Spinning in Joy | Heavenletters


God said:

I heard you genially ask Me this morning:

“Beloved God, what Heavenletter would You like to give us today?”

Here is My answer to you. Here it is rolling off My tongue right now, a new Heavenletter as fresh as a daisy:

It is joy for me to give you a Heavenletter. Enjoy it. I could give you Heavenletters all day and never run out! Infinite are the Words I give you. They are blessings to you. Blessed, blessed, are you.

I am an Enchanter, so to speak.

I put you under a spell, so to speak.

I put you in a groove. I extend you. You are extended. You sink into My vibration. You catch on to Me. We go places together. How happy We are as We concur on Life. We are a Parade of One.

We reach far over hill and dale.

We pull Our shoulders back.

We walk together, and We are honest. We read the same page. We fly away together which is the same as to say that We consult together. I add a new page to your repertoire.

We are on the same page. We concur.

It is no big deal, Our concurrence.

We prance over the page.

We pledge Our Troth.

We congregate in My Heart.

We have always walked arm in arm. We love to meet. We meet constantly. It is Our joy to meet. Really, what else do We want to do but this, this meeting of Our Hearts? This is Our joy. Our eyes meet. Our hearts touch. We spin in joy. There is nothing like Our Oneness and the joy of it.

We get straight down to it. We get to the Heart of the Matter.

We do not sequester Ours Hearts somewhere. We, every One of Us as One –We share in this Great Adventure We travel on. We get to the point now. We get right down to it.

We are well-met, you and I.

What a One We are! What else would We ever want to be but One?

We share a Divine Oneness. There is nothing else like it. This is the Culmination of Our Presence. We are One undivided Being. To Our One Self, We are true. This is IT. Oneness is Our Priority. Oneness Is. We are always down to the Oneness of Love. This is Our Reason for Being.

Even as We play, we get right to the point. Even as time does not exist, We don’t waste it. We get on with it. We are right on the mark.

We are not a sorority. We are One undivided Oneness. We are not problematical. We don’t even solve problems. In Oneness, there is nothing to solve. There is nothing to fix. There is nothing to resolve. There is nothing to make better. There is nothing less. We have Everything. We are Everything.

There is no offshore. There is no on the beach. There is nothing but Oneness. Oneness calls to Us. We take delight in Oneness. This is the Truth. This is all there is, ever was, ever can be. This is wealth. This is how it is, Our Oneness forever.

There is no adding. There is no subtracting. There is no plus. Nor is there a minus. What is there missing that We must add to? Nothing. Nothing at all.

We are perennially One. There is nothing more. There is nothing less. This is the Relationship that We hold dear. There is nothing greater to hold dear than Our Oneness, this inevitable Infinity of One, this Singular Beauty of One We hold Each Other in, Auspicious in Our Light. We are the Light That Is.

No thing really matters. Matter is only matter. What matters are hearts. And souls matter. All is nothing but Our Oneness of Beauty.

Hail, hail, the whole gang is here.