The Art of Disguise | Heavenletters


God said:

If the Truth be known is a common expression.

Here’s the joker! Truth is known. Deep down in every one of My Children, the Truth is known. This has to be so, for deep within each one of My children am I.

Logic often does not take you where you want to go. Beyond logic, you really do know that you are not this miserly person you may see yourself as on Earth.

All is known. This is inevitable. You know it on a deeper level than you may yet be on speaking terms with. Your mind may not as yet have devoured this knowledge that you, the True You, are conversant with. Knowledge deep in your heart may not have surfaced as yet. This knowledge is a Life Saver, of course, yet you are not an emergency. You are actually emerging from a cloak of darkness.

The Truth is not a stranger to you. You may dodge it. You may run away from it. You may be scared of it. You may disbelieve it. You may think the Truth is too good to be true, yet you know the Truth, and you cannot escape it forever.

The Truth I speak of is the Truth that you are a Divine Being. You are not this individual you bat around with in your mind. You’re not this individual in a body who experiences emotions and the illusion of disapproval and so on. You are more than this.

The Love I speak of is not the same as the emotion you call Love. The Love We talk about is deeper and higher than any emotion. Falling in love is emotion, and you feel you can’t live without all the emotion you have pinned your hopes on.

The Love for the Vibrancy of Life may escape your awareness, yet you are never ever without it. A seed of a flower may just sit there all winter, yet, come spring or summer, it sits up and delivers.

Dear Ones, you do not have to sit in the shade with your head down. You are going to wake up and start rising. You will behold that you are in Eternity and always have been. You will click your tongue or clap your hand on your forehead with the realization that you — you in all your Divinity and Shining Light — have been a Sparkling Being right along. You had overlooked your Radiance, yet you knew it! You always knew it.

When you bloom, you realize Whose Splendor you reveal. What a revelation. That’s just it. You reveal the Truth of Life. You will wonder how you could have missed what is so obvious.

What is this that you dabbled in? You begin to accept now that your Earth experience has been a cloudy dream. All this time, the Divinity you thought was the dream was the Literal Truth of You.

You are waking up, dear ones, to the Truth that you are not Heaven Bound. You are bound to the Realization that you have always been in Heaven. There is no other place to be. You and I – that’s all there has ever been.

Could you have been more asleep! All Paradise is yours, and you played ignorant! You got away with it! Do you begin to see how masterful you are!

You mastered the Art of Disguise. You played a game. You were so good at this game that you convinced yourself — as well as others – that the game was serious, and something was really the matter.

HA HA, there is no matter, beloveds. A picture was drawn, and you believed in the picture! You bowed down to the picture when you are the Prince or the Princess. Always you were. You hadn’t quite caught up to yourself. Now you see. Now you shed your disguise, and here you stand in all the Bright Light that you are and never were not.

Welcome, honey bun.