Joie de Vivre | Heavenletters


God said:

Yes, I hear a recurrent refrain in the world in one form or another like this:

“Beloved God, yesterday, at the supermarket, an old friend came over to tell me how good I look. Looks aren’t everything by a long shot, yet, wow, what a fine message this was to hear!

“What if every day l receive this message instead of so many of the messages I hear day end and day out? I would like a message like this every day and even greater than this!

“God, it cannot be in the natural scheme of life to be heartsick over age in Life. It cannot be that decline and disappointment are meant to tell the story of our lives.

“This friend, who cheered me, is certainly one of the most happy most loving people I know. It must be that happy and loving are the same. Such a little thing I grasp at. What good is anything without cheer?

“God, what happened to my happiness, the remembered days when I was eager to jump out of bed in the morning to see what every day would bring? How did all my once-anticipated joy turn to dust? How do I restore my Life to Joy?”

Dear One, now I take you aside from the madding crowd. I tell you in no uncertain terms that you are not to feel down and out because you looked away or askance at joy, dear one. This kind of atonement wears you out.

Let this be like shoveling coal for your furnace. Soon enough – or even lickety-split – you will have enough fire lit, and you will re-ignite your furnace, and your furnace will stay lit. It will never go out again. You will have perfectly regained and maintained energy. Life will recharge you.

No longer will life wear you down. You will not mope. No, not ever again. Your View of Life will not allow it.

I do not desire you or anyone to believe in age as a weakening force. That idea reveals a serious misunderstanding. Age is not your downfall. Your thoughts about age may be your downfall.

Age is meant to be a blessing. I ask you to start thinking in a new way. A ripeness of joy and energy will rush on their way to you.

Brightness of Spirit is meant to accompany age, and Great Brightness of Spirit is to accompany Great Age. Age is all an illusion anyway. If time does not exist, how can age reign? The physical body may age, yet the concept of old age as the world may supply it, is a fallacy. Don’t believe in fallacies. Keep dancing.

I designed you as a Fountain of Youth. None of the symptoms that are labeled as indicative of age are true. No longer prepare yourself to avoid symptoms. Don’t believe in symptoms. Don’t look for them. What on Earth would you want them for?

All your life you have heard about the deleterious effects of age. If you hear about what is remiss often enough, you come to believe it. You take stock in it. Expect aches and pains, and they will obediently rush to you. They will rush to you impartially.

Expect the fulfillment your heart desires, and this fulfillment will also find its way to you. Joy and sorrow both can be enjoined.

Wisdom and mind and heart are to grow. Wisdom, mind and heart are not designed to pull you down. Never are you meant to leave your life disengaged from your health and skills and Bright Light. Bright Light is your Birthright.

Vanity is to fade, yes, of course, but not the rose on your cheek, no, not rose on your cheek.

Right now together, you and I, We prime the Pump of your Life. Less than Truth is not meant to come True. Truth is meant to come True. The Dewdrops of Youth are to last far longer than you have been led to believe. There is a lasting moisturizer you do not buy in the store. No longer believe in mass consensus. No longer believe in Old Wives’ Tales.