Who Is Going to Have a Heart unless God Does? | Heavenletters


God said:

My children are not worthy or unworthy based on their scores in the world.

The world has thought this was the case. When, as a child, you were “good” Santa Claus left gifts for you. It mattered a lot if you were “naughty or nice.” When you met an objective or imposed standard, you were good. When you didn’t meet a designated standard, alas, you were not good.

You aren’t a better person because you reap an A on a test. You are not a worse person because you fail a test. All the results mean is that you got a certain grade on a test. I suppose if you got a C on the test, you would have been seen as if you were an average so-so person. You passed the test, yet you aren’t high on the list.

What happened to: “Judge not lest you be judged?”

I have to wonder how empty it feels to you to be merited highly because you got an A on a test. Or because you are taller than someone else. Or prettier. How much do all these matters really matter when all is said and done? Ah, but when you live in the world and are judged as the world judges, demerits can be hard to take.

It is as if there is an exclusive club to join. This club has become “In.” Everyone wants to be part of this club. It seems to so happen that snobbishness rules this club. Way too many are ruled out for one reason or another. This club is simply not available for everyone.

Endless are the ways worthy people are ruled out. Yet this smattering is bought and sold as the way it is supposed to be — has to be — for one snooty excuse or another.

It is a good thing that I don’t discriminate when it comes to admitting people to Heaven. I do not exclude. Heaven is not a sorority or a fraternity. If there is an initiation to join Heaven, We can say the initiation to Heaven is Life Itself. What have you been doing but Living Life? How can you not qualify? Everyone alive will be welcomed into Heaven. Not one soul is left out. Why wouldn’t you welcome this idea?

I have said before: Where is it optimum for a struggling soul to be but in Heaven so he may learn from all those who scored better on their tests than he did? Why on Earth would I lump all the bad guys together to fend for themselves in ignorance when I can put them together with their brothers and sisters who can show them the way with love, not abandonment?

Who is going to have a heart if I don’t?

I live up to My Truth. I do not set myself up to look good for appearance’s sake. I am not interested in politics or gaining votes. Popularity, as popularity is known in the world, is not My motivation. Good to the world – and that includes you — is My motivation. Joy to the world is My motivation. Love passed on to all your brothers and sisters is My motivation. That I desire Love to Abound is My motivation, and this is My Fulfillment as well. Please let that be obvious to you. I am not Performance-Oriented, and I have no hidden agenda.

That All I Am may be beyond your understanding has to carry Truth.

With less than full understanding, would you really want to take over the world?

Beloveds, you have already participated in hassling Our Beautifully Created World with restrictive thinking. This is the tool you have used. Now come from a Higher Place. Now have a deeper perception of yourself and of all others including the beasts of the field and any so-called Lesser Beings, Human or otherwise. Everyone is invited. Open your heart to all on My Behalf. There is no reason to leave out anyone. I am an All-Inclusive God.

Be My All-Inclusive Child.

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