You Can’t Keep Life on a Leash | Heavenletters


God said:

You know, Life does not have to stay the same, nor does Life have to change directly according to your will. Did you think that Life must suit you? Is it a novel idea that Life also has Free Will?

There are changes you can make. Even one little change you make can make a long-range difference. If you tend to reproach Life, make a tiny conscious change and don’t reproach Life.

Let’s say you complain about being tired all the time. Of your own initiative, change something. Go to bed earlier. Exercise more. Your choice. Walk to work. Or walk part way to work before you hop on the bus. Stop saying you are tired, for your words may compound your tiredness.

I do not speak of a momentous New Year’s resolution, not at all. You do not commit yourself from now until forever. You don’t have to take a big bite. If there is a tiny aspect of your life that you might see to benefit you, do it. You do not have to make a lifetime commitment. Choose anew today and tomorrow and tomorrow, a simple tiny change of your own choosing.

You are not in total charge of your Life, yet there are little changes that you can make in your favor. For one thing, let go of demanding results from a change you make. It may not seem to you that it is a little change to go to bed earlier or to drink only one cup of coffee a day or to give a nice greeting when you walk into your house, yet these steps could make a difference. You do not have to have the say over what changes may accrue from your change. You allow Life to unfold. You do not insist on specific changes to occur. You are open to changes, yet you do not boss Life around. Life is not under your thumb.

One change you decide on is to no longer insist or demand that Life must announce itself in a certain way. How your Life goes is of the utmost importance to you. You can insist all you want, yet it is Life itself that calls the shots. Life is not always about your bidding. Be gracious to Life.

Be determined about, let’s say, going to bed earlier. Don’t get mad at Life for any lack of anticipated results. You do not crack the whip. Give Life a break. Admit to the independence of the course Life is free to take. There are changes you can take only so far. Don’t get perturbed with Life when it gives you bread instead of cake.

On the other hand, perhaps you want to lose weight and you stop eating bread. This doesn’t mean you can tell Life definitely how much weight Life is obligated to take off from you. Don’t just love Life when you lose five pounds and be put out with Life when you lose only one pound or none or gain a pound. Don’t obligate Life. Be unconditional with Life. Don’t be the judge and jury of Life. Don’t be an adversary of Life. This way, you give yourself a break.

From your side, I do not speak of vows here. You do not vow to go to bed earlier. A night at a time, you go to bed earlier. You aim at it. It is a target you have in mind but not a vow. It is not an obligation. It is a choice you make. In the same way, you free Life from what you think Life must or must not do. Vive la vie! Hurray for Life!

Of course, you want freedom. And so, you must give freedom as well. Dear Ones, value Life. Respect Life, yet you can’t keep Life on a leash. You don’t know everything. In some ways, pardon Me, you may not know much at all.

Life does serve you, yet you also serve Life. It is not for you to make a case against Life.