What Does It Mean That God Is Here for Us? | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloveds, those of you who feel discontent, let Me ask you what wonders have I not performed? What wonders are there that I cannot perform? Perform is not the right word. I am not a performing artist. I am certainly not a trained seal who must do your bidding, yet you are asked to have Trust in Me.

You wonder what trust in Me means. It does not seem to mean I give you everything and anything you want. You know you play a part in success, yet sometimes you are at a loss, and sometimes you despair. What is it you are missing? Is Faith more long-ranged than Trust?

What is there that I cannot do? What cannot I give? Now We come to what seems to be the rub. What does it really mean that I am here for you?

You see that My Will may not be in line with yours. There is a from your side. We are not exactly at odds yet somehow not exactly in line. Oh, woe, from your side, for too often you do not see why even half your desires do not seem to be fulfilled as yet.

You often ask yourself why someone quite like you has wealth while you struggle? Someone seems to have love without end while you seem to be stranded on a deserted island called Earth. Why?

Why are some people so talented? Why do you seem to be lacking, if not in ability, then in drive and ambition? You wonder, after all, what exactly your difficulty is.

Why are some people so smart and up to the minute whereas you too often seem to be the last to know and left out of an inner circle?

For many, their ways are clear, and here you are in a muddle. Once in a while, you seem to almost get a whiff of success only to discover that a miss is as good as a mile.

You do already understand the point of looking at what has come to you. Yes, you do, yet it is troubling for you to have life, to be glad for it, and also to feel that somehow you are missing the mark even as you don’t quite grasp what your mark is.

You are grateful for all your blessings, yet you do know there are people in this world more grateful than you. Does the fact that there are others more grateful than you mean that they are more aware and you are less aware? Are you somehow just a bumbler in life?

Something is amiss. You can’t quite put your finger on it. If it is not life that is amiss, then you are weary of thinking that you are amiss.

A very old lady, let’s say, without the ability to speak or walk, may have been in a hospital bed for a long time. When her adult children come to visit, her eyes light up to see them. That much you can tell. You wonder at her appreciation while you who have the freedom to speak all you want and to run with the wind – why you may be displeased with your life.

This woman is wondrous in her gratitude. You certainly don’t wish to be this old woman, yet you do wish you could be on the grateful side the way she is.

You see her courage and dedication while you grieve at the sorrow and discontent that you feel, and, alas, the grievances you carry.

You wish that sunshine and fresh air were enough for you. You wish that you were more content with the few friends you have rather than bemoaning the friends you don’t have.

You wonder what the cure is for you anyway. You wonder how to turn ingratitude into gratitude, discontent into content, forlornness into love. There is so much you would like to change if only you knew how. You are close, so close.

Beloveds, try this: Know how grateful I am for you.