God & Friends | Heavenletters


God said:

In the loneliness of your hearts, I hear some of My children whisper:

“God, I do not feel that I have friends.”

You may have a novel reader’s idea of what friendship is. Friendship is something you are pulled to and also pulled away from. You want it, and you don’t want it. You feel that there are many others in life who have a multitude of loyal and true friends that stay, yet not you.

You have had it with romance the same. You wonder why you invested so much of your heart in romance when romance never came true for you. Never lasted. Romance for you dropped by the wayside, and so you mourn, and so you rue.

There are those who share the Earth with you who may get disappointed in Me and even rail against Me, whereas, with Me, you are salient. If love were a ship that sails, I am that ship you sail on. You may be disappointed in Life yet never do you feel that I let you down. Come what may, you experience Me as here for you. I buoy you. Odd, isn’t it, that you have such a resourceful relationship with Me and, yet, perhaps not so much with your fellow travelers.

Friendship is a challenge for you and a challenge that makes you sad. Without much to-do, you and I have an understanding. You understand Me. You feel My Steadfastness. You‘re taking comfort in Me.

You don’t keep Me on a leash. People you tend to keep on a leash, and, therefore, you are tied up with what you see as disappointment. With Me, you feel enriched.

Your experience of Total Peace with Me isn’t something you made happen. This is My Gift to you, and you took to it like a fish to water. Never once in this Lifetime did you reproach Me. My Presence warms and delights you.

Your Life on Earth is certainly not a contest between Me and others, although, in human terms, We can say that I have won which means that you have won. It is true for you that in God you trust. You simply find yourself in this place.

It is human beings you do not trust. Your High Hopes for human beings have been dashed. As you lost hope, you withdrew. All your life, you quietly accepted Me with no questions asked.

The world is as you see it. You are no different from others, only you sail a ship you happened to alight on. Life disappointed you. All you desire from Life has not been granted you, yet you find yourself granting Me your favor just the same. I am simply your Favorite. I am just quietly here with you, and you ask for no more of Me. From Life, you ask for more.

The canoe of your life may upend. Regardless, you feel Our Love. We love. Long before you knew My Name, you knew Our Love.

It is human love that you do not trust, and there you are.

Other people represent you. Upon them and yourself, you make demands. With Me, you ask for no more than My Presence. You accept Me as you have never accepted what you see as yourself. Like so many you do not see the Bright Light that you are.

In terms of human companionship, you pull back. With human beings, you may turn away from. You moil with your relationships, and so you know turmoil.

Understand that this is a choice you make. You were washed to My Shore. You don’t know how you got here, yet you landed here with Me. I am the flip side of your Adventure on Earth. Here you are on Shore, and yet you left some cargo safely in your heart.

Some of My Loved Ones have made peace with your Brothers and Sisters on Earth whereas some dear bedraggled Ones, have this one last voyage to make.

The contrast you find between the settledness you and I share and the unsettledness that you accept on the dry land of Earth is something that you will let go of by and by. Your acceptance of your fellow human Beings is on its way. Acceptance will come as naturally as waves lap the shore.