Choose Miracles, Not Worries | Heavenletters


God said:

All of Life is a Miracle. Of course, it is. Therefore, it is clear that I am a Miracle-Worker. It may not be so clear to you that you are also a Miracle-Worker.

You may have no idea of how commonplace Miracles are. Miracles are rife, right and left. You are tripping over Miracles like sand on the beach. You may be oblivious. Likely, you carry heavy thoughts of troubles more than you carry Enlightened Thoughts of Miracles.

Somewhere along the line you put aside thoughts of Miracles and planted thoughts of worries instead. Thoughts of woe grew like weeds. You worked the soil. You overturned dandelions in good soil like you can’t believe.

I am speaking of you. What I say relates to you, not just others. You have gotten good at promulgating worries. You seem to exalt worry. Of course, you are not the only one. That’s beside the point. You major in worry successfully. You are master of worry. It could be that no one is better at worrying than you. In any case, you are good enough. You pass all the worry tests with flying colors.

This is not to your betterment. Nor is this to the world’s betterment. Nor is this to the betterment of history.

Grow a good crop. This is organic, beloved. You want to plant good crops that benefit all. What is Life-sustaining? Good thoughts. Fill the Earth with good thoughts that pull Earth up to Heaven. Enough of down-pulling thoughts. Make your mind fertile with thoughts to be proud of.

Do you pull the seeds of blessings toward you or do you substitute dragging down thoughts that do not amount to a hill of beans? Plant seeds of beautiful colors that grow to the Sun. It can’t be that you desire less for this Beautiful Earth that I put in your care.

It is just as easy to plant good seed. In fact, it is easier. If you want miracles to flourish on Earth, plant Miracle Thoughts. You don’t really have to plant them. Thinking of Miracle Thoughts is planting them, and then Life takes care of itself. Miracle Thoughts are your input to give.

May your thoughts drift upward. May you be done with thoughts that hang heavily on you and pull you down. What do you possibly want with distaff thoughts?

Turn on the Light in your mind. Switch to On and make up songs that lift the world higher. Why not, while you are it? Yes, you pull the Earth up or down depending upon your thoughts. You have a grand opportunity to nourish the Earth. It is your call to make.

You set the metronome of Earth. Set it well. Set it high. Your thoughts run all over the Earth, and your thoughts are heard. You set the plans for the rudder of the Earth. Your thoughts are teletyped all over the world, and your thoughts resound over the internet. And, if there were no technology, still your thoughts would resound.

Responsibility is a good thing. It gives you opportunity. It gives you choice. Be a Champion of Earth. Be a cheerleader. Be a spokesman. Be a trend-setter. Be an Earth Designer. Call the shots. Call the shots you want. Create the world as you will it to be.

Your thoughts can turn the world upside down or right-side up. You can turn the world on its head. You can transform the world. At every moment, you are churning the world into fresh butter. You are a designer of the Present Universe. Look at what you have started!

Now finish what you have started.