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God said:

Life itself is a fantasy, is it not? You may scoff at the idea of a practical person like yourself fantasizing around when you are clearly solid and down to Earth, yet, no, I tell you frankly that you spend too much time fantasizing the dire tragic side of Life. Are you telling Me that you don’t?

What is all your worrying and aggravating about if not fantasizing a limpid future that is opposed to all that you desire — unless you do somehow prefer upset and havoc or consider them good luck amulets. No, dears, upset and havoc are not your lucky charms.

Rather, fantasize a future rich with what you desire. Surely, the difference between worry and fantasy are not far apart. Invite that which you desire. Make your will known loud and clear. Give the Universe no doubt about what you want to have.

You never conceded that you were someone who threatens yourself. Tell Me, what can all your worry be but ominous dire prediction? Drop worry like a hot potato. Kick worry away. Be done with exploring what you see as the worst that could befall a nice person like you.

Trouble in Life may arise, yet it is not for you to speculate on trouble. Get trouble behind thee. Don’t give trouble your attention. Give your attention to what you desire to cull from Live. This way, you rightfully put the cart before the horse.

Never think again that you are smart to worry and consider all possible chances of what Life can visit upon you. Better to consider the possibilities you truly seek. You have heard that that which you seek is what you are to encourage. Would you rather perceive otherwise in order to consider every possibility? It is not necessary. It is counter-productive. Better to be unproductive than to be predictive of unwanted situations. I say it again. Keep your attention high. Hut! Hut! Hut!

When was it good advice to keep your attention on the worst scenarios? Toss such ideas out. Certainly don’t invite them in.

Thank God, this doesn’t mean that when you focus on every lesser thought that they will all come true. They do not have to come true. Why approach them, however, in the first place?

There is a school of thought or fantasy that says worrying the worst will keep trouble away from you. Have you heard of this? When someone asks you how business is today, you might say: “Not so good,” as if it is good luck to say you are having bad luck. I do not wish that you make up stories. But if you must make up a story, make up a story in your favor.

If business is not good, why would you emphasize this as if this were a good idea? You don’t have to color the world or anyone with gloom and doom. You certainly don’t have to keep telling yourself a dark story. What I suggest is that sunlight can well show your practical bent. I ask you again, what are you looking for? What do you want? Which is your preference, clouds or sunshine?

It is a good idea to cast good fortune before you. You sure don’t have to pretend with Me. It is not humility to drum up a poor package for yourself. I never asked you to choose bad news over good news. You don’t have to trick yourself. Indeed, use your common sense, Beloveds.

Be a great success. You can give half of what you reap away. Enjoy all blessings. In My Name, reap.



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