Update on Denise, From This Website


To all the viewers of this website:

I have not been posting for the last two days, because I am presently in the hospital for COPD complications due to drug allergies,and complicated by insurance coverage issues. I hope to start posting again tomorrow but that totally depends on time available and the web connection here at the hospital.  I’m hoping to be discharged on Saturday, if all goes well.

Thank you for your support and patience and Namaste to us all.

🙂 Denise



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    • Thank you! I truly appreciate it! I discovered yesterday night that one of the other reasons I’m here in the hospital was to met up with another lightworker who happens to a part-time nurse who just happened to work last night on the floor where I’m at. Spent over an hour talking and connecting with him… so exciting to talk with someone who’s on the same “wavelength”, in person.
      Plus, so far my new medicine is working. Should be home tomorrow afternoon.
      Spirit truly works in awesome ways!
      Love and light to us all!

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