The Stars of the Show | Heavenletters


God said:

It has been said that it rained for forty days and nights. Life has also presented droughts. Where are the rains and droughts of yesteryear? Where are the snows and all the shoveled snows? Long gone.

It is not a new idea that, on Earth, everything, every single apparent thing and person and experience is temporary.

If you could pick and choose what is temporary, that would make you feel better. Yet you can’t pick and choose. Or, that is: Sooner or later, your preferences are put aside. And you, one day, the way you see it, you are put aside. This thought looms over you, and you wonder how this can possibly be.

Of course, you never leave life, and you are never absent. Therefore, you are always present. Even after your so-called demise, you ever exist, and you exist on levels you may have no idea of.

If you were a commodity – you are far more than any commodity – you are a precious commodity. You are soul. You are a precious soul.

Do you have any idea how precious a soul you are?

On another level – you and I – are One. This is the permanent Reality. Oneness is. Anything less or anything that you might call more is fiction.

You may be weary of the theater you play in, yet you don’t want to give it up either. There is something about drama that you get caught up in. You don’t love every movie you see, yet you aren’t quite ready to let go of it. You like to know what’s playing. You’re hooked on it, as a matter of fact. You sure like to watch the TV series you like. You will stay up all hours in order not to turn it off.

One day or evening you will turn off the TV and say goodbye to Life as you presently know it. You will be off-screen. The people who stay on Earth after you feel like you have dropped out of sight, gone bye-bye, gone a different route. You think that those who have left their bodies behind are passe. You have it backwards.

Those who have what you call passed on happen to be exactly in front. They are the Stars of the Show. It’s just that your eyes cannot quite see through the mist. You can see only so far.

To your heart and mind, Life is hustle and bustle. You see Real Life as a Traffic Jam. You have Life mixed up. Real Life is Oneness. Oneness is Fullness. To many, much of Life on Earth seems to be emptiness.

In any case, there is no being absent from Life. Away from Life does not exist. What you call absent is more fully present than anything else you can think of. What you call rampant with Life doesn’t come near the Exhilaration of Life.

In any case, you are always paddling your own canoe. There is no place where Life does not engage in Life. Life is never around the corner or before. Life is always right now. There is no dead or alive. There is only alive, in a body or not. A body has an interim, but Life – never. There is never a pause in your Life, for your soul leads Perpetual Life.

Perpetual Life means you are always alive. Your body is not the only form of Life you appear in.

For Heaven’s Sakes, there is more to you than your body. No matter how important your body and senses and all that are to you, they are magnificent and important yet not the most of you. I say this, not as a judgment, but as Truth. Your body, as precious as it is, is the least of you.

Enjoy your short term on Earth. Also know that you can never die, never ever. Infinity means this. Dear Ones, you are always Home safe. You always come shining through.

Beloveds, you are My Light.