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God said:

Do the little things today that may give you a little happiness. Today take a break from making breakthroughs. Today get away from responsibility with My blessing. Take a day off. Today only. Let today be your Sabbath whatever day of the week it is. If you can’t take a day off today, set up another day.

Get out into the fresh air. Sit under the trees. Read a book. Lie in a hammock under the sun. Pick a rose.

Bake something. Eat it while still warm.

Treat yourself in an unexpected way.

If you can do whatever you want today, what might it be? This is what I would like you to do today.

If you feel overwrought, under-do for a while.

Get away from it all today. Assign yourself to taking it easy. Assign yourself to the little joys.

Give yourself some peace.

If you want to lie on your back and look up at the sky, lie on your back and look up at the sky. This is your assignment.

Look at your place in the world in new ways. Today, it’s okay to be lazy. Today there is no denying your right to be at ease today. Easy does it. This is what I ask of you today.

Want to ride your bike? Go ahead. No pressure.

Want to sit at the river’s edge? Do it.

If you happen to be someone who likes to clean closets, go right ahead. Empty space around. Give yourself room. No need to fill space nor time.

Let today be a day for you without having to do anything at all, as much as this is possible. Of course, take care of your children. Today you are not looking to be at your best. Be lazy if that’s what you like.

Have the mindset that there is nothing you have to fulfill today.

I give you a prescription to spoil yourself today, what you may think of as spoiling yourself. I see it more as being kindly toward yourself. Today is a day to simply be easy on yourself. You may have been unrelenting.

Set yourself free. Let today be a day off from work. Today you have nothing to do but to take it easy. Taking it easy is your responsibility today.

It is refreshing to think a new way.

Let Life be a relief to you. No asking yourself to stretch today.

Sing a merry tune. Dance the whole day through.

Today, grow taller.

Flourish. Paint the sky blue.

Just be.

Today, I am taking it easy too. You see that today I deliver a shorter Heavenletter than usual for you. This Heavenletter is fine just the same.


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