Awaken to Your Own Glory | Heavenletters


God said:

Know your own significance. You are valuable. You are entitled.

You don’t have to tiptoe around yourself. Have no worries about disturbing world beliefs for others. Who has the right to take away even 1/8th inch of what is meaningful to you? You are the decider of what is worthwhile to you. No one is to repress what is vital to you.

Next week, you may find yourself drawn to something else. Who says you must stay with something all your life? If you are drawn to something all your life, you are drawn to it. If something new pulls you, then something new pulls you. Your heart is your enabler. No one has the right to decide your path or paths for you. Only you. You are the one who leads your life.

You may not always feel self-propelling. Sometimes, Life itself seems to pick you up, toss you up in the air, and where you land – there you are — perhaps a great surprise to you!

One way or another, your destiny will find you. Or it will not. If not, be your own self-mover. Do hand-stands if you have to find your way in the mist.

Your life belongs to you, and your life belongs to Me. The long and the short of it — in the final analysis of your life – I am your Destiny. You will knowingly wind up with Me. We are pinned together. Our connection is secure. There is never a time Our connection is not. From a human point of view, you may resist knowing Our Connection, yet this is to no avail. We are Forever One.

It has always been a mystery to me why anyone would prefer the world to be without Me or a concept of God, as if such a state would somehow do honor to you and the world. In any case, a world without Me is never going to happen. Don’t even think of it. You don’t want to parade around with that idea. Why, oh, why would you want to?

Now, what is the past and no longer the present, let it be. You are coming into your own. You are rising faster and faster. Hold on to your hat.

There is a good deal in store for you. Your desires are warming up. Your desires are on their way to you lickety-split -– your desires and how you will fulfill them. Beloveds, you are going to be rich with desires. Yes, desire desires. And you are going to be rich with fulfillment of your desires. Within is the way to your desires and to the fulfillment of your desires. This is the way.

Every day starts up your life. And there is more to come. There is evermore to come.

What is there to add to the subject of this Heavenletter? Certainly, congratulations. Congratulate yourself, for you chose to come to Earth to fulfill Our desires for overwhelming Unity and the opening of Divine Life for everyone.

You are here for something, not for nothing.

If you have imagined that Earth is a wasteland, imagine differently now. Earth Life is an awakening. You are awakening to Glory. You are here to wake up. You have joined a Great Group of Oneness. You reach high. You may stand on tip-toe. Nevertheless, you reach high. Keep reaching. Keep climbing.

Believe in the Originality and Validity of your Self, and believe in the Originality and Validity of every seeming other in the world, for they are you as well. Give everyone, including yourself, a break. A break from what? A break from “having to be as the world supposes you ought to be,” as if they knew, and you didn’t.

Now breathe fresh air.