What Cannot be Divine That God Has Created? | Heavenletters


God said:

It is impossible for you to live in isolation. Even if you close your blinds and never leave the house, it is impossible for you to live in isolation. Even if you live in a cave and meditate all day, you are not living in isolation.

Even if you live on a desert island, you are not, for there is a mass inviolable connection.

What you may feel and what is so may have nothing to do with each other. You may misinform yourself. You can go up the wrong alley.

You are a Divine Creature of God. And everyone and everything else is also a Divine Creature of God.

I will go so far as to say that Great Boulders are alive, and Sand on the Beach is also alive and Divine.

It seems that sometimes little attention is given to the Divinity of Life. What cannot be Divine that I have created? A little ant carries an importance. Bees and butterflies. The dandelion serves with grace. Everyone is God’s creature. Every blossom. Every scent. Everyone is influenced by everyone else. Everyone is affected by everyone else, and everyone affects everyone else. Lift your eyes Heavenward.

Every Being in the world impacts on every other Being in the world. A toddler impacts on you, and you impact on the toddler. Every bird that sings, whether you literally hear its singing or not, sings to you. Every message is conveyed, and you receive it whether you hear the words or not. Every bit of laughter. Every twinge of pain.

Life is a heartsong, and it is sung in every heart. The sun that shines shines for all. Every breath inhaled or exhaled reaches all. Every rustle of leaves. Every wind that blows. Every drop of water. Nothing passes by you. All on Earth are bonded together, one grafted to every other.

You are not exclusive of everyone else or anyone else or anything at all.

You are scattered on Earth, and even so, you are divinely connected. It is as if you are a piano, and your keys are played on. There are no unheard notes.

There is not one word spoken that is not heard. You hear it. You may not be able to repeat it, yet it has been recorded within your every cell. It is played and replayed. It may not be your song, yet you hum it. You may know not from where it comes.

Invite glorious music to you. Invite uplifting words to you. You can surround yourself with Beauty. There is not to be a Deficit to living Life on Earth. There is good soil, good soil, from which flowers grow. The physical returns to Earth. That which is of Spirit returns to Heaven which, in unvarnished Truth, has never left and never can.

Influence yourself more. You have a greater influence than you dare say.

You are hooked up to the Universe. The water you drink. The Ocean Blue. The Earth under your feet. The color of the sky. All this is beyond your ken. Of course, you do know that the sun still shines even when you don’t see it.

Whose thoughts are you picking up on? Who are you, and who do you think you are? You are in collaboration with the Whole Universe.

Conduct yourself well, for you are connected to this world that is of your making. You are worth gold. Your every breath is heard. Your every thought. And your every dream. Your impact upon the world is a good reason to dream big. Your dreams may be the canoes that others also paddle. You make your mark.

Now that you know the influence you have, get out there and make Life what you will. Intend. Go further.

Remember what you have heard here, and forget about it at the same time.

Be at ease. The whole world spins on a dime. Life on Earth changes right before your eyes.