Dreamer of the Dream II | Heavenletters

dreamerii102316God said:

Do you believe Me? I am asking you if you believe Me, not do you believe in Me? It may be easier for you to believe in Me than to believe what I say.

Do you believe that you may be actively living in Greater Dimensions and still be speaking from the 3rd Dimension? You could be behind the times in such an area where it counts so much. Why would you delay yourself when you could be speaking from the 5th Dimension as well as anyone? Get on with it.

Even in years past, before the term 5th Dimension etc. was a household word, there were Great Ones who spoke from Great Heights, why not you?

Changing your thinking is not exactly something you decide. Easily, by a gentle intention, without making any great investment, you, in the world, wonder what this Dimension called the 5th might look like. You might ponder:

“What if I looked up to the sky at it, what might I see?”

How happy you would be!

Lift your eyelids up by hand if you have to. Open your mind to the idea that life is limitless. Life does not have to be crumbling old vestiges of old thinking.

If you can dance a waltz, you can also dance a salsa. If you can think an old worn-out thought, you can also think a new one. If your eyes can be closed, your eyes also can be open.

C’mon, dear ones, I see you shrug your shoulders, and perhaps I hear you making statements like:

“That’s the world for you. That’s how the world is. The world never changes.”

I might hear you say:

“Oh, the surface appearance of the world may change, yet the Truth of the World never changes. Yes, there are jets and computers now, yet, in terms of humanity, we are left with the same old world of each man for himself. When push comes to shove, people stay the same. That’s how it is. You might as well face it.”

Listen, what would 5th Dimension refer to but the evolution of the world? It is not the evolution of Heaven. Heaven is Heavenly as always. Heaven doesn’t change, why would it?

More mist from Heaven is reaching Earth. More mist from Heaven is reaching you. You inhale, and you are breathing Heaven in. Transformation exists. Change your tune. You are alive now. You are no longer in the Dark Ages.

As Consciousness of human Beings grows, so does the world grow. The world is in the midst of a great breakthrough. You are in the midst of a great breakthrough as well. A break-through can be great, and yet you may not see it right before your eyes. You are oblivious. Greater exists than what you may let in and acknowledge.

Are you still looking through the lens of 3rd Dimension eyes?

Are you? Can you admit that that are times when you do? Honestly, why would you hold on to what is behind you? What’s in it for you?

Then there are times you can answer yourself conclusively:

“I am not looking through the lenses of the 3rd Dimension any more. At least, not so much anymore.”

There are times when you can say to yourself: “I am letting a little more light in.”

The time is coming when you will be able to sing out: “I am beginning to see Light.”

Now you can admit: “I do exist in the 5th Dimension…or the 7th…”

When you allow the possibility, you open your windows wide. Now you burst into song and sing:

“I am Light. I AM Light! I am Light in a New Dimension.”

And all sing: “Hallelujah.”

And so you open the blinds of the world.