Flowers Bloom Every Year | Heavenletters


God said:

Nature does not see problems. Leaves and flowers and trees and fertile fields come into bloom. If there should be a frost, nature knows that leaves and flowers and trees and all desires will reach up again. Tell Me, what does nature have on its mind? What on Earth does Nature worry about, I ask you?

Nature does not congregate and call a meeting about what to do concerning frosts or too hot heat waves! Nature doesn’t think that way. Nature doesn’t make lists of what to watch out for.

Nature flourishes, and this is the Story of Nature. Nature says strongly: “This is just fine. Tangles work their own way out.”

Nature does not call a board meeting. Nature doesn’t print out a newspaper saying: “Tut, tut. What problems there are. We must advertise them and make sure that everyone is in on the news and upset and wary.”

Who says that all the untoward things in the world must be highlighted? Campaigns do not have to be started and alerts called. Nature just moseys along. Nature is about goodness. No alarms go off. No sirens travel around the Gardens Nature provides.

Nature is calm. No panic attacks. Nature is itself a balm. Nature loves. Nature refreshes and replenishes. Nature gives itself a High Five.

I wonder if you have been dancing a war dance right along as if war were propitious and called for.

Nature does not look for bad news. Nature never heard of it. Nature is not on the look-out for bad news. Nature is enjoying all over the place.

It is not, despite all the mass theories, natural for you to interpret as you do. Nature and I say that all is well, yet you differ. You may see danger around every corner. Certainly, you look for it, and so you hasten what you say you don’t want. You light fires.

It is one thing to look each way when you cross a street. It is another to dodge every car.

What happened to taking it easy?

You get up tight about one thing or another. Your thoughts scare yourself. You set yourself up for trouble. You announce trouble. You foresee it. You celebrate it!

Wow, you say, there is going to be some trouble a-coming.

You may blame nature. If everyone in the Universe kept calm, where would tsunamis come from?

The time has come for you to love every inch of Earth and declare it lovely and loving. If you don’t want roughness in the Universe, ease your own shaking heart. Nature is bound to reflect you and your temperament. Enough peace in your hearts, and how could riotous storms arise?

Remove the terror in your hearts. You don’t exactly lead Nature, yet you may put nature into a corner, squeeze it tight, and force it. Make Nature comfortable instead. Give Nature all the Comforts of Home. Don’t stir Nature up. Live in Nature and inspire it to share Peace in the world.

Be at One with the Universe. Highlight the Beauty of the Universe. Don’t pick at it.

May your heart and mind bless Nature.

Don’t complain about rain or snow or Sun or sleet again. Think of what you are doing. No longer complain about heat or cold or any bumps in the road. Be invigorated. Invigorate the Universe and the World. Enjoy walking even uphill! Welcome the World. Incorporate the Vast Universe into your heart.

Be a hero to Nature. Bless Nature. Honor it. Honor the World. Honor the Universe.

No longer pass on sense of danger or any kind of bad news. Let the bad news go. No longer hyperventilate with every wind that blows.