Prophecies & Predictions ∞Archangel Michael


“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

Prophecies often do not come true, and any prophecy can only be given from the place of where the current energies reside. So a prophecy about the future is not given from the energies of the so-called future. Therefore, no prophecy can be one hundred percent accurate, and yet, all prophecies are one hundred percent helpful.

What a prophecy does is give you a taste of a probable future. You then get to decide, individually, if that is a future that you would like to experience. A prophecy may also be serving you in that it connects you to your past. A prophecy about the destruction of planet Earth, or a large section of it, gives you a taste of what it was like to live on Lemuria or Atlantis.

And predictions given to you as an individual about your personal life are sometimes meant to trigger you in the same way. They may awaken within you a desire that you did not know you had. They may be the final push that you need to make a decision, or to focus more clearly on that which you want.

The best prediction, or prophecy, is the one that empowers you, that acknowledges your ability to rewrite your contracts, to create your own experience, and to enable you to see a possibility that you did not know existed. So listen to the prophecies and the predictions with curiosity, and give special attention to how they trigger you. Use them, benefit from them, grow from them, and select your future accordingly.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton