Match the Light of the Stars | Heavenletters


God said:

You stand in the midst of Heaven, and you know not where you are. Rather, you find cause to worry where you are and what you are doing all over the place and yin and yang, here and there, this way, that way.

For what end do you wander the Earth looking for something more than you presently receive? For what end? For what end, beloveds ones, but to Be? By seeking and even wandering, you are fulfilling My Will for ever and anon. This is Our Holy Contract.

To Be means to Be beyond borders. To Be means to be above the world.

You fear that while you are stationed on Earth, something is at stake. There is nothing at stake. Your Presence, as is Mine, is assured. There is nothing you are missing by Being. There is nothing more to Be but what you really are. Being is Infinity, and Infinite, you are. You are the New Visionary of the Universe.

Does a star wonder who or what he is or where? What boundary must a star know? Does a star have to know east or west or what a neighborhood is named and by what authority?

Stars have no questions to ask. Stars shine Light. They have nothing to answer. They simply reflect Light. And so are stars blessed, and so are you blessed.

Truly, what more do you have to do than to be Light? What more can you do but Be Light? Consider yourself the Fortunate of the Fortunate. Accept with Grace the Great Calling that has been given to you.

I gave you Light to Shine so that you will shine Light from the High Heavens. I didn’t ask you to be shy. I didn’t ask you to hold back out of modesty. I said: “Shine the Light I give so that all may shine and see My Light. My Light, your Light — shine Light simply, profusely, profoundly and Infinitely.”

Light needs no instruction. Sometimes, you can use some reminding not on how to shine but rather to remember to shine. Hey, shine for all you are worth. This is not a form of pretense. Naturally, you don’t shine your Light by looking down at your feet.

Look at no one’s feet. Look up beyond the Heavens and match the Light of the Stars. Tell me, what is more pressing than shining the Light you are meant to shine? You don’t do this by effort, you understand this by now. You shine simply and naturally with all the Love in your Heart.

In Life, you are to look up and light the world so that all may see what is destined to shine. The Majesty of the Universe is set before you so you may radiate your Light and sing it as part of a Chorus of Angels. You will clearly resonate with the Universe to the Tune of My Light. Look at Me, and say, “Yes, I will.”

Say: “Yes, God, I shine Your Light that is also mine, and I shine it for Your Glory.”

You know that the world craves more than its daily bread. Everyone on Earth craves the Magnificence of Daily Light.

Catch up with yourself. Leap ahead. A thousand giant steps are not too many. You are not a lone shadow that skulks around. Stand up right now and start the Issuance of Light.

Light is taking over. Nothing else is. Darkness is a thing of the past. The past is no longer worthy of you. Light has been Lit, and now Light stays lit for all the world to be reminded of Light and to establish Light in the eyes and hearts of all.

Shine on, Practitioners of God’s Light. It is you who is fulfilling Destiny. You and I serve. We serve the world as Inseparable Beings. You are serving it now, and you are serving Me aplenty. This moment has come.