Frequency Pattern Fluctuations ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven


“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

We are able to perceive the slightest change in one of your frequency patterns as individuals. You are emitting these frequency patterns all day, every day. Now, as a collective, you also emit a frequency pattern, and we are very capable of perceiving any shift at all within the frequency pattern that your collective is offering.

We see the largest fluctuations occurring when there is a big event on your planet. When there is something that gets a lot of attention in your mass media, it creates a greater fluctuation than when you are all paying attention to your own lives, tending to your own gardens, so to speak. Now what your reaction is to a world event will determine whether the fluctuation in the frequency pattern is one that elevates your consciousness or lowers your frequency and results in a contraction.

Now everything must serve you in some way, so even the so-called negative response has a positive effect. It must be. It cannot be any other way, but the more you choose as individuals, and as a collective, the high road, the faster and faster you go, the greater your expansion, and the less of your linear time it takes for you to get to where you are going.

Realize that no matter what occurs in your life or on the global scale, you have a choice. You have a choice in what you offer in response to the mass event and to the mass media’s portrayal of that event. Some of you are on to the media and you suspect everything is a rouse. Others believe one hundred percent in what they are seeing broadcast.

The truth of the matter is always up to you. The meaning, the significance, and the outcome are determined by you as an individual, because you are choosing a timeline. You are choosing a parallel universe.

You are choosing the high road or the low road, and whichever you choose, you align yourself with what the mass consciousness in your reality is also offering. And in that way, you are choosing as a collective. But you as individuals will always have a choice, and you will always gather together with the collective that is choosing the same.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton



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