Deepak Chopra and Kryon on Consciousness

Yesterday, June 1, 2016 while looking for interesting videos to watch, I ran into two videos simultaneously and rather synchronously, which piqued my curiosity  and left me tingling upon viewing them. They are different takes on ancient questions leading to very similar and expanding points of view.

The first one I watched was a video entitled “The Eye of God” of a lecture by Deepak Chopra. In it he speaks on the status of very current scientific inquiry he’s involved with, regarding the nature of consciousness and it’s impact on the theory of the universe.

Then I listened to a Kryon lecture that I had no idea would expand on Deepka’s lecture that I had just listened to. Starting at around 11:36 into this video entitled “Paradigm Shifts”, Kryon starts a channeling regarding consciousness and humanity’s  “new” understanding of “everything”. 

This Kryon video fit nicely with what was presented in the Chopra video, by speaking about consciousness from a spiritual point of view.

Needless to say, I was thoroughly caught up in this series of synchronistic understandings, which seem to be continuing today with my earlier posting of a channeling by the Council entitled “The Expansion of Your Consciousness”.  

So, I share with you my thoughts and these videos, so you, too, can enjoy these expansive videos and share in these expansive thoughts. ❤ ❤ ❤