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God said:

To what do you owe your dismay at any given moment? Whatever it may be, you are mistaken. In actuality what you have been hanging your dismay on is no more than a closet rod that waits for you to hang your coat on. The closet rod may have your coat hanging on it, yet the rod is not the source of your coat. Your coat came from somewhere else. Your dismay also came from somewhere else.

Do you understand what I am saying to you? You hung your hat on a tree branch, yet the tree didn’t create your hat.

Who is it who creates your reality – or interprets it, founds it, establishes it, broadcasts it? Nobody but YOU, dear one?

The certified dismay you cater to is caused by something deeper than what you pick out as the cause. Here’s the crux:

You don’t have to know the cause. Wracking your mind to scratch for the cause isn’t a cure. In the final analysis, the cause is from something deep within, perhaps, deeper yet than you may ever catch on to.

Some might say that the supposed cause comes from a past life. Others might say it’s from this present life back when you were helpless in your babyhood. The inciting event may have been forgotten. In any case, the cause is something you latched onto. Let it go.

The cause ultimately has to be from something attributable to you. It is something you bought into for one reason or another or by chance. No matter how dire an inciting event may have been, no matter how you have to be done with, you may, nevertheless, still keep tabs on it and hold it close by your side.Know when to say that enough is enough. You are not a helpless babe now.

Whether the present is attributable to a deep scar or not, you don’t have to stay loyal to the past. How do I say this, dear ones? There may well have been a wrong done to you when you were an innocent babe. Even so, your whole-hearted acceptance of an idea is the cause. What you held onto once doesn’t have to be your cause célèbre any longer. It’s had its fling. It had its day. The old excuse, whatever it may have been, is worn to the bone now. Time to pitch it out.

You have heard in many ways that you are to move out the old objects in your house that take up space. The same is true in the ether of your thoughts.

What are the words of the song?

Then was then
And now is now
Don’t look back
You can’t look back somehow
Sweet was sweet
But not so bitter now
Then was then
And now is now
You forgive
And I will too
Let’s forget
Unhappy times we knew
We’ll come out
All shiny, bright and new
Then was then
And now is now
Now, now we can win
No matter what might have been
Now we can begin again
For then was then
And now is now

You held onto the past. You never glossed over it. You took it as your burden.

In a way, this past that has hindered you felt to you like your fail-safe. It never let you down. It was stable in your life. The past may have caused you grief, yet it never let you down. YOU never let it down either. Time now to dispense with it. Are you game?


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