The Value of Life Is in the Joy of It! | Heavenletters

poppies102116God said:

When are you in your element? There is something constructive that you like to do. You may not see that this activity has a particular meaning in your life. You don’t see it as having any future for you. Never mind. You don’t have to think at all from a profit motive. It is enough that an activity is something you like. You don’t know what will grow from a seeming nothing. This is following your heart. This is exploring life!

I have said it before, and I will say it again. You are not living for results. Or, for example, start considering that making mayonnaise, for example, is something you like to do. You just like making mayonnaise. You feel good about it. You like the ingredients you put in. You like buying them. You like making the mayonnaise, and you like the taste. You just feel good about making it. You don’t have to explain. It is enough that you like to make mayonnaise.

You don’t have to go into the mayonnaise business. It is profit enough that you enjoy making mayonnaise, and you and your family and perhaps a few friends enjoy your mayonnaise. You never know what will come from something, nor does something have to come from anything.

Sure, you could wind up a mayonnaise mogul when enough people taste your mayonnaise and want you to make them some. You sure don’t have to.

No one knows what will come from anything. Release yourself from the idea that you have to make something more from whatever you are doing.

What is the profit for you in taking a walk in the park? It gives you a modicum of joy. It may take some aching away from you.

What is the good of life? It is here today and gone tomorrow. Yet life is good, and you are alive. Life has value. Really, life is more than mere passing of time.

Young children paint and invariably enjoy the whole splatter of paint on paper. Such a simple thing. The point is not that they grow up to be artists. The point is that splashing paint gives them joy.

You are entitled to joy. You don’t need to win prizes in order to enjoy. You don’t need accolades.

Ah, the joy of two children eating cookies together.

Look, let your spinning of joy be right out there. I want to say practice joy, yet as soon as you practice, you become self-conscious about it, and some of the joy fades. Then you are trying. You can’t give joy orders. Joy comes to you. It finds you. Give joy the opportunity to come to you.

Discover joy, and you will engender joy. You will be joyful. You don’t develop joy. You allow joy. You give yourself permission to be joyful. Joy is definitely contagious, and you spread joy. Joy may also be courageous.

The little joys accumulate.

Certainly, life goes fast, yet there is no need to speed up joy. Find joy where you find it, and you will come across more joy.

Be ready for joy. Say Yes to joy. Even revisit old joys like hop scotch.

There is nothing you have to like, yet you can put a spin on life, and enjoy life. Life is beholden to you for enjoying its gifts.

You are a gift, so enjoy yourself. No matter what, enjoy being alive. If you are confined to bed, enjoy the sunlight in your window. Enjoy what you enjoy. The time will come when you enjoy everything, or, let Us say it this way: Have constant joy. What is joy but appreciating that which is before you? Look!