Bet on Yourself | Heavenletters


God said:

That there is no time to waste means that the time is now to get on with Life. For Heaven’s sakes, why not make your dreams come true before your very eyes. Go for your dreams. Stop watching TV for a while, and go for your dreams. Admit your dreams into your Life. Make room for them.

If you think your dreams can’t come true — why would you possibly lean toward that idea? Your heart is the decider. When it comes to your dreams, play the odds that your dreams will come true.

Don’t say that it’s more likely your dreams won’t come true than that they will. Why pledge yourself to lack? Talk about betting on the wrong horse. Bet on yourself, and not against yourself. What advantage do you see in accepting inability? Come on now, give yourself a chance to see what you and I can do.

Bet on your dreams. And if you have to bet a hundred times, bet a hundred times.

Certainly, it is great to applaud others. It is also great to give yourself a chance. Whatever you desire to do in the world, who is it to say that you cannot achieve — or must not? No longer tell yourself that you are a wishful thinker. Who says there is anything wrong with being a wishful thinker anyway? Should you be a nay-sayer? Should you cut yourself off at the corral? Why not dub yourself a winner. Who says you can’t surprise yourself and the whole world? Go for it! How much is Life worth to you without a good dream or two?

What are your deepest desires? Go ahead and desire them. Allow your desires to come true. You don’t have to even think of what you want as miraculous. Dreams come true every day. Why not for you, beloved? Why not for you?

What does the world mean by suggesting that what you desire is too far-fetched? What are you doing telling yourself? — that you are getting too big for your britches? Everyone I know who ever dreamed big dreams was scoffed. You don’t have to scoff yourself.

Listen. There is no dream too big. Nor do you have to feel that your dream MUST come true. It is good enough to know that your dream can come true. Dream your dreams. Go for them. Keep open all possibilities. Miracles happen in the world every day. Make allowance for your miracles. Dream your dreams true. Don’t set your dreams aside. What good is that? What have you to lose if your dream doesn’t come true? At the least, you had the immediate joy of desiring it.

If you want a forward-moving Life, keep yours eyes on your target. Was it written somewhere that only fast-approaching dreams can come true? In any case, it is not for you to quash your dreams. Make room for dreams.

You haven’t yet dreamed the half of it. Be ambitious with dreams. A dream in the hand is worth two in the bush.

If it takes courage for you to dream big, have courage. I tell you frankly that having dreams can never be a waste of time. You can lead an ordinary Life and still have dreams. You are greater than a winner or loser. You have many opportunities. Allow yourself the possibilities. Open wide your vision.

You have a chance. You don’t have to drop everything. You can add a dream here and there. What would you like to add to your Life? Start somewhere. Start dreaming. You are entitled to your dreams. Dreams are to be dreamed. You are worthy of dreams. Call dreams to you. Refresh your dreams. Plant big dreams in your heart. Say Hello to Life.