Set Sail for Happiness | Heavenletters


God said:

Have an outcry of Love. No longer echo hardship as a matter of course. Okay, you have a pebble in your shoe. Okay, you have a sliver in your finger. Locate the Heaven you ache for.

I hear this outcry from you over and over again:

“Beloved God, I’m so tired of my heart’s aching. There is so much for me to be utterly happy about, yet I’m not. God, how do I remove my angst? Once and for all, can’t I be done with heartbreak? Must heartache be the permanent state of my malcontent as if it had been bequeathed to me?”

Beloveds, burst through the angst. There is another way for you to think. If you truly don’t want the angst, let go of it. You don’t have to keep it. You don’t have to keep opening old wounds. It is an old wound that stabs at you. It is an old wound that tells you: “You are being left out of the party.”

There was something that was supposed to be yours, and it was given to someone else. You were overlooked — again. You find yourself in a tizzy of being overlooked, as if being overlooked were the worst thing that could happen to you. Yet somehow, you are the one who overlooks yourself.

It is sort of like tearing your own heart out. How many times and variant ways can you snip at your own heart when you could be giving your heart happiness? When you are so fussy, it’s hard to be happy. You make yourself displeased. It is you who does not treat yourself well, for then, why wouldn’t you bequeath yourself happiness in an everyday tempo?

You carry around the idea that you are deprived. You say to yourself: “See? Deprived again.”

There is a kind of pining away that you lean into and seem to comfort yourself with. Your heart gallops here and there, and you name disappointment as your wont. Another disappointment targeted to you, and another.

Who says that you cannot allow what is called imperfection? You may overlook that happiness is a possibility. You were denied in the past, and you continue to harp on what you were denied. The perfection you seek, you deny yourself. What to do about this? How to grant yourself your wishes once and for all?

How do We grant you fullness of heart instead of emptiness of heart? The Kingdom of Heaven is for you as well as for everyone else. What intervenes?

You like the idea of asking yourself for completion, yet it would seem that you herald dissatisfaction. Can your happiness be malfeasance? Can it really? What if the Universe is treating you well? What if you do not have to pay so much for the shreds of happiness that you pick at?

You know, it doesn’t feel good when you bargain with Life. You pay too high a price for not accepting good fortune. Goodness knows you have enough good fortune, yet somehow it is not enough, and you pay too much for proving your lack instead of plenty. There is a knot in your heart that you cannot seem to unwind.

You tell yourself that you deserve better, and then you make it difficult. You spot blemishes. You reveal them. And the price you pay is high, and you make yourself pay the price again and again.

Come out of this closet you have put yourself in. Be good to yourself. Reward yourself. Divine a different lay of the land. Do not peruse the landscape of yourself as much as you have been. Let yourself sail. It is you who asks too much of the world and of yourself. It is you who overlooks your merit. You are the hard taskmaster. You weigh the scales against you.

Now, start to declare happiness for yourself. Get out of this dark closet you put yourself in. The Sun is shining. Declare the Sun is shining. Declare this as your New Truth.