of focus.  The vibratory uptick will provide a different view.  That is all.  You may exist simultaneously on the same block.  You will see.


What happens with the financial collapse?

For sure the financial collapse of the dollar will affect everyone – most devastated by the loss will be those who are invested in trade, interest and gain from it – from the masses of you paying that interest.

For most of your readers, this collapsing economy will impact an ability to get food and other items.  A stock of surplus and spare cash will insure that you make it through, as within a short time there will be aid and exchange and supplies.

A working together is foreseen – a very human approach to each other – now seen as fellow man and not an enemy; the beginning of everyday oneness.

How much time in between the financial collapse and earth cataclysm?

Time is a difficult measurement, but what is seen is weeks, maybe days – not months and not hours.  Take stock of the markets and the news as the collapse is imminent.  It is not the entire collapse referred to here but the collapse of the American dollar and once that becomes public – MAINSTREAM – the earth shakes soon after. Not hours, but days – at most two weeks.

Is the E. Cayce map correct?

Which Cayce map?  (There are several of them) It is recorded as a best guess.

And that is it. I hope this offers a bit more detail for those of you interested.

With so much love,
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