The Chance and Dance of a Lifetime | Heavenletters


God said:

There are many occasions when Life dazzles you, or stuns you, or outright interferes with your happiness. It often seems like this is how Life appears to you, does it not? As though Life turns out to be a thief who denies you your desires.

Life pulls switcheroos on you. Life is not taking advantage of you by showing you a different way. Dear Ones, you aren’t taking advantage of Life either. You aren’t competing with Life, nor are you playing unfair with Life when you keep going forward and perhaps dazzle it in one way or another? Give your best to Life.

Life doesn’t demand that it prevent you from giving Life the Chance and Dance of a Lifetime. Life is happy for you to give Life your best. It’s perfectly all right for you to show Life what you are made of. You don’t have to hold yourself back. Hey, strut your stuff and stand Life on its ear! Life likes to see you reveal your substance. Life may just have a different vision for what is to happen in Life than you. It’s all right for you to go for leading your own tour on Earth. It is more than all right for you to go for what you want, not in competition, but because this is who you are.

By no means, does Life say to you: “Hands off.” Not at all. Life is invested in you. Life has your interests at heart. This doesn’t mean that you are to stay still and not reach for what you want. Sure, smile at Life. Look at it kindly.

To be sure, Life has a mind of its own. No doubt about that. Life has every right. You aren’t showing off. You aren’t commandeering Life. You are not running a competition. If you can do a tap dance, go ahead. Life doesn’t mind. Life may relish your dance. Certainly you are glad for it. I never said that you are not to perform wonders. Life doesn’t set out to step on your toes. You aren’t stealing a privilege away from Life. Two hands are better than one. You and Life are partners. We are all partners.

When it seems necessary to back off, chivalrously back off. If you have to take a back seat, take a back seat. Participate then at those moments as an observer. You and Life are on the same side. When it’s Life’s turn to dance its dance, it will dance, and you, dear ones, by all means, stand back and let Life do its thing.

Life has a lot to take care of and fit in. Your scenario is simpler. You don’t have as much to consider as Life does. Of course, you only see part of the picture. Life’s role is more intricate. All the same, you and Life work quite well together. You are two Champions. And there is I, of course. I influence you and I influence Life.

Life is not a flibberty-gibbet. Life is a solid worker. Life means no harm when you feel the bottom of your Life is pulled out from under you.

The lesson here for you is to love with all your heart, and yet not be attached. This is the zinger. You’re not good at being unattached as yet. You like to come from a place where you insist on owning, when, in the world, you own nothing. At best, you temporarily rent or lease, but never do you own as you like to think of owning. No one owns his own begging bowl. No one owns tomorrow, and no one has a certificate of ownership from yesterday or yesteryear.

You are free, and everyone is also free from your expectations. You can also be free from your expectations. This is reasonable, dear ones. Try this on!