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God said:

Beloveds, I hear you. I hear you say:

“Dear God, what a God You are. You don’t despair. You don’t lock any doors. You unlock the doors within me that I lock to myself.

“I put myself into a trance as if the Meaning of Life can only be temporary. The temporary may be likened to a coat of many colors that I cover my soul with. I make this coat all-important, as if I have no say about it when the actuality is that I have all the say in the world about it. I hold this coat to me and wrap it around me as if it were Life itself.

“I am indeed wrapped up in the surface of Life, as if this surface is all that there is. I cover myself up from Reality. I hide myself away in a pocket. I look not into the Mirror of Myself. I fritter my Life away.

“Of course, You would say that I uphold fiction with my every breath. I wrest fiction from the world and call it my own.

“Does this mean I carry a false self that I reveal to the world even as I try to cover up the falseness of me with various ruses? When I look into a little mirror of myself, I must see an illustration of myself, even a cartoon of myself. I would like to look at myself in a clear mirror and see my reflection as You, God, do see me.

“Sometimes I don’t feel that I exist. I just hang out here in Life, refusing to get on with it. I persist in the illusion that I am a mere hollow tube when I am to be a flute for You, God.

“I would love to make Music for You, God. You say I can, yet, really, how can I possibly contain such wondrousness as You suggest? I would take off my old wrappings if I could. I would stand before You as You. I cannot presume, for presuming strikes me as arrogance supreme.”

Now I, God, say:

To let go of your wrappings is Great Humility. Was Christ arrogant? Were all the Spiritual Great Ones arrogant? No, they were the Essence of Humility. They spoke of Me in Gladness. They carried My Brilliance.

I speak matter-of-factly: The Brilliance of God is also yours. When you are remarkable in My Light, you don’t have to personalize it nor dance around it. When Light shines, Light shines.

The Bright Yellow Sun does not remark about his prowess. The Bright Yellow Sun simply shines and serves the whole world. He sustains it. The Sun does not regard his Bright Light as if he owns it. It is simply for him to shine. He shines Himself in service to Me and also in service to you, for the Sun knows not of separation.

You, on the other hand, have beheld separation. This is immodest arrogance. Shine in simple service to All That Is. It is arrogance to declare that you are suffering. Your arrogance does a song and dance. You cry Wolf.

Restart yourself. Distinguish responsibility from blame. Blame comes from adhering to the past. Responsibility is right now.

Look not for cause, for cause leads to fault.

Expand your horizons. You have a heart to soar with. Keep your eye on Me. It is not new that your attention on Me is for you and not for Me. Come, know Me for your sake. Look at Me, for the Grace of this Great Universe is greater than you perceive it. You have suffered foolishness very well. Accept wisdom now. Let go of withdrawal from the Fullness of Life.

Step up right now to claim your Self as the Son or Daughter of God. This is your right. This is the seat I offer you, and that you are to accept. No longer demure about what I hold for you. Anything less than your Full Acceptance of the Fullness of Life is false modesty. Be true to yourself and true to Me. Reach higher. Appear before Me. I have been waiting for you. Come now.



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