No Internet Since Monday, Back Up Finally!

Just a FYI to readers of this blog:

I lost my internet connection around noon on Monday and have not posted since then, till now. My web connection is with a popular cable company. New construction workers in the area accidentally cut the cable companies line to the complex I live in, so both cable and internet connectivity was lost till late this afternoon. I am so thankful it’s back up. Yeah!

I again became aware of why I dislike regular on air TV, ugh. Too many commercials about lawyers, drugs, etc. Shows from the 50’s, 60’s. Totally boring or major time wasters. I do have TV, but only with an antenna and not cable. I use the TV to watch YouTube videos, DVD movies, and videos from or another online video providers. I prefer being in control of what I see or read, hence my preference for the internet.

So, thank you for your patience and for being a reader of this blog.  As the webmaster/owner of this blog, I get to share interesting spiritual/metaphysical posts, etc. with all of you, thereby helping wake others up. This blog is the result of a lifetime of searching and learning about spiritual subjects, which totally fascinate me. And so I share my fascination with all of you!

Happy Holidays and Peace and Love to Us ALL!


Denise ❤