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God said:

Don’t interfere in Life very much. If you’re on a bus and can’t get off until it stops, wait until the bus stops. Then get off. Don’t jump out the window. Know when to save your energy. Know when to get out of your own way.

There are changes that can be made. There are changes you can make. Not all changes can be made at the very minute you would like. In that case, wait. Wait a moment, or wait a year.

Be spontaneous in Life. When you can’t seem to get spontaneity off the ground — when a big hand seems to keep you in place — then sit and wait or take a roundabout tour.

Sometimes you have to bide your time. You can’t be both patient and impatient at the same time. You don’t have to be clever. You don’t have to fight windmills. In some cases, you wait for the wind to speed up or to slow down. Whether slow or fast, you can grow by leaps and bounds. You can even outgrow your thoughts.

What is inevitable is that you grow. You will never not grow. You are destined to grow. Allow yourself to grow at the rate of speed you do grow. There are many ways to grow, in this way, and in that way, and many ways in between.

You don’t call all the shots. You call the shots that you can. Life is not always out of your hands, yet Life is not all your domain either. Not every detail of your Life is yours to decide. Who is to say that Life doesn’t turn out just right even as it is not all you wanted. You can learn from Life withheld as much as you can learn from Life Abundant. Of course, one way or another, your Life is abundantly yours as it happens.

You can’t push Life into a mold. Sometimes Life is not what you would choose, yet, somehow, Life rushes to you, or Life may even skip past you and turn back or go past you again. Life can please you, or Life may do a number on you. You take your chances. Some choices you have to abide by, and some you can let go of or not.

It is said that Life is in the cards, or it is said that Life is in the roll of the dice. There is that, so it seems, yet it is you who chooses a card or not, and it is you who rolls the dice, yet how they come out, nobody knows. It is you who gets in the way, or it is you who gets out of the way, yet Life has choice as well that may be irrespective of your choices in the short haul or long haul as far as you can see at present or not.

What does it matter! You are engaged with Life! Disappointment is what you say it is. Certainly, disappointment is your decision even when it is not your first choice. What you see as Fulfillment is also your decision.

Yet, how can it be that Life lags? Can it be? Even when Life is lagging, you can’t be far behind. Tomorrow you could sprint ahead. In Life, what is not possible? Everything is possible — and in leaps and bounds?

Of course, you can set the compass in one direction for India, and then find yourself in the Americas. What you may see as a loss can be a great Treasure. What you may see as a loss may not be a loss at all.

It can be that you have missed something and are yet to discover it.


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